Atmosphere #117 : 3/03/2002 Meet ambients
  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Aphex Twin Heliosphan Selected ambient works 85-92 R&S
1 Markus Guerten Syndrom Wir zwei  compil° Festplatten
2 Headman Touch me It rough Gomma
3 Die Frucht Pride Prime/Lamu 7" Dhyana
4 Gramm 70gr Personal rock Source rec
5 Boards of Canada Julie & candy Geogaddi Warp
6 Boards of Canada xyz Peel session 98 unreleased
7 Boards of Canada Kid for today (Stereolab remix) Warp 10years compil° remixes Warp
8 Meat Beat Manifesto Prime audio soup (Boards of Canada remix) Prime audio soup Play it again
9 Ural 13 diktators Direction ural (Dmx Krew remix) Total destruction remix Forte
10 Steril Amour electronique Robofication Erkrangkung
11 Kraftwerk Popcorn ? ?
12 André Estermann Sun Balloon Sellwell
13 Aphelion Click Click Defocus
14 Kruton Autechre Smallfish pa.track 2 Granular plateaux Unexplored beat/Pure Plastic
Le mix'      
15 Derrick May (Extract 15mn) Detroit EMF Mai'01  
16 Shinichi Atobe The red line The red line Chain Reaction
17 Stasis So-Lar Disco 4000 Otherworld
18 Zoviet France Amber Digilogue Soleil moon
19 Atau Adagio Biorhtythms Caipirinha
20 Aardvarck Zom Find the cow Delsin
21 Spinform Nattflykt genom c Compil° Smakfull elektronik Saundart
22 Group_gris mark 1 Compil° Massages auditifs Angström
23 Kettel Box in boxes Red pear Neo Ouija
24 Chicks on speed/Kreidler Where the wild roses grow Session Disko B
25 Atau Arteries of Tokyo Biorhtythms Caipirinha