Atmosphere #95 : 30/09/2001 Bassy contact
  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Aphex Twin Heliosphan Selected ambient works Rephlex
1 Groove armada Fogma Goodbye country Zomba
2 Amadeus Tapioka Voyage à sofaland Voyages dans les mers lentes compil° La Baleine
3 Push Button Objects Lockligger Lockligger Schematic
4 Jeswa Verbose Skone Schematic
5 Delarosa+Asora Paz suite 1 Agony part one Schematic
6 Radioboy Rude work out of Devine (first set) Compil° House of distruction Schematic
7 Fad Gadget Lady shave The best of Mute
8 Zulutronic It's like this (it's parti time) It's pharma time compil° 3 Pharma
9 Bass Junkie Beyond time beyond bass In bass no one can hear you scream Breakin'
10 Gimmik Angland Rythmus der stradt Toytronic
11 Gimmik Cyclic redundancy Slow motion process Worm Interface
Thom's free live mix      
12 Land of free      
13 Lowfour Köttärmord Repeatle Force Lab
14 Air Frog Bon voyage Bon Voyage R&S
15 Bryan Zentz Watch the sun Watch the sun In Tec
16 South Soniks Killa det sound Prima terra Scandium
17 Al Ferox Welcome to the Ferox paradise Voodoo project Kobayashi
18 Ural 13 Diktators Tonight Disko kings Lasergun
19 Alessandro F Car crash Car crash Kobayashi
20 Roger Sanchez Computerbank First contact Sony
21 Screamin' rachael Ecstasy Mad on acid  compil° Trax records
22 LFO What is house (Moby remix) What is house  ep Warp
23 Zart'omix featuring :      
24 Einstürzende Neubauten Silence is sexy Silence is sexy Mute
25 Jega Rigid body dynamics Geometry Planet Mu
26 Isan Recently in the sahara Lucky cat Morr
27 Bit Meddler Shitmix2000 Shitmix2000 promo Planet Mu
28 Aphex Twin Meltphace Druqks Warp
29 Dykehouse Cheesy Haiku Model Dynamic Obsolence Planet Mu
30 Coil Something Music to play in the dark vol'2 Chalice
31 Sounds of storm      
32 Coil The sleeper II How to destroy angels Threshold