Atmosphere #251 : 11/09/2005 accueil
    artist name track release label date
Claro Intelecto Tone Peace of mind EP Area Industries 2003
1 LFO Flu-shot (kringlan) LFO and AFX Split ep Warp 2005
2 AFX naks 11 (mono) LFO and AFX Split ep Warp 2005
3 Boy Robot Bass and booze Rotten Cocktails City Centre Offices 2005
4 Jack Dangers Individual 2 Loudness Clarifies/Electronic Music From Tapelab Important 2004
5 Cristian Vogel somewhere in the waves we will find you Station 55 Novamute 2005
6 Atom Heart Little grey box Atom Heart presents acid evolution 88-03 Logistic 2005
7 Ola Bergman Vulture's end The satellite city New Speak 2005
8 Mr Oizo Half a scissor Moustache (Half A Scissor) F Communications 2005
9 V.L.A.D. Futurismo rodriguez Xiringuitos perdido Laboratory instinct 2004
10 Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze Astro Know Me Domina part II & III The Dark Side of the Moog X Fax Records 2005
11 Octave One Wish i was The theory of everything Concept music 2005
12 Sueno latino Sueno latino Derrick May remixes 01 CCR 2005
13 Recloose Turkish delight Hiatus on the horizon Peacefrog 2005
14 Galaxy 2 galaxy Nation 2 nation UR presents a hi-tech jazz compilation Underground Resistance 2005
15 Joakim Cotton gun Cotton gun EP Versatile 2002
16 Jean-Jacques Perrey E.V.A. E.V.A. BGP 1976
17 Koto Chinese revenge Chinese revenge Zyx 1983
18 Boy Robot Live in vanilla Rotten Cocktails City Centre Offices 2005
19 Depeche Mode Precious Playing the angels Mute 2005
20 Arpanet Orbital wavelenths Quantum transposition Rephlex 2005
21 Julien Neto VI Le fumeur de ciel Type records 2005
22   Bass Communion Macrovelux deluxremux (Bola remix) Bass Communion Remixed Headphone Dust 2003