Atmosphere #219 :10/10/2004 accueil
    artiste / groupe morceau disque label date
Claro Intelecto Tone Peace of mind EP Area Industries 2003
1 Adult Pray for pills The dirtbombs  EP Ersatz audio 2004
2 Gold Chains & Sue Cie Better together When the world was our friend Kitty yo 2004
3 Radian rapid eye movement Juxtaposition Thrill Jockey / Headz 2004
4 Exchpoptrue Very big blonde Disco raus Space factory 2004
5 Climber cafe don piernas Downtown loop Botanica del Jibaro 2004
6 String Theory Eugelab Radiovalerian Wobblyhead 2004
7 Syntax Error crashed cpu by confusion (paradroids wobbly stereo datasette remix) Sometimes Its Only Rubbish EP Feinwerk 2004
8 Stones Roses Sally Cinammon (Live Hacienda)      
9 On Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Nigh and Flies Around My Bed Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Nigh Les disques du soleil et de l'acier 2004
10 Blonde Redhead Four damaged lemons (Third eye foundation remix) I poo poo on your juju Domino 2001
11 Puyopuyo Little in Japan Little in Japan rdc records 2002
12 Thomas Fehlmann Little big horn EP Kompakt 2004
13 Abe Duque I've got you EP Abe Duque records 2004
14 Telemen Angels of mercy (Sieg über die sonne remix) V/A Listen & dance Multicolor 2004
15 Benfay Kingfish (Mateo Murphy remix) V/A One touch button remixes Thinner 2004
16 Depeche Mode Enjoy the silence (Timo Mass remix) Remixes 81-04 Mute 2004
Obliq records
17 Crix Madine Yori OBQ-04-EP Obliq 2002
18 Freq Modif Interstates OBQ-07-EP Obliq 2002
19 Multicast Way station Rural sessions Obliq 2001
20 Ted Surgeon Green sequence OBQ-06-EP Obliq 2002
21   Multicast MR Hz (takes a jazz break) Rural sessions Obliq 2001