Atmosphere #139 : 13/10/2002
  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur date
Aphex Twin Heliosphan Selected ambient works 85-92 R&S 1992
1 Underworld Balletlane A hundred days off Jbo 2002
2 Curtis Hung up Transfer Omnisounds 2002
3 Thievery corporation Facing east The richest man in babylon Esl music 2002
4 Tarwater Metal flakes Dwellers on the threshold Mute 2002
5 Bauri Tedmx 7' Akward silence 2002
6 Nikakoi Mtavary Sestrichka WMF 2002
7 Murcof Mapa Martes Leaf 2002
8 Yunx Fim Meson octet Meson octet 2002
Un label: Morr Music        
9 Solvent Not for sale Solvent city Morr 2000
10 Isan Betty's lament Clockwork menagerie Morr 2002
11 B.Fleischman & Ms John Soda Here she comes Blue skied an'clear compil° Morr 2002
11 Lali Puna Come on home Scary world theory Morr 2001
12 Populous Clijster Blue skied an'clear compil° Morr 2002
13 Mům Please sing my spring reverb (Phonem remix) Please smile my noise bleed Morr 2001
14 Hermann & Kleine Don't look back Our noise Morr 2002
15 Limp Silent running Blue skied an'clear compil° Morr 2002
16 Barbara Morgenstern Die liebe Fan n°1  EP Monika Entr 1999
17 Ellen Allien Stadtkind Stadtkind  EP B-Pitch control 2001
18 Miss Dinky Lazed in you Nostalgia  EP Sonic groove 2001
19 Mia Factory city (Elektropunk remix) Aufmisch  EP Rot 2002
20 Chicks on speed Turn on the century The re-releases of the un-releases K 2000
21 Robots in disguise Outdoor Robots in disguise Discograph 2001
22 Water Lilly Tell which sound is correct Sweet aberration  EP Mental groove 2002
23 Björk It's in our hands  (Arcade remix) EP One liitle indian 2002
24 Ladytron Laughing cavalier 604 Invicta hi-fi 2001
25 Romina Cohn I want to be the resident Non stop  EP International Gigolos 2002
26 Sylvie Marks Baby i'm electric I'm electric  EP B-Pitch control 2002
27 Water Lilly you kiss Sweet aberration  EP Mental groove 2002
  (Feat. Miss Kittin & Felix Da Housecat Silver screen, shower scene Silver screen  EP City Rockers 2001)