Atmosphere #259 : 6/11/2005 accueil
    artist name track release label date
Claro Intelecto Tone Peace of mind EP Area Industries 2003
1 Salamandos Magic land The master of house  ep Bunker 2005
2 Claro Intelecto Episode Lacen/Episode  ep Modern love 2005
3 Sutekh Red-eyed Two Vireos Microsolutions to Megaproblems Soul Jazz Records 2005
4 Biosphere Birds fly by flapping their wings Dropsonde Touch 2005
5 Four Tet Sun drums and soil (part 2) Everything Ecstatic Part 2 Domino 2005
6 Dim Dim Ploka Bounce Audio dregs 2005
7 Black dice Twins Broken ear records DFA 2005
8 Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux Good decisions Paquet surprise Carpark 2005
9 Seth P. Brundel Facal matter Devil's pawn Aesthetics 2005
10 Daniel Givens Twister (let it rain) Dayclear and first dark Aesthetics 2005
Daedelus (USA)
11 Daedelus Her's is greater than Phthalo 2001
12 Daedelus Experience Invention Plug Research 2002
13 Daedelus Snooze Button The household ep Eastern developments 2003
14 Daedelus A touch of spring The quiet party Plug research 2003
15 Daedelus Girls (feat abstract rude and busdriver) The quiet party Plug research 2003
16 Busdriver and Radioinactive with Daedelus Carl weathers The weather Mush 2003
17 Busdriver and radioinactive with daedelus Pens oil The weather Mush 2003
18 Ammoncontact Segal (daedelus and my crew ran remix) Beats from binas house Eastern Developments 2003
19 Daedelus Turncoats in tourniquets A Gent Agent Laboratory Instinct 2004
20 Adventure time Water signs Dreams of water themes Plug research 2003
21 Daedelus A stiff drink Meanwhile Laboratory instinct 2004
22 Daedelus Just for you Meanwhile Laboratory instinct 2004
23 Daedelus Something bells (with busdriver and pigeon john) Something bells EP Plug Research 2004
24 Daedelus Pocket watch pulse Of Snowdonia Plug Research 2004
25 Daedelus Welcome home (Prefuse 73 danse macabre) Exquisite Corpse Mush 2005
26   Mouse of Mars Diskdusk Live 04 Sonig 2005