Atmosphere #242 : 1/5/2005 accueil
    artiste / groupe morceau disque label date
Claro Intelecto Tone Peace of mind EP Area Industries 2003
1 Jori Hulkkonen Lo-fiction (feat.Jerry Valuri) Dualizm Fcommunication 2005
2 Marco Passarani Criticize (Feat.Erlend Oye) Sullen look Peacefrog 2005
3 Nktar Ways2go Truizm Outside 2004
4 Hieroglyphic Being Lost in translation Liquid sex ep Spectral sound 2005
5 Solvent VS Lowfish Cem blex cem rmx Power Failure Vynalogica 2004
6 Anthony Rother Part IX Art is technology Stahl industries 2005
7 Out hud The stoked american Let us never speak of it again Kranky 2005
8 Quinoline Yellow Sheep dip Dol goy assist Skam 2005
GT014 :
9 aMute A lombre de 12000 medias A hundred dry trees out by the end of april Intr_version 2004
10 Arden Cello's lament Conceal Still 2005
11 Mitchell Akiyama If day wins night could fail If Night Is A Weed and Day Grows Less Sub Rosa 2004
Intr_version records :
12 Désormais As though Climate Variations Intr_version 2002
13 Mitchell Akiyama Wit/h/old Intr_verse Intr_version 1999
14 Tomas Jirku Cyclic Entropy Intr_version 2002
15 Désormais To sing before going to sleep Lambrokenandremadeiambroken Intr_version 2003
16 Ghislain Poirier Plus gros qu'énorme Conflits Intr_version 2003
17 Vitaminsforyou Ecologie + histoire, pt. 2 I'm sorry forever and for always Intr_version 2003
BootyGhetto mix by Sylv1
18 Dj Godfather & Dj Starski Let's go D.E.T only OO5 D.e.t only 2004
19 Dj Assault Soap & water Mr Mutha fukha Jefferson avenue ?
20 Starski & Clutch Players, ballers, rollers Players, ballers, rollers  Ep Databass 2003
21 Dj Funk Pussy ride Ep Funk rec 1998
22 Martyn Hare Hare are the dog (Dj Godfather mix) Ep remixz Potential 2003
23 Dj Godfather  Who run this Who run this? Ep Databass 2001
24 Dj Godfather Feat.Coon Daddy See u no mo Ep Databass 2001
25 Dj Godfather In your mouf Who run this? Ep Databass 2001
26 Dj Funk Booty bounce Ep Funk rec ?
27 Dj Godfather & Big Daddy Rick Ride it, shake it Players club vol'1 Databass 1997
28 Technotronic Pump up the jam Ep BCM rec 1989
29 Dj Nasty Wait a minute Beats for the streets Motor city electro co 2000
30 Starski & Clutch Work it out Players, ballers, rollers  Ep Databass 2003
31   Andrea Parker Feat.DJ Assault Freaky bitches (Dj Godfather remix) Freaky bitches Ep Touchin' bass 2002