Atmosphere #97 : 14/10/2001 Afx,live etc…
  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Aphex Twin Heliosphan Selected ambient works 85-92 Rephlex
1 Röyksopp Eple Melody A.M Wall of sound
2 Röyksopp ? (remix) ?  
3 Chris Clark Oaklands Clarence park Warp
4 Aphex Twin Meltphace 6 Drukqs Warp
5 Aphex Twin A1 Two remixes by AFX Men
6 µ-ziq Scaling Royal astronomy Astralwerks
7 Tim Tetlow And god created Manchester Cyrenic Planet Mu
8 Joseph Nothing A shine on your head Dummy variations Planet Mu
9 Kettel Center court Tadley Management Planet Mu
10 Hellfish and producer No more rock'n roll Constant mutation Planet Mu
11 Bit Meddler Shitmix2000 Shitmix2000 Planet Mu
12 The Youngsters Abusvive melody Lemonorange F Communication
13 Technasia Resilience Future mix Technasia
14 Lali Puna versus Bomb the Bass Clearcut Clearcut Morr
15 Green Velvet Stranj Whatever Music Man
16 Ural 13 Diktators Techno game Disko games Lasergun
17 Umek Beroxan Ceroxol Consumer recreation
18 Vitalic You prefer cocaine Poney EP Gigolo
19 Depeche Mode Halo Live Paris 9/10/01 Mute
20 Depeche Mode It's no good Live Paris 9/10/01 Mute
21 Peaches Live @Printemps de septembre 5/10/01   Kitty Yo
22 Miss Kittin & The Hacker Live @Printemps de septembre 6/10/00   Gigolo
23 Chicks on Speed Live @Printemps de septembre 6/10/01   Chicks on Speed
Zartomix featuring :      
24 Aphex Twin B2 Two remixes by AFX Men
25 Christoph de Babalon   19/20 Fat Cat
26 Metamatics Toy toy Spook Tinsel Shoal Hydrogen Dukebox
27 Mogwai Cody Come on die young Chemikal underground
28 Steve Reich Drumming Drumming Nonesuch
29 Jeff Mills Perfecture: somewhere around now Metropolis Tresor