Atmosphere #282 : 14/5/2006 accueil
    artist name track release label date
Claro Intelecto Tone Peace of mind EP Area Industries 2003
1 Senor Coconut & his orchestra yellow magic (pong too) Yellow fever Essay rec 2006
2 Manasyt untitled Atlantis  Epp Bunker 2006
3 The Egyptian Lover Dance erotic Platinum Pyramids Egyptian Empire 2006
4 Transparent Sound variations of an attitude orsons rework Variations of an attitude Exceptional 2005
5 Tomas Andersson Washing up Washing up Bpitch Control 2005
6 Remute Please say something (original) 5000 euro Ladomat 2006
7 Tim Koch Groove 90 Faena Merck 2006
8 Boxcutter Chlorophyll Oneiric Planet mu 2006
9 Dictaphone Night rain Vertigo II City center offices 2006
10 Ectomorph Skin Subsonic vibrations Interdimensional Transmissions 1995
11 Sickoakes Driftwood Seawards Type 2006
Aux88 (direct beat/Detroit)
12 Aux88   Intro Aux88 Subermerge 2005
13 Aux88 Bass magnetic Bass magnetic  Ep 430 West 1993
14 Aux88 The countdown Is it man or machine Direct beat 1996
15 Aux88 I need to freak (microknox vocal) I need to freak remixes  Ep Direct beat 1998
16 Aux88 Computer speaks Computer Speaks  Ep Direct beat 1999
17 Aux88 Direct drive Direct drive  Ep Direct beat 1995
18 Aux88 The flight Electrotechno  Ep Direct beat 1996
19 Laurent Garnier Crispy bacon (Aux88 remix) Crispy bacon  Ep Fcommunications 1997
20 Aux88 Rhythm by numbers Xeo-genetic Direct beat 1998
21 Steve Stoll Model T (Aux88 remix) Model T  Ep NovaMute 1998
22 Aux88 My mind goes into programming Is it man or machine Direct beat 1996
Italo-disco part two By Samotham and Kikifruit
23 Kano Ikeya-Seki Another Life Teldec 1983
24 Doctor's cat Feel the drive Feel the drive Il Discotto 1983
25 Scotch Penguin's invasion (hot version) Penguin's invasion ZYX 1983
26 Klein & Mbo Dirty Talk First... Phoenix 1982
27 Lectric workers Robot is systematic (instrumental version) Robot is systematic Discomagic 1982
28 Den Harrow    A Taste Of Love VA "Magic DJ" mix by Daniele Losi & Gigi Maini Discomagic 1984
29 Ivàn Fotonovela VA "Magic Dee Jay" mix by Daniele Losi & Gigi Maini Discomagic 1985
30 Magic Men Popcorn VA "Magic DJ" mix by Daniele Losi Discomagic 1984
31 Rofo Flashlight On A Disconight Flashlight On A Disconight Baby Records International 1983
32 Albert One Turbo Diesel Turbo Diesel Baby Records International 1984
33   Sabrina Boys Boys Baby Records International 1987