Atmosphere #96 : 07/10/2001 Bombing sounds
  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Aphex Twin Heliosphan Selected ambient works 85-92 Rephlex
1 The Other people place Moonlight rendez-vous Lifestyles of the laptop café Warp
2 Prefuse 73 Afternoon love in Vocal studies + uprock narratives Warp
3 Freakpower New direction Fila Brazillia Brazilification Kudos
4 Ian Pooley What's your number (Jazzanova rmx) What's your number  ep V2
5 Alex Reece Pulp fiction   Metalheadz
6 Johny L 20 degrees 20 degrees  ep Xl
7 Source direct Black domina Two masks  ep Science
8 Readymade Funiculaire Bold F communication
9 Mika Tomorrow Mika Klein records
Already old school      
10 Inner City United Praise Virgin
11 E-dancer Feel the mood Heavenly KMS
12 B sides vol'1 Compression Take 7  compil° Dance opera  
13 Speedy J Terre zippy A schocking hobby Nova Mute  
14 Daft Punk Alive Homework Virgin  
15 Inner City Let it reign Praise Virgin  
Le live        
16 Radioactive Man Live Sonar'  (15') Barcelone 15/06/01 Rotters gulf Club  
17 Radioactive Man Uranium The Uranium  ep Rotters gulf Club  
18 Sabres of Paradise Haunted dancehall (In The Nursery) Versus  ep Warp  
19 Mika Kroetensee Mika Klein records  
20 Catherine Ann-Macphee Oran na maighdean mhara Compil° Songs from the cold seas Sony  
21 Sarah Brightman Bilitis main theme Bilitis BOF by F. Lai ?  
22 Extract from David Lynch's Sailor & Lula        
23 Aphex Twin Actium Selected ambient works 85-92 Rephlex  
24 Catherine   100% genuine    
25 Depeche Mode Goodnight lovers Exciter Mute