Atmosphere #264 : 11/12/2005 accueil
    artist name track release label date
Claro Intelecto Tone Peace of mind EP Area Industries 2003
1 Caroline Where's my love (magical mix) Where's my love  Ep Temporary residence limited 2005
2 Mochipet Beautiful belonious bits V/a Camping 2 Bpitch control 2005
3 Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko Fly variation 28 Fat cat 2005
4 Ghislain Poirier Téwack Breakupdown (clean radio version) Chocolate Industries 2005
5 Ghislain Poirier Riviere de diamants feat.omnikrom Breakupdown (clean radio version) Chocolate Industries 2005
6 Secret Mommy Dojo Very Rec Ache Records 2005
7 Otto Von Schirach unknown (Danny L remix) Armpit buffet Schematic 2005
8 Andre Kraml Safari (Alex Smoke remix) Safari  Ep Crosstown records 2005
9 Mathew Jonson 7.19 fm david 7.19 fm david  Ep Wagon repair 2005
10 Hell Je regrette everything (Superpitcher remix) Monotonie durch automation Gigolos 2005
11 Ryoji Ikeda Telex / Flex / Reflex Dataplex Raster Noton 2005
12 Marconi Union Inter Distance All Saints Records 2005
2005 in rhythm
13 Metamatics and John Foxx free robot (radio edit) Free Robot Hydrogen Dukebox 2005
14 Solab Shift (Alex Smoke remix) Shift Seventh Sign 2005
15 Andy Stott Long drive Replace EP Modern Love 2005
16 Andy Stott 8ight Replace EP Modern Love 2005
17 Gosub Earth recompile Low volume lovers Frustrated Funk/Clone 2005
18 Claro intelecto Hunters rocket to the sky Patience Modern Love 2005
19 Carl Craig Sparkle The Album Formerly Known As RushHour 2005
20 Pendle Coven Tributary Marriage Of Convenience Modern love 2005
Aesthetics (Portland,USA)
21 Pulseprogramming Oh halo (1894 penny for you loafer mix) V/a Compiled Aesthetics 2001
22 Kpt.michi.gan Fon Player player Aesthetics 2003
23 The Eternals This here is megaside Rawar style Aesthetics 2004
24 Windsor for the derby The emotional rescue The emotional rescue LP Aesthetics 2002
25 Hood You show no emotion at all Cold house Aesthetics 2001
26 Daniel Givens Propel V/a Compiled Aesthetics 2001
27 Pulseprogramming String theory of photo fodder (Pal-ndrom remix) Tulsa for one second remix project Aesthetics 2005
28   L'altra A delicate flower In the afternoon Aesthetics 2002