Saison 21 - 2018-2019
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Atmosphere #810 14/07/19 (S+T)

1 Deetron T-Symmetry Body Electric EP Running Back 2019

2 A Sagittariun The Mild Mild West Return To Telepathic Heights Running Back 2019

Interlude Jearn Carmet dans "Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé"

4 Dave Aju Everybody's watching Off weed or sane EP Accidental Jnr 2018

5 Gerd Visitors Planet F.M.D.X. Part 1 EP Clone Royal Oak 2016

6 Jinjé Big Skies VA Panorama Bar 07 Part 1 Ostgut Ton 2018

7 Lorenz Rhode Belair Belair EP Dirt Crew 2018

8 Binh Waescherei Lost N Rex EP Time Passages 2018

9 Greg Beato Tres Dade EP NI UN PERO 2018

10 DJ Who Give A Little More (Give It To M.P.) Mike Parker remix Who's Who Remixes EP Defective 1996

11 Brandon Cooke Sharp as a knife (acid attack) feat. Roxanne Shanté Sharp As A Knife (Acid Attack) EP Club 1988

12 Tiga Planet E No Fantasy Required Counter 2016

13 Jacques & Superpoze Natural Takeover Endless cultural turnover Pain Surprises 2019

14 Jovonn Pianos of Gold (Ian Pooley Mix) Goldtone Edits EP Royal 2018

15 Meggy Flowers Flowers EP Suol 2018

16 Nathan Melja Deadrums Karibuni music EP Antinote 2019

17 Pion Sympacide (Pilooski & Clément Froissart edit Sympacide EP Enterprise 2018

18 Dance People Fly Away Fly Away Satril 1979

Interlude La fête nationale et le feu d'artifice (Archives INA)

19 Zero B Lock Up (2012 Remaster) [originally-1991] V/A Fabio & Grooverider - 30 Years Of Rage Part 1 & 2 Above Board Projects 2019

Interlude feat.Jean Pierre Marielle dans 'Coup de Torchon"

20 Anything Box Living in Oblivion Peace Epic 1990

21 The Hacker Midnight Bliss Midnight Bliss EP Bordello A Parigi 2017

Interlude E Baer et A Wizman parlent de boisson dans "A la rencontre..."

22 The Hasbeens Make the World go away Make the World go away Clone 2006

Interlude conseil apero de Scotchman dans 'Plus près de toi"

23 Jerem Carrément rien à branler B.O. Yves Tricatel 2019

24 Corine Il fait chaud Un Air de Fête Kwaidan 2018

25 Les Charlots C'est Trop... C'est Trop ! C'est Trop... C'est Trop ! Barclay 1983

Interlude Raimu parle de l'aperitif dans "Cesar"

26 Wata Igarashi DNA Kioku EP The Bunker New-York 2019

27 Fabio Florido Omniverse Multiverse EP Plus 8 2019

28 Zero B Lock Up (2012 Remaster) V/A Fabio & Grooverider - 30 Years Of Rage Part 1 & 2 Above Board Projects 2019
originally 1991
29 M.E.S.H. Inspired By True Story Inspired By True Story M.E.S.H. self-released 2017

30 Enrique In The Summer Of 2015 V A Eminent Domain L.I.E.S. 2019

31 Oliver Ho Magic Listening to the voice inside Meta 2000

32 Jensen Interceptor Jensen Interceptor The ultimate wave riding vehicle EP Craigie 2019

Interlude Jean Carmet dans "Double Jeu"

33 Milo Spykers Infinite (Original Mix) Infinite EP Lenske 2018

34 Inland 2122 (Original Mix) 2122 EP Counterchange 2019

Interlude Bernard Blier et sa biscotte dans "Ca n'arrive qu'à moi"

35 Mathias Kaden Liberate Drums Liberate Drums EP REKIDS 2019

36 Desroi Kamakura Oblast EP Desroi 2019

Interlude Boisson et Baston dans "A la rencontre de divers aspects..."

37 Plaid All to get there Polymer Warp 2019

Interlude Lino Ventura parle de ses vacances (Archives INA)

38 Carl Craig At Les Versus Planet E 2017

BNJMN Svalbard Pyrrhic Tiercel 2019 satellite+atmosphere

SLV Talking with shadows Berlin. A Portrait In Music Soma 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Ellll Ride Glisten Paralaxe editions 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Asuna & Jan Jelinek How a spiral works Signals Bulletin Faitiche 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Biosphere Lysbotn The Senja Recordings Biophon 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Gunnar Haslam Cacique de Poyais Cacique de Poyais EP Delsin 2019 satellite+atmosphere

The Pulse Projects Nonfunction 05 (BxH Functional Lilac Mix) Nonfunctional Opal Tapes 2019 satellite+atmosphere aka Albert van Abbe

Bill Converse Harbour air Hallways Dark Entries 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Don't DJ Circular Time Laniakea EP Honest Jon's 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Jakojako Resilienz Aequilibration EP Leisure System 2019 satellite+atmosphere

Charlemagne Palestine, Rrose The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn Eaux 2019 satellite+atmosphere
Atmosphere #809 07/07/19 (S+)T

1 Anthony Naples Fog Fm Fog Fm ANS 2019
2 A Sagittariun Life is the illusion, love is the dream Return To Telepathic Heights Running Back 2019
3 John Shima Linear The Lonely Machine Firescope 2019
4 Greg Gow Transcendence Paradigm Shift EP Planet E 2019
5 Martin Buttrich Northeast Northeast / Southwest EP Planet E 2019
6 Second Storey The cusp The Cusp EP Frustrated Funk 2019
7 Metrist Closer the TV Pollen Pt I EP Timedance 2019
8 Gunnar Haslam Leeward_tripping Seasick acid EP The Bunker New-York 2019
9 Zomby Bleed Vanta EP Bedouin 2019
10 PTU Sirocco Am I Who I Am Trip 2019
11 Rod Modell Jade Captagon Tresor 2019
12 Equiknoxx Brooklyn Eternal Children Equiknoxx 2019
13 Exael Rond Dioxipp xpq? 2019
14 Lena Andersson (= Ian McDonnell, Kyoka) I Want Her (You) to Call Me Baby Söder Mälarstrand Raster 2019
15 Coucou Chloé Silver B Naughty Dog Nuxxe 2019
16 Afriqua Jumpteenth Jumpteenth [single] R & S 2019
17 Claro Intelecto The Thunderdome Forgotten Wasteland EP Delsin 2019
18 Konx-Om-Pax Optimism Over Despair Ways of seeing Planet Mu 2019
19 Ryan Elliott Grafton Road Paul's Horizon EP Ostgut Ton 2019
20 Patricia Heavy merge Heavy Merging EP Black Opal 2019
21 Andre Bratten Recreation 26b Pax Americana EP Smalltown Supersound 2019
22 Jakojako Kogn. Dissonanz Aequilibration EP Leisure System 2019
23 Special Request Pineal gland Bedroom tapes Houndstooth 2019

Kangding Ray Trade On Azul Predawn Qualia EP ara 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Aleksi Perälä FI3AC1927080 Presence Aleksi Perälä 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Jan Jelinek and Asuna Pulsating primary structure Signals Bulletin Faitiche 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Yves de Mey DXMS Sueda Line 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Psychic Turtle Eveil 1 cd Psychic Turtle demo Psychic Turtle self-released 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Kassel Jaeger Ocelli for NVD Le Lisse et le Strié Latency 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Holly Herndon Godmother (with Jlin and Spawn) Proto 4AD 2019 satellite+213+samotham

松武秀樹 Nemureru Yoru (Karaoke Version) V A 環境音楽 Kankyō Ongaku Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980–1990 Light In The Attic 2019 satellite+213+samotham

William Basinski 4(E+D)4(ER=EPR) On Time Out of Time Temporary Residence 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Selm Zu Kreise Opal Tapes 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Suso Saiz Minimal Distance Nothing is objective Music From Memory 2019 satellite+213+samotham

Atmosphere #808 30/06/2019 S+T

1 Ellen Allien Stimulation Alientronic Bpitch Control 2019
2 Remco Beekwilder Hold My Hand Culture Vulture Emerald 2019
3 I hate models The Night Is Our Kingdom L'âge des métamorphoses Perc Trax 2019
4 Sleeparchive Frost Revised Recordings EP Tresor 2019
5 Sleeparchive Verschiebungen 3 Verschiebungen Sleeparchive Self-released 2019
6 Lone Sungrazer Cascade Ecstasy & friends Werk Discs 2009 flashback+2009
7 Ben Klock Napoleon Hill Before One EP Ostgut Ton 2009 flashback+2009
8 Arcanoid Sad (Talking About) Aging Semantica 2009 flashback+2009
9 Oni Ayhun A Side OAR 3 EP Oni Ayhun 2009 flashback+2009
10 LinkWood System System Prime Numbers 2009 flashback+2009
11 CV313 Evening Sky Live (echospace)detroit 2009 flashback+2009
12 The Black Dog OO93 Further Vexations Soma 2009 flashback+2009
13 Jega Zenith Variance Planet Mu 2009 flashback+2009
14 Fever Ray Concrete Walls Fever Ray Rabid 2009 flashback+2009
15 Vacca Taskpatterns17b V/A Substrate GOSUB10 2009 flashback+2009
16 Grischa Lichtenberger 01/10/1205 Treibgut Raster-Noton 2009 flashback+2009
17 Emptyset Completely gone Emptyset Caravan 2009 flashback+2009
18 Justin Maxwell The long mover The windey man Palette 2009 flashback+2009
19 Audion (=Matthew Dear) It's full of blinding light Its full of blinding light Spectral Sound 2009 flashback+2009
20 Space Dimension Controller Spanner Cord (Monolith Remix) Unidentified Flying Oscillator Acroplane 2009 flashback+2009
21 Siriusmo Nights off The uninvited guest Monkeytown Records 2009 flashback+2009
22 Untold I can't stop this feeling I can't stop this feeling Anaconda Hessle Audio 2009 flashback+2009
23 Kikifruit Mango y papaya Tropical Slut 2012 selfreleased 2009 flashback+2009
24 Lucy why dont you change Why Dont You Change / Dub Man Walking EP Stroboscopic Artefacts 2009 flashback+2009
25 Xyn Cabal Nowei Perfect Oracle The Death of Rave 2019
26 Biosphere Strandby The Senja Recordings Biophon 2019
27 J Majik Full Circle Escape from lando (feat. Sense) Infrared 2019
28 Meat Beat Manifesto Moving Pulse Opaque Couche Flexidisc 2019

Drealms Crdle 6

2019 satellite+211+from+drealms
Atmosphere #807 23/06/19 S(+T)

1 Agoria Scala Drift Sapiens 2019
2 Cosmo Vitelli Groupe Surdose Holiday In Panikstrasse Part 1 Malka Tuti 2019
3 Cosmic Force Miami is the place Frontline Fuel EP New Flesh 2019
4 ERP zrx Fr-Dpx EP Frustrated Funk 2019
5 Batch Sound The Chase is on (extended) The Chase is on EP Ground Control 2019
6 The Connection Machine X manray The Dream Tec Album U-Trax 2019
7 Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch Transmission 3 The Other Downwards 2019
8 Slikback Zuhura Tomo Hakuna Kulala 2019
9 Caterina Barbieri Closest approach to your Orbit Ecstatic Computation Editions Mego 2019
10 Deepbass Fallers Night Without Stars EP Dynamic Reflection 2019
11 Artefakt Moonsoon Moonsoon Semantica 2019
12 Altstadt Echo Nothing can happen This Work Contains Lead Semantica 2019
13 Dorian Gray Holographic lover Aurea Aetas EP Informa 2019
14 YWF Replaced Replaced EP Echocord 2019
15 Boxia Alchemy Girl A Night In The Life Of Drumcode 2019
16 Felicita Flowers & Swords (M.E.S.H. remix) Touch Fume Skuz Felicita Self-released 2012
17 M.E.S.H. Scythians The scythians EP PAN 2014
18 M.E.S.H. Infra-Dusk Infra-dusk infra-dawn EP Black Ocean 2015
19 M.E.S.H. Omb extrusus Omb extrusus / Glassel extrusus EP M.E.S.H. Self-released 2016
20 M.E.S.H. Victim Lord Damaged Merc EP PAN 2016
21 Tomás Urquieta Anatomia (M.E.S.H. Remix) La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo Infinite Machine 2016
22 M.E.S.H. Blured Cicada II Hesaitix PAN 2017
23 M.E.S.H. Atemlos Tzusing & M.E.S.H. 'Split EP' PAN 2019
24 S.English Fade Out V/A Eminent Domain L.I.E.S. 2019
25 Jean-Benoît Dunckel, Jonathan Fitoussi Oracle Mirages The Vinyl factory 2019

Plaid NTS radio mix

2017 satellite+210+from+plaid
Atmosphere #806 16/06/19 T(+S)

1 Plaid Nurula Polymer Warp 2019
2 Robag Wruhme Venq Tolep Venq Tolep Pampa 2019
3 Matias Aguayo Pikin Support Alien Invasion Crammed Discs / Cómeme 2019
4 Dolo Percussion Dolo 13 Dolo 4 Future Times 2019
5 Bill Converse W.A.T.B Hallways Dark Entries 2019
6 Credit 00 R you ready 2 jack Deep in the Jungle EP Uncanny Valley 2019
7 Yak Wide eye Termina EP R&S 2019
8 Greg Beato Cinco Dade EP NI UN PERO 2018
9 Batu False reeds False reeds EP Timedance 2019
10 Front de Cadeaux La Kétamine La Kétamine EP Emet 2018 guest+kikifruit+carte blanche
11 PLO man Rare Plastic Stations Of The Elevated EP Acting Press 2015 guest+kikifruit+carte blanche
12 Albinos Red Moon Ritual House Vol 7 Astral Soda 2019 guest+kikifruit+carte blanche
13 The Pilotwings Le RSA Les Portes Du Brionnais Brothers From Different Mothers 2016 guest+kikifruit+carte blanche
14 Dilinja Sovereign Melody Deadly Ceremonies / Sovereign Melody EP Deadly Vynil 1994 guest+kikifruit+carte blanche
15 Junko Yagami ジョハナスバーグ Communication Moon recprds 1985 guest+kikifruit+carte blanche

The dope show (Rabit Self-released) 2019 satellite+from+Rabit
Atmosphere #805 09/06/19 T(+S)

1 Karenn Rek Kind of Green EP Voam 2019

2 Slam Bunker Nisca Bunker Nisca EP Soma 2019

3 Gunnar Haslam Port Sommeil Cacique de Poyais EP Delsin 2019

4 Konduku Ceviz Gegek EP Nous'klaer Audio 2019

5 Konduku Ceviz Gegek EP Nous'klaer Audio 2019

6 Prg/M Line fault Radiant fields EP Midgar 2019

7 Flying Lotus Pet monster shotglass 1983 Plug Research 2006 focus+flying lotus
8 Flying Lotus shhh' shhh EP Not On Label 2008 focus+flying lotus
9 Captain Murphy Cosplay V/A Adult Swim Singles Program 2014 [Adult Swim] 2014 focus+flying lotus
10 King Midas Sound Lost (Flying Lotus rework) Without You Hyperdub 2011 focus+flying lotus
11 Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé Rubber (Flying Lotus 'Unprotected Sex' Remix) Rubber Because Music 2010 focus+flying lotus
12 Flying Lotus Turtles You're Dead! Warp 2014 focus+flying lotus
13 Flying Lotus Remind u Flamagra Warp 2019 focus+flying lotus
14 Flying Lotus Dance floor stalker Reset EP Warp 2007 focus+flying lotus+tapis
15 Flying Lotus Tea leaf dancers Reset EP Warp 2007 focus+flying lotus
16 Flying Lotus Brainfeeder Los Angeles Warp 2008 focus+flying lotus
17 Flying Lotus Breathe.Something,Stellar Star Los Angeles Warp 2008 focus+flying lotus
18 Flying Lotus Rickshaw L.A. EP 1 X 3 Warp 2008 focus+flying lotus
19 Flying Lotus Glendale Galleria Joker & Flying Lotus 'Tectonic 2.3 EP' Tectonic 2009 focus+flying lotus
20 Flying Lotus & House Shoes Sangria spin cycles Do-over vol. 1 Do-over 2010 focus+flying lotus
21 Flying Lotus Pickled! Cosmogramma Warp 2010 focus+flying lotus
22 Flying Lotus See Thru To U (feat. Erykah Badu) Until the Quiet Comes Warp 2012 focus+flying lotus
23 Flying Lotus Fire is coming Flamagra Warp 2019 focus+flying lotus
24 Galaxian Golden Armageddon Golden Armageddon EP Natural Sciences 2019

25 Sstrom Drenched 8 Drenched 5-8 EP Rösten 2019

26 Yak Skooma Termina EP R & S 2019

27 The Pulse Projects Nonfunction 03 Nonfunctional EP Opal Tapes 2019
aka Albert van Abbe
28 Jean-Benoît Dunckel, Jonathan Fitoussi Oracle Mirages The Vinyl factory 2019

29 J.K Flesh Rub me out In your Pit EP Pressure 2019

30 Helm Body Rushes Chemical Flowers Pan 2019

31 51717 Sara Paranoia star EP L.I.E.S. 2019

satellite+rediffusion+61+dj souplesse
Atmosphere #804 02/06/19 S+(T)

1 Roza Terenzi Open me Let's Ride EP Dekmantel 2019

2 Aril Brikha Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition EP Mule Musiq 2019

3 Inigo Kennedy & Samuli Kemppi 404 Catalogue Of Errors EP Blacklabel 2019

4 Brainwaltzera Vehemton jardin The Kids Are AI EP Analogical Force 2019
5 Space Dimension Controller First Contact with System Lobitso ReSEQ EP R & S 2019
6 Gerd Easin' in the s-system (unreleased demo mix) Easin' in the s-system / Brave new world EP Frame on Mind 2019
reedition with unreleased (originally Brave New World 1994)
7 Artefakt Inverted Forest Monsoon Semantica 2019

8 Wata Igarashi Hitodama Junctions EP Midgar 2014 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
9 Wata Igarashi Interstellar Dust Rotating Field EP Sienna Obscure 2012 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
10 Wata Igarashi The reel Sekala EP Midgar 2018 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
11 Wata Igarashi Mood Of The Machines Part Iv Mood Of The Machines EP The Bunker New York 2016 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
12 Volte-Face Blatchington mill (Wata Igarashi's stairway remix) Murmuration BleeD 2017 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
13 Wata Igarashi Death orange V A Nonnative 08 Semantica 2016 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
14 Prins Thomas Bronchi beat (Wata Igarashi exhale remix) Bronchi beat Æ EP Prins Thomas Musikk 2019 focus+artiste+wata igarashi
15 Susumu Yokota Akafuji Acid Mt.Fuji Sublime 1994 focus+label+midgar reedition Midgar 2018
16 Ruhig Lost In The Instability Lost In The Instability E.P Midgar 2014 focus+label+midgar
17 Cloned Sapphire 1990 Sapphire 1990 EP Midgar 2015 focus+label+midgar
18 Cliche Morph South Meridian Escape From Himself EP Midgar 2017 focus+label+midgar
19 Nuel Pause & Reflect The Gentle Midgar 2018 focus+label+midgar
20 Von Grall Bad Reputation Following The Rules EP Midgar 2017 focus+label+midgar
21 Ruhig Alba (Luigi Tozzi remix) Lost In The Instability Remixes E.P Midgar 2015 focus+label+midgar
22 Rainer Veil Double Down Vanity Modern Love 2019

23 Rupert Clervaux Damper And Drum After Masterpieces Whities 2019

Acronym & Kali Malone Call From the Towe The Torrid Eye Stilla Ton 2019 satellite+209+d/jyu

CIA Debutante Panic In Menlo Park/Seller Of Carpets Waves Czaszka Records 2018 satellite+209+d/jyu

Fusiller La Civilisation La Civilisation Royal Sperm 2017 satellite+209+d/jyu

Jan St. Werner Osho Felder Thrill Jockey 2016 satellite+209+d/jyu

L'ocelle Mare Temps en terre 6 Temps en terre Kythibong 2017 satellite+209+d/jyu

Nappe Epic concrete mmemm nolain Dysmusie 2019 satellite+209+d/jyu

Unglee Izi SUPREME II modern minimalist - Behind the deep of the north hexagone glint Premier Sang 2017 satellite+209+d/jyu

Lumigraph Tampa Awaits Nautically Inclined Opal Tapes 2013 satellite+209+d/jyu

France Sauvage L'enfant dilaté Jeux vocaux des bords de Dronne Gaffer Records, La République Des Granges, micr0lab, gran gousier, Animal Biscuit, anarchofreaksproduction, Tomaturj, Grabuge, Les Loubards Pédés 2015 satellite+209+d/jyu

Pousse Mousse Histoire de l'incendie Pousse Mousse La République Des Granges 2015 satellite+209+d/jyu

Deity Guns She loomed Loom R.I.K 1992 satellite+209+d/jyu

Jean-Marie MASSOU Les pierres dans la citerne La Citerne de Coulanges Vert Pituite La Belle 2018 satellite+209+d/jyu

Bästard Daddy's lipstick estrait Blind Sink Semantic, Zeitgeist 1995 satellite+209+d/jyu
Atmosphere #803 26/05/19 (T+S)

1 The Hacker Leather Dreams Lost & Found EP Klakson 1999
réédition "Lost & Found EP" (Klakson / 2019)
2 Amato Industrie lourde Mécanismes Vol​.​1 EP Pinkman 2019

3 Chevron Branches Memory Disks. Volume Two Shipwrec 2019

4 Cygnus Ultraterrestrial Deep Analysis EP Central Processing Unit 2019

5 The Exaltics I Want You (Feat. Egyptian Lover) Exodus EP Solar One Music 2019

6 Norken Gone Soul Static Bureau Beau Monde 1999 flashback+1999
7 Ron Trent Love Primitive Arts Peacefrog 1999 flashback+1999
8 Aril Brikha Otill Deeparture In Time Transmat 1999 flashback+1999
9 Soul Capsule Overcome Overcome EP Trelik 1999 flashback+1999
10 Ricardo Villalobos 808 The Bassqueen (Queen Of Bass Mix) 809 The Bassqueen EP Lo-Fi Stereo 1999 flashback+1999
11 Innerzone Orchestra Manufactured Memories Programmed Planet E 1999 flashback+1999
12 Aphrodite King of the Beats Aphrodite V2 1999 flashback+1999
13 Yazoo Midnight (Post remix) MASK 500 Skam 1999 flashback+1999
14 Lost Souls of Saturn The Awakening (James Holden's Past Life Rave Regression Remix) The Awakening R&S 2019

15 Dos Tracks Returning to Local Operation (With DOS Tracks Samples) Gap Edit :) Rather Interesting 1999 flashback+1999
16 EOG Solid liquid Hassle EP Dub 1999 flashback+1999
17 Richard devine C2 V/A Ischemic folks Schematic 1999 flashback+1999
18 Casino Versus Japan Go hawaii Go Hawaii Wobblyhead 1999 flashback+1999
19 vsnares I'm a fucking idiot Venetian Snares-Stuntrock 'Fuck Canada Fuck America' CLFST 1999 flashback+1999
20 Delarosa+Asora Airbrush (clogged) Crush the Sight Seers EP Pearineel 1999 flashback+1999
21 EU Chi V/A Artefacts Art-tek 1999 flashback+1999
22 Luke Eargoggle and Rutherford A1 Dirty power stalkers Stilleben 1999 flashback+1999
23 Perspects Desire and efficiency Desire and efficiency EP Ersatz audio 1999 flashback+1999
24 Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique Pussy groove Wir Leben In Pussywelt Bunker 1999 flashback+1999
25 Technasia Hydra [original version] Hydra EP Technasia 1999 flashback+1999
26 Various Artists 8 (ae mix by Autechre) 8, 8.5, 9 - remixes FatCat 1999 flashback+1999
27 Studio 1 A1 Keep On Rockin Profan 1999 flashback+1999
28 Dmx Krew No Entity Glad to be Sad Hypercolour 2019

29 Mana Myopia For The Future Seven Steps Behind Hyperdub 2019

30 Ricardo Donoso Disconnected Visions Calibrate Denovali 2018

Shuttle358 Next Optimal.LP 12k 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Taylor Deupree and Richard Chartier Specification 07 SPEC. 12k 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

SND 13 Makesndcassette Mille plateaux 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Rhythm & Sound Distance Smile EP Rhythm & Sound 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Gramm Type zwei Personal rock Source 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Pita 6 Get out Mego 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Gmueller Voicecrack Erikm () Rollick rope Poire z For 4 ears 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Opiate Tennis At Wimbledon Objects For An Ideal Home Hobby industries 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Indio Lite Yellow Indio EP Transmat 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Monolake Gobi The Desert Gobi The Desert EP Imbalance Computer Music 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Kit Clayton Surba Nek Sanalet Scape 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

David Toop Smell of human life Museum of fruit Caipirinha 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Coil The Dreamer Is Still Asleep Musick to Play in the Dark, Volume 1 Chalice 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Pierre Bastien SinéticSantic Musiques_paralloidres Lowlands 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

Beautyon 0, number, successor V/A Or Some Computer Music Or 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999

ISAN M.Mouse Digitalis Liquefaction Empire 1999 satellite+atmosphere+1999
Atmosphere #802 19/05/19 T+S

1 The Future Sound Of London Ayahuasca Yage 2019 2019
2 Leafcutter John Doing The Beeston Bump Yes! Come Parade With Us Border Community 2019
3 Special Request Vortex 135 Vortex EP Houndstooth / Special Request 2019
4 Paula Temple Post-scarcity anarchism Edge Of Everything Noise Manifesto 2019
5 Basic Rhythm Edge of darkness On The Threshold Planet Mu 2019
6 Matmos Lunaire Matmos Vague Terrain 1997 focus+artist+matmos
7 Matmos Germs Burn For Darby Crash The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast Matador 2006 focus+artist+matmos
8 Matmos Pelt and Holler The Civil War Matador 2003 focus+artist+matmos
9 Slag Boom Van Loon Moon Base Alpha (Matmos remix) So Soon Planet Mu 2001 focus+artist+matmos
10 Matmos Fanfare For Polyethylene Waste Containers Plastic Anniversary Thrill Jockey 2019 focus+artist+matmos
11 The Soft Pink Truth Make Up Do You Party? Soundslike 2003 focus+artist+matmos
12 M.C Schmidt Lowland Side Batu Malablab Megaphone 2015 focus+artist+matmos
13 Matmos [Extract 01] In lo-fidelity Matmos self-released 1994 focus+artist+matmos
14 Matmos The Purple Island Quasi-Objects Vague Terrain 1998 focus+artist+matmos
15 Matmos Keine Zåhne V A Clicks and cuts 2 Mille Plateaux 2001 focus+artist+matmos
16 Björk Unison [with Matmos] Vespertine One Little Indian 2001 focus+artist+matmos
17 Matmos Memento Mori A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure Matador 2001 focus+artist+matmos
18 People Like Us-Wobbly-Matmos Tremble valley peady Wide open spaces TigerBeat6 2003 focus+artist+matmos
19 Matmos, Sutekh, Safety Scissors Locations In The Complex Plane Work Work Work Vague Terrain 2006 focus+artist+matmos
20 Matmos Zampogna A Paradise Of Dainty Devices Vague Terrain 2007 focus+artist+matmos
21 Matmos Exciter lamp and the variable band Supreme balloon Matador 2008 focus+artist+matmos
22 Oneohtrix Point Never Replica (Matmos Edit) Dog in the Fog EP Software 2012 focus+artist+matmos
23 Hatis Noit Illogical Lullaby -Matmos edit- Illogical dance EP Erased Tapes 2018 focus+artist+matmos
24 Mr Oizo Nuque Rythme Plat EP Because Music 2019
25 CN Passage of the Phantom Fleet More obscure research CN Self-Released 2019
26 Rainer Veil Gauze Vanity Modern Love 2019
27 Arovane & Porya Hatami Cissoid C.h.r.o.n.o.s. Karlrecords 2019

Lechuga Zafiro Para Abajo


Errorsmith Retired Low-Level Internal Server Superlative Fatigue PAN 2017 satellite+from-matmos

David Mason-Edwards I Miss My Dear Cats V/A Studio Für Elektronische Musik - Konkret - Instrumental - Vokal Ornament 1982 satellite+from-matmos

Still Rough Rider (Low Jack Remix) I (Remixed) PAN 2018 satellite+from-matmos

Second Woman ////\\\\/ S/W Spectrum Spools 2017 satellite+from-matmos

Matmos Breaking Bread (Lechuga Zafiro Remix)


Sarah Hennies Falsetto Everything Else No Rent 2016 satellite+from-matmos

Remko Schah Throb


Jürgen Bäuninger The Tam Tam Tape


CAGE Kalatensis Bertoia Weighter 2019 satellite+from-matmos

Kevin Drumm October (Early Warning) October (Early Warning) Kevin Drumm Self-released) 2017 satellite+from-matmos

Eberhard Schoener Meditation, Part I [1973] Meditation / Sky Music - Mountain Music Kuckuck 1984 satellite+from-matmos

A Random Guy ASMR Lotion Sounds And Sticky Hand Sounds
2017 satellite+from-matmos

Reinhold Friedl Crépuscule Inside Piano Hrönir 2011 satellite+from-matmos

Free Association Polyrhythm Jizm Free Association #3 Free Association 2014 satellite+from-matmos

Yoko Ono Don’t Count The Waves


Walter Marchetti Per La Sete Dell’Orecchio Per La Sete Dell’Orecchio Vandalia 1984 satellite+from-matmos

Arp Folding Water Zebra Mexican Summer 2018 satellite+from-matmos

Franz Kamin Behavioral Drift II Behavioral Drift II / Rugugmool Station Hill Press 1980 satellite+from-matmos

G*Park Draht Intro Seismogramm Schimpfluch 1990 satellite+from-matmos

Cranioclast Lost in Karak Lost In Karak CoC 1988 satellite+from-matmos

Muslimgauze Kabul Kabul Product Kinematograph 1983 satellite+from-matmos

Vaperror Like Water Mana Pool Dream Catalogue 2014 satellite+from-matmos

Lily 42forfeb4bifb42 Psychic Jealousy Deep Space Objects 2016 satellite+from-matmos

N1L WARWARWAR Ikea Zen EP UIQ 2017 satellite+from-matmos

Metalux with Twig Harper Gummy Grinder split EP Evil Moisture / Metalux Veglia 2005 satellite+from-matmos

Lanark Artefax Remainder 1 Glasz EP UIQ 2016 satellite+from-matmos

Mixed Band Philanthropist The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly Hypnagogia 2003 satellite+from-matmos

SEF III Mnemonic Re-Treat (Part 2) Selling SEF III Ehse 2018 satellite+from-matmos

SEF III The Chase Selling SEF III Ehse 2018 satellite+from-matmos

Max Eilbacher Internal Logic Trick Fail


Id M Theft Able Birds Organ standards Mang-Disc 2010 satellite+from-matmos
Atmosphere #801 12/05/19 T(+S)

1 Hyenah & Pablo Fierro Panoramica The Golden Cage Of Yesterday EP Watergate 2019

2 KH Only Human Only Human EP Text 2019

3 Lukid Drip Drip EP Arcola 2019

4 Gëinst Mantra Mantra EP ARTS 2019

5 Netsh Floating In The Red River Artificial Sin EP ARTS 2019

6 Rèdacs Subsequent Elysian Fields EP SUB tl 2019

7 VC-118A Channel Inside Delsin 2019

8 Marco Bailey Never Rust Never Rust EP Materia 2019

9 Ricardo Tobar Birds Continuidad ESP Institute 2019

10 Roger 23 Cultural Negotiation Is demanding for a cultural negociation EP Ilian Tape 2019

11 M.E.S.H. Festival circuit Tzusing & M.E.S.H. 'Split EP' PAN 2019 samotham+DJ set
12 Judas ID 8 Unsaid Pt. II EP Arts collective 2018 samotham+DJ set
13 Peder Mannerfelt Patient Boy The 3D Printed Songbook Peder Mannerfelt 2018 samotham+DJ set
14 Evigt Morker Dodligt sar V/A V A Submerged Worlds Sustrato 2018 samotham+DJ set
15 Unbalance Bells Of Hyperion Unbalance Ten Unbalance 2018 samotham+DJ set
16 Portrait Vitra (Rhyw Remix) Vitra EP Aura Dinamica 2018 samotham+DJ set
17 Sstrom Vitriol Vitriol EP Rösten 2018 samotham+DJ set
18 Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit MBDC 1 MBDC EP Astray 2018 samotham+DJ set
19 Markus Suckut Mistakes are for everyone New life EP Rekids 2018 samotham+DJ set
20 Rene Wise M37 Hinder EP Beard Man 2018 samotham+DJ set
21 Sawf Brountalia #009 EP Vanila 2019 samotham+DJ set
22 O/V/R New Departures The World Remade EP Downwards 2018 samotham+DJ set aka James Ruskin & Karl O'Connor
23 Stanislav Tolkachev Shady Champions Breakfast EP Raw Waxes 2018 samotham+DJ set
24 Julia Govor 1984 1 EP Jujuka 2018 samotham+DJ set
25 SHXCXCHCXSH Drow Word EP Mord 2019 samotham+DJ set
26 Bnjmn Final Network Final Network EP Bright Sounds 2018 samotham+DJ set
27 Bibio Erdaydidder-erdiddar Ribbons Warp 2019

28 Apparat Outlier Lp5 Mute 2019

Scott Walker Farmer in the city Tilt Fontana 1995 satellite+207+reverse

KWC 92 Night drive Dream Of The Walled City (O​.​S​.​T​.​) L.I.E.S 2013 satellite+207+reverse

Adrian Sherwood Hari up Hari Never Trust A Hippy Real World 2003 satellite+207+reverse

Carla Del Forno So much better So much better 7" Kallista 2019 satellite+207+reverse

Coil A cold cell The Ape Of Naples Threshold House 2005 satellite+207+reverse

Scala Hold me down Beauty Nowhere Touch 1996 satellite+207+reverse

Stefan Tischler Americans Are Sleepwalking Excess Of Free Speech Extreme 1992 satellite+207+reverse

A.C Marias Drop Drop / So 7" Dome 1981 satellite+207+reverse

Mark van Hoen Channel of light The Last Flowers From The Darkness Touch 1997 satellite+207+reverse

Labradford Pico Labradford Kranky 1996 satellite+207+reverse

Talk Talk After the flood Laughing Stock Verve 1991 satellite+207+reverse
Atmosphere #800 05/05/19 S+T

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C'est quoi pour toi 1999? les 2000's? les 2010's?

1 Nghtmares on Wax Les Nuits Carboot Soul Warp 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
2 Bogdan Raczynski Sayonara tsutara Samurai math beats Rephlex 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
3 Clark Growls garden Growl's garden Warp 2009 atmos+800+20 ans
4 Pulseprogramming Off To Do Showery Snapshots (Static Remix) Tulsa For One Second Remix Project Aesthetics 2005 atmos+800+20 ans
5 Cassegrain Study of Splashes Centres Of Distraction Prologue 2014 atmos+800+20 ans
6 Demdike Stare Matildas dream Liberation Through Hearing Modern Love 2010 atmos+800+20 ans

« Ah ouais?! j'écoutais ça? »

atmos+800+20 ans
7 Jazzanova Jazzanova EP Fedime's Flight JCR 1997 atmos+800+20 ans
8 Armand Van Helden Summertime 2Future4U

atmos+800+20 ans

« Ah non çà c'est plus possible! »

atmos+800+20 ans
9 Les Rythmes Digitales Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) Darkdancer XL 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
10 Mr Scruff Get to move on Keep It Unreal Ninja Tine 1999 atmos+800+20 ans

Le plus extrême/violent/destroy?

atmos+800+20 ans
11 DAT Politics Digital Narcis Sous hit
2000 atmos+800+20 ans
12 Hellfish & Producer Toilet Wars Bastard Sonz Of Rave Psychik Genocide 2002 atmos+800+20 ans

Le plus mélancolique ou triste?

atmos+800+20 ans
13 Drexciya Polymono plexusgel Neptunes lair Tresor 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
14 Boy Robot Live in Vanilla Rotten Cocktails City Centre Offices 2005 atmos+800+20 ans

Le meilleur kick?

atmos+800+20 ans
15 Posthuman Krill Monsters And Vortices EP B12 2009 atmos+800+20 ans
16 Barker Look How Hard I've Tried-i90 Debiasing EP Ostgut Ton 2018 atmos+800+20 ans

Le plus sucré/love/melo?

atmos+800+20 ans
17 Alexander Robotnick Les grands voyages de l amour Les grands voyages de l amour Riot City 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
18 Dmx Krew Goodtime girl We are DMX Rephlex 1999 atmos+800+20 ans

Le plus débile/improbable?

atmos+800+20 ans
19 Bodenstanding 2000 Saureschnauze Maxi German rave blast hits 3 Rephlex 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
20 Miel de Montagne Pourquoi pas Petit Garçon EP Pain Surprises 2018 atmos+800+20 ans

Le plus évident/intemporel?

atmos+800+20 ans
21 Aphex Twin Window Licker Window Licker EP Warp 1999 atmos+800+20 ans
22 Musicology Hall of mirrors Hall of mirrors B12 1992 atmos+800+20 ans aka B12

Le morceau claque qui claque?

atmos+800+20 ans
23 Speedy J Actor Nine A Shocking Hobby Nova Mute 2000 atmos+800+20 ans
24 Bitstream Incubator Incubator Signal 2000 atmos+800+20 ans

Qui donne envie de fumer un verre ou boire un cône ?

atmos+800+20 ans
25 Shed The Lower Upside Down Shedding The Past Ostgut Ton 2008 atmos+800+20 ans
26 Peter Van Hoesen Unit prep Oscar's blood EP Time to express 2017 atmos+800+20 ans

Le plus Satellite?

atmos+800+20 ans
27 Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Jungle Is a Shapeshifter (with Silent Servant) Ambient Black Magic Hospital 2017 atmos+800+20 ans aka Vatican Shadow
28 Xela Last Breath For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights Neo Ouija 2003 atmos+800+20 ans

Atmosphere #799 07/04/19 (S+)T

1 Donato Dozzy, Adiel Cavallina Matta Cavallina EP Danza Tribale 2019

2 Mike Dehnert Md2.7.2 Md2.7.EP MD 2019

3 Edward Jap Collage Hooked On Magic EP Giegling 2019

4 Lucy Dyscamupia (Forward) Dyscamupia EP Stroboscopic Artefacts 2019

5 New Jackson Sat Around Here Waiting Sat Around Here Waiting EP Hivern 2013 focus+artist+new jackson
6 New Jackson Electric Blue Cin Cin 006 Cin Cin 2017 focus+artist+new jackson
7 New Jackson Shoot out the lights The Night Mail EP POGO 2011 focus+artist+new jackson
8 New Jackson Jam on Summer Made It Mine E.P Permanent Vacation 2014 focus+artist+new jackson
9 New Jackson Of a Thousand Leaves From Night To Night All City 2017 focus+artist+new jackson
10 New Jackson Romanecar Romanecar Permanent Vacation 2019 focus+artist+new jackson
11 Lakker A Whisper in Your Ear Época R & S 2019

12 Martial Canterel Sister Age Sister Age Xanten 2004 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
13 Martial Canterel Steele Confusing outsides Genetic 2005 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
14 Xeno & Oaklander Départ Vigils EP Xanten 2006 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
15 Xeno and Oaklander Vagabond Sentinelle Wierd 2009 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
16 Xeno and Oaklander Sets and lights Sets and Lights Wierd 2011 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
17 Xeno & Oaklander Sheen Par Avion Ghostly International 2013 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
18 Martial Canterel Dusty Paths Navigations Electric Voice 2013 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander compilation-unreleased
19 Xeno & Oaklander Palms Topiary Ghostly International 2016 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
20 Martial Canterel Giving Up Lost at Sea Dais 2017 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
21 Xeno & Oaklander Movements II B Movements II Ghostly International 2017 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
22 Xeno and Oaklander Hypnos Hypnos Dais 2019 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
23 Liz & Laszlo Rien à Paris Rien à paris Wierd 2012 focus+artist+xeno and oaklander
24 Claus Comedi Sigaretta rosa La historia de tu alma Waving hands 2019

25 Kelpe Polymar D A Polymar Compendium Drut 2019

26 Yves de Mey DXMS Sueda Line 2019

DreamScenes Intro (Susanna)

satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Joana Gama I Luis Fernandes Lucid Stillness At The Still Point Of The Turning World Room 40 2018 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Rune Clausen Sølje Tones Jul Forwind 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Snowdrops (Matthieu Gabry, Christine Ott) Losing A Friend To Death Manta Ray OST Gizeh 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Nivhek (Liz ‘Grouper’ Harris) Crying Jar After Its Own Death, Walking In A Spiral Towards The House Self-released 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Toby Marks & Andrew Heath For Stone (West) Part 1 Motion Disco Gecko 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Julia Kent Crepuscolo Temporal Leaf 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Saba Alizâdeh Greetings To Earthfire Scattered Memories Karl 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Laurie Spiegel Three Sonic Spaces I Unseen Worlds Unseen Worlds 1991 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019 reedition 2019

Eleni Karaindrou Tous Les Oiseaux: Lament Tous Des Oiseaux ECM 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Porya Hatami, Aaron Martin, Roberto Attanasio Pûşper Sallaw Dronarivm 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Purl & Yamaoka Voice To Voice Sculpture Shimmering Moods 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Corey Fuller Lamentation Break 12K 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Olan Mill Beneath Today Curves Shimmering Moods 2018 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Erik K. Skodvin & Rauelsson with Otto A. Totland Breathe A Score For Darling Sonic Pieces 2018 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Mark Hollis A New Jerusalem Mark Hollis Polydor 1998 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

Akira Rabelais (+ Stephan Mathieu) If Error And Upon Me Proved CXVI Self-Released 2019 satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019

DreamScenes Outro (Dean Hurley)

satellite+206+dreamscenes 032019
Atmosphere #798 07/04/19 S+T

2 Norken Odyssey Breeze The City EP Lockertmatik ‎ 2019
3 Recondite Channel Silk EP Hotflush 2019
4 Mix Mup Clear Drive Clear Drive EP The Trilogy Tapes 2018
5 Peter Van Hoesen Gadarene Opal Balance EP Center 91 2019
6 Transllusion Unordinary Realities Mind Over Positive and Negative Dimensional Matter EP Supremat 2001 focus+label+tresor
7 Savvas Ysatis Pathfinder Select Tresor 2001 focus+label+tresor
8 Sender Berlin Dr. Sorge Is Watching The Planet Gestern Heute Morgen Tresor 2002 focus+label+tresor
9 Shifted Phases Scattering Pulsar The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope Tresor 2002 focus+label+tresor
10 K Hand The Creator Detroit-History Part 1 Tresor 2001 focus+label+tresor
11 X-102 Pan Titan EP Tresor 2008 focus+label+tresor
12 S_W_Z_K Neukölln mon amour S_W_Z_K Tresor 2012 focus+label+tresor
13 Vince Watson Interference Interference EP Tresor 2012 focus+label+tresor
14 Neil Landstrumm Pussy Puppy Glamourama EP Tresor 2001 focus+label+tresor
15 Blake Baxter Work dat Dreamsequence 3 - The Collective Tresor 2001 focus+label+tresor
16 Oscar Mulero Faithless Days Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow EP Tresor 2007 focus+label+tresor
17 Sleeparchive #6 A Man Dies In The Street Pt 2 Tresor 2013 focus+label+tresor
18 BNJMN Undulations Body Reflections Pt 2 EP Tresor 2017 focus+label+tresor
19 Juan Atkins And Moritz Von Oswald presents Borderland Riod (alternative version) Riod EP Tresor 2016 focus+label+tresor
20 Second Woman Instant II Instant - Apart EP Tresor 2018 focus+label+tresor
21 Mike Huckaby The Tresor Track The Tresor EP Tresor 2012 focus+label+tresor
22 DJ Deep & Roman Poncet present Adventice Extracapsular extraction Extraction EP Tresor 2015 focus+label+tresor
23 Marcelus Super Strength Super strength EP Tresor 2012 focus+label+tresor
24 Mike Parker Angels in cages Disintegrating sand EP Tresor 2016 focus+label+tresor
25 DJ Shufflemaster Guiding light EXP Tresor 2001 focus+label+tresor
26 James Ruskin Dilemma Into Submission Tresor 2001 focus+label+tresor
27 Donato Dozzy Back Filo Loves the Acid EP Tresor 2018 focus+label+tresor
28 Octave One feat. Random Noise Generation The Oddasee Off The Grid Tresor / 430 West 2006 focus+label+tresor
29 Porter Ricks Sandy ground Anguilla electrica Tresor 2017 focus+label+tresor
30 Curt Cress Sundance Dschung Tek Ep
Music From Memory
31 Head High Depth Into It EP Power House 2019
32 Bogdan Raczynski 329 15h Rave 'Till You Cry Disciples 2019

satellite+rediffusion+56+quimbokat+speciale François de Roubaix
Atmosphere #797 31/03/19 (S(+T)

1 Shcaa An Ungrateful Death An Ungrateful Death EP R & S 2019
2 Efdemin A Land unknown New Atlantis Ostgut Ton 2019
3 Jay Glass Dubs Thumb Dub Thumb Dub_Index Dub EP Dub on Arrival 2019
4 Karsten Pflum Wolf City Of Thieves EP Furthur Electronix 2019
5 Skee Mask 800ab 808BB EP Ilian Tape 2019
6 Aphex Twin Lannerlog Aphex Twin's official soundcloud self-released 1989 flashback+1989
7 Force legato System (v.1.0.) System EP ZYX 1989 flashback+1989
8 Greater Than One I Don't Need God I Don't Need God EP Wax Trax! 1989 flashback+1989
9 Mr & Ms Dale It's you (free house mix) It's you EP Bigshot 1989 flashback+1989
10 R-Tyme R-Theme (dub dub mix) Illusion / R-Theme EP Transmat 1989 flashback+1989
11 Beastie Boys Egg Man Paul's Boutique Capitol 1989 flashback+1989
12 Technotronic Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) Pump Up The Jam ARS Productions 1989 flashback+1989
13 4 Play Nastyness (ko-mix) Nastyness EP ZYX 1989 flashback+1989
14 The Beatmasters Don't Stop The Beat Anywayawanna Rhythm King 1989 flashback+1989
15 Out Of The Ordinary Play it again (los ninos mix) Play it again EP ZYX 1989 flashback+1989
16 TKA You Are The One (lean on me edit) You Are The One EP Tommy Boy 1989 flashback+1989
17 Nights on Wax Let it Roll Let it Roll EP Poverty 1989 flashback+1989
18 Virgo Ride Virgo Radical 1989 flashback+1989
19 New Order Round & Round (detroit mix) Round & Round EP Factory 1989 flashback+1989
20 The Durutti Column Otis Vini Reilly Factory 1989 flashback+1989
21 Forgemasters Track with no name Track with no name Warp 1989 flashback+1989
22 Humanoid Humanoid Global Human 1989 flashback+1989
23 K-Alexi Shelby My Medusa All for lee-sah Transmat 1989 flashback+1989
24 Orbital Chime Chime Oh Zone 1989 flashback+1989
25 Lil' Louis & the World Blackout From the mind of Lil Louis ffrr 1989 flashback+1989
26 MD connection the The M Rules Tracks that move ya Muzique 1989 flashback+1989
27 Asmus Tietchens Ein Fleissiges Insekt 3 Abfleischung Hamster Records And Tapes 1989 flashback+1989
28 Black Dog, The The weight Virtual EP Black Dog Productions 1989 flashback+1989
29 Translucent Momentary Vision (Light of Dawn Mix pt 1) Momentary vision Jelly Jam 1989 flashback+1989
30 Shades Of Rhythm Sweet sensation Frequency Shades Of Rhythm 1989 flashback+1989
31 The Maxx Revolution The Album CIM 1989 flashback+1989
32 Final Cut Now that's funky Deep into the cut Big sex 1989 flashback+1989
33 Bobby Konders Nervous acid House rhythms Nugroove 1989 flashback+1989
34 Mescalinum United Lost Zones Into Mekong Center EP Planet Core Productions 1989 flashback+1989
35 Depth Charge Bounty killers Bounty killer EP Vinyl Solution 1989 flashback+1989
36 Osborne Back Whenever Fools EP Ghostly International 2019
37 Random XS Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix) Give Your Body EP Delsin 2019
38 Henning Baer Corp Rigger EP Manhigh 2019
39 Julien H Mulder Patterns In Nature Jeff Mills 'Str Mrkd EP' Axis-Str Mrkd 2019
40 My Disco Act Environment Downwards 2019

Retape Castle Selector Modular 4 EP Retape self-released 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Cruel Diagonals Itinerant Solitude Pulse of Indignation EP Drawing Room 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Eli Keszler The tenth part of a featured world Empire Shelter Press 2019 satellite+205+samotham

DJ Nobu Zzzz ON-Netoh EP No 'Label' 2019 satellite+205+samotham

Jonny Nash Language collapsed Make A Wilderness Music from memory 2019 satellite+205+samotham

Second Woman Apart II Instant - Apart EP Tresor 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Pontiac Streator Impressions of Shy 180's Choice Lillerne Tape Club 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Black Merlin MOD Void EP Berceuse Heroique 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Shelter Immersion-i90 Profondeur 4000 Growing Bin 2018 satellite+205+samotham

John Wall & Alex Rodgers I Soar Soar Entr’acte 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Ossia Inertia Devil's dance Blackest Ever Black 2019 satellite+205+samotham

Pali Meursault 44.4595 ; 5.8307 (Échos) Dôme 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Svreca / Neel Tangara (Ryo Murakami remix) Tangara Remixed Semantica 2019 satellite+205+samotham

Shelter Synthi outro-i120 Profondeur 4000 Growing Bin 2018 satellite+205+samotham

Triad God Dill Triad Presto! 2019 satellite+205+samotham
Atmosphere #796 24/03/19 S(+T)

1 RX-101 Warm Electronics Box Dopamine Suction 2019
2 Fort Romeau Eye Of Re Heaven & Earth EP Permanent Vacation 2019
3 Yung Dolphin Delphin Invasion DJ Skechers & Yung Dolphin 'LT-DOLPHSKECH-700X EP' Lobster Theremin 2019
4 Scraaatch Don't talk to me Teardrops EP Scraaatch Self-released 2019
5 Ossia Hell version Devil's dance Blackest Ever Black 2019
6 Angel-Ho Yah cunt Ascension EP Halcyon Veil 2015
7 Jesse Osborne-Lanthier Web MD A.T.L.H.F.V.A.M.L.T.H.A.T.U. Halcyon Veil 2016
8 Mistress MJOLNIR Hollygrove EP Halcyon Veil 2016
9 City Inevitable A Goal Is An Image Halcyon Veil 2017
10 Cecilia Liber Adoration Halcyon Veil 2018
11 Mhysa Strobe Fantasii Halcyon Veil 2017
12 N A K E D Unleash me Total power exchange EP Halcyon Veil 2017
13 Imaginary Forces Make Ends Meet And What Halcyon Veil 2016
14 Rabit Daydream Life After Death Halcyon Veil 2018
15 Rabit Rebirth 4 Toe In The Bardo Pond EP Halcyon Veil 2018
16 IVVVO Punk doG Halcyon Veil 2019
17 Abyss X Thru Lids Matono Stagona Stagona Mouthed Halcyon Veil 2016
18 Hvad Bleeding Grey Wall V A Conspiración Progresso Halcyon Veil 2016
19 Rabit INTRO BOOSIE VS AFX The Dope show-[Mixtape] Halcyon Veil 2019
20 Rubin Steiner Pink Wave Vive l'électricité de la pensée humaine Platinum 2016
21 Magnetic Ensemble Teaser 2019

22 Bambounou Brim Full Of Feelings EP 50Weapons 2015
23 Bambounou Ignition Ignition / Take It Out On Me 50Weapons 2013
24 Bambounou See you soon See You Soon / Popular Religions 50Weapons 2015
25 Laurent Garnier D.S.K (Bambounou ft French Fries Remix) La Home Box F Communications 2015
26 Bambounou Challenger Orbitinng 50Weapons 2012
27 Bambounou Fire woman Centrum 50Weapons 2015
28 Bambounou Vvvvv Parametr Perkusja Ep Disk 2018
29 Xosar Fantasmagoria The Possessor Possesses Nothing Bedouin 2019
30 Ghostride The Drift Untitled Ghostride The Drift xpq? 2019

Ozric Tentacles Strangeitude Strangeitude Dovetail 1991 satellite+204+friek recorder

Aphrodite's Child Seven Bowls 666 Vertigo 1972 satellite+204+friek recorder

Igor Wakhevitch In The Nagual's time Nagual (Les Ailes De La Perception) EMI 1977 satellite+204+friek recorder

Delia Derbyshire And Barry Bermange Colour Dreams Unreleased 1964 satellite+204+friek recorder

Emerald Web Voices Of The Sage The Stargate Tapes B-Music 2013 satellite+204+friek recorder

Orlando Kimber Potala Temple East Meets West Bruton 1984 satellite+204+friek recorder

William Orbit Silent Signals Strange Cargo I.R.S. 1987 satellite+204+friek recorder

The Future Sound Of London Magnify Within The Thought Ramblings Vol. 2 2018 satellite+204+friek recorder

Ozric Tentacles Agog In The Ether Pungent Effulgent Demi Monde 1989 satellite+204+friek recorder

Brian Eno & Robert Fripp Terebellum The Equatorial Stars Discipline Global Mobile 2004 satellite+204+friek recorder

The Orb Back Side Of The Moon The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld WAU! Mr. Modo 1991 satellite+204+friek recorder

Paul Williams The Sirens Aquarius Parry Music Ltd 1987 satellite+204+friek recorder

Paul Williams Floating Voices Aquarius Parry Music Ltd 1987 satellite+204+friek recorder

Serge Bulot Sanctuaire d'Eole Sanctuaire D'Éole PSI 1980 satellite+204+friek recorder

Steve Hillage Garden Of Paradise Rainbow Dome Musick Virgin 1979 satellite+204+friek recorder

Analog~1 Reduced Untitled MCMLXV 2005 satellite+204+friek recorder

Chris Carter Ars Vetus CCCL Volume One Mute 2018 satellite+204+friek recorder
Atmosphere #795 17/03/19 T(+S)

1 Super Flu 1 Lord Extra EP Mule Musiq 2019
2 Agoria You're not Alone (Solomun remix) You're not Alone EP Sapiens 2019
3 Nihiloxica Baksimba Biiri EP Nyege Nyege Tapes 2019
4 Umwelt Breakaway Ecopoiesis EP Voitax 2019
5 VC-118A Glow Inside Delsin 2019
6 Terron N° 3 proportion Whities 001 Whities 2014 focus+label+whities
7 Avalon Emerson The Frontier Whities 006 Whities 2016 focus+label+whities
8 Minor Science Another Moon Whities 008 Whities 2016 focus+label+whities
9 Giant Swan Pax Britannica Whities 016 Whities 2018 focus+label+whities
10 Lanark Artefax Flickering Debris Whities 011 Whities 2017 focus+label+whities
11 Coby Sey Active (peak) Whities 010 Whities 2017 focus+label+whities
12 Reckonwrong Getting warmer (hot mix) Whities 009 Whities 2016 focus+label+whities
13 Nathan Micay Beginning ballads Whities 017 Whities 2018 focus+label+whities
14 Jaures Whities Dub Whities Dub 05 Whities 2018 focus+label+whities
15 Msylma Min Bab AlKamal-i w AlDawam Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al-Zaqum Halcyon Veil 2019
16 Amrint Keen Transient Loss of Response Transient Loss of Response EP Uncanny Valley 2019
17 Rian Treanor D1 Ataxia Planet Mu 2019
18 Legowelt Telepathic Civilization Legowelt / Robert Bergman 'Telepathic Civilization Volg de Vink EP' BAKK 2013 focus+label+bakk
19 Bronze Teeth Accidental Myiasis Mayonaise EP BAKK 2016 focus+label+bakk
20 Haron Marimbaman Legowelt, SFV acid, Haron 'Plafond 1 EP' BAKK 2016 focus+label+bakk
21 Antenna Zand Alesis EP BAKK 2017 focus+label+bakk
22 Jeremiah R. Syncronization of the Soul Cosmic Cycles EP BAKK 2016 focus+label+bakk
23 SFV Acid Wenegelam DOep & Jazzchamber BAKK 2016 focus+label+bakk
24 Noord Halle 8r Care (Haron Snowflake Mix Jefre EP BAKK 2018 focus+label+bakk
25 Matmos Interior with billiard balls & sy Plastic anniversary Thrill Jockey 2019
26 96 back Tripp'd isle Excitable, girl Central Processing Unit 2019
27 Laurence Guy Missing In Reaction Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem Studio Barnhus 2019

satellite+rediffusion+gilles ivain
Atmosphere #794 10/03/2019 T(+S)

1 Planetary Assault Systems Twelve (Len Faki hardspace mix) LF RMX 013 EP LF RMX 2019
2 Floorplan Never grow old (Mark Broom dubplate mix) Floorplan v Mark Broom EP Epm Music 2019
3 1800HaightStreet Ankh Age EP Lobster Theremin 2019
4 Machine Woman Carin & Dean When a machine cries, you get petrol Take Away Jazz 2019
5 Efdemin Black Sun New Atlantis Ostgut Ton 2019
6 Grebenstein & Seefried Arab Icon Raging Tender EP Downwards 2019
7 Angel-Ho Muse To You Death becomes her Hyperdub 2019
8 Jay Glass Dubs Reckless Epitaph Bokeh Versions 2019 focus+jay glass dubs
9 Jay Glass Dubs The Warmest Dub The Safest Dub Berceuse Heroique 2018 focus+jay glass dubs
10 Jay Glass Dubs Compound Dub New Teeth For An Old Country Bokeh Versions 2016 focus+jay glass dubs
11 Jay Glass Dubs Side b Glacial Dancehall Bokeh Versions 2016 focus+jay glass dubs
12 Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs No Famous Actors YMFEES Bokeh Versions 2018 focus+jay glass dubs
13 Jay Glass Dubs Depression Dub Jay Glass Dubs Hylé Tapes 2015 focus+jay glass dubs
14 Jay Glass Dubs TV Do Dub Jay Glass Dubs Vs Guerilla Toss Bokeh Versions 2017 focus+jay glass dubs
15 Bass Clef Celescalating Celescalating The Trilogy Tapes 2018 soldes 2018
16 Derek Carr City limits Contact Subwax Excursions 2018 soldes 2018
17 Hooverian Blur Energy Energy Varvet009 EP Varvet 2018 soldes 2018
18 The Wheel Of Rituals Circle of Trust The Wheel Of Rituals Viewlexx 2018 soldes 2018
19 BinarySystem01 Space Probes Quantum Theory EP Undersound 2018 soldes 2018
20 Mor Elian Persona non grata Persona non grata EP Hypercolour 2018 soldes 2018
21 Caron Reflection Haunted memory Brokntoys 2018 soldes 2018
22 DJ Bone FreeStyle A Piece Of Beyond Subject Detroit 2018 soldes 2018
23 Dolo Percussion Dolo 11 Dolo 3 EP The Trilogy Tapes 2018 soldes 2018
24 Cristian Vogel Every Which Way Cristian Vogel & Mikhail Panchenko 'Proton EP' Protokultura 2018 soldes 2018
25 Memorial Home Somewhere Somewhere EP Rapid Eye Movement 2018 soldes 2018
26 Nazar Enclave Enclave EP Hyperdub 2018 soldes 2018
27 Basic Rhythm Dough boy Dough boy Can't you see EP Arcola 2018 soldes 2018
28 Valentino Mora Yant suea Transmagnetic EP Spazio Disponibile 2018 soldes 2018
29 Palta & Ti På Hovedet I Seng Palta Og Ti På Den Tolvte Ø EP 12th Isle 2018 soldes 2018
30 Lamellen Pippo Denemarken Monty Roberts Dekmantel 2019

Polysick Taito

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Ayshay Jemsheed

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Polysick Preda

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Fatima Al Qadiri D-Medley

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Konx-Om-Pax Pillars Of Creation (Remix)

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Konx-Om-Pax At Home With Mum & Dad

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Konx-Om-Pax Isotonic Pool

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

The Away Team* Caravan

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Polysick Gondwana

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Henny Moan Insistent Pounding Of The Black Sun

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Polysick Halla

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

The Host (2) Hidden Ontology

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Konx-Om-Pax Twin Portal Redux

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Konx-Om-Pax Lets Go Swimming

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Falty DL* Ahead The Ship Sleeps

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Polysick Congas

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Henny Moan The Coming Thaw

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Ceephax* Zombie Love Bebetunes Maccau Celebrities

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Konx-Om-Pax Lagoon Leisure

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Polysick Transpelagic

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

The Host 3am Surfing

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Polysick Drowse Heterotic Smear

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

The Host Angel Fire

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

The Host Internet Archaeology

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Remix)

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Somfay* Nightfall

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Massacooramaan Wijd

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Bebetunes* Pepsi Baby

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Kuedo Whisper Fate

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas

Kuedo Untitled

satellite+203+from+mike paradinas
Atmosphere #793 03/03/2019 (S+T)

1 Modeselektor Prügelknabe Who Else Monkeytown 2019
2 ASOK Better Dead than Alien Better Dead Than Alien EP M>O>S Recordings 2019
3 Al Wootton Selah Selah EP Trule 2019
4 Jordan GCZ Yellow jackets descend Pinball Lizard EP Rush Hour Music 2019
5 Nuel The Motivator Song The Gentle EP Midgar 2019
6 Jeff Mills Berlin Waveform Transmission Vol. 1 Tresor 1992 focus+label+tresor+part1
7 Bam Bam Love, Peace & Harmony The Strong Survive Tresor 1996 focus+label+tresor+part1
8 Pacou Reel Techno Reel Techno EP Tresor 1996 focus+label+tresor+part1
9 Blake Baxter Ghost Dream Sequence Tresor 1991 focus+label+tresor+part1
10 Eddie Flashin Fowlkes* & 3MB Famous last Words 3MB Featuring Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes Tresor 1992 focus+label+tresor+part1
11 Gagarin Kongress Astralleib Astralleib EP Tresor 1995 focus+label+tresor+part1
12 Sterac Spector Untitled EP Tresor 2000 focus+label+tresor+part1
13 Surgeon First Basictonalvocabulary Tresor 1997 focus+label+tresor+part1
14 Scan 7 Black Wall Resurfaced Tresor 1999 focus+label+tresor+part1
15 3 Phase feat Dr Motte Der Klang Der Familie Der klang der familie EP Tresor 1992 focus+label+tresor+part1
16 X-103 (Robert Hood+Jeff Mills) Hagia triada Atlantis Tresor 1993 focus+label+tresor+part1
17 Robert Hood Minus Internal empire Tresor 1994 focus+label+tresor+part1
18 James Ruskin Version Point 2 Tresor 2000 focus+label+tresor+part1
19 Karl O'Connor & Peter Sutton Let them bleed Againstnature Tresor 2000 focus+label+tresor+part1
20 Joey Beltram Ball Park Ball park EP Tresor 1998 focus+label+tresor+part1
21 The Advent Sketched For Life (Salsa Mix) Sound sketchez#2 EP Tresor 1999 focus+label+tresor+part1
22 Drexciya Triangular hydrogen strain Neptunes lair Tresor 1999 focus+label+tresor+part1
23 Tobias Schmidt Cosmetic Pollution The black arts EP Tresor 1997 focus+label+tresor+part1
24 Cristian Vogel General Arrepientase General Arrepientase EP Tresor 1999 focus+label+tresor+part1
25 Neil Landstrumm Monaco Grand Prix - The Wash Out Bedrooms And Cities Tresor 1997 focus+label+tresor+part1
26 Piers Headley (Extract) Music for toilets Tresor 1993 focus+label+tresor+part1
27 Diskordia Mala Mazza Mala mazza EP Tresor 1999 focus+label+tresor+part1
28 Walton Bullet #2 Inside EP Tectonic 2019
29 Cosey Fanni Tutti Tutti Tutti Conspiracy International 2019
30 Bambounou Seize sept Whities 021 EP Whities 2019
31 King Midas Sound Her Body Solitude Cosmo Rhythmatic 2019

Jigga Hyikyoumu iliiiilii Bedouin 2019 satellite+anagramme

King Midas Sound You disappear Solitude Cosmo Rhythmatic 2019 satellite+anagramme

Submersion & Mon0 passage of silence Unison einklang Silent Season 2018 satellite+anagramme

Eartheater Inhale baby IRISIRI Pan 2018 satellite+anagramme

Last Train To Brooklyn Bluebird V/a Pop Ambient 2019 Kompakt 2018 satellite+anagramme

James Holden Self-playing schmaltz A Cambodian Spring OST Border Community 2019 satellite+anagramme

Pye Corner Audio Surfacing Hollow Earth Ghost Box 2019 satellite+anagramme

The Doubtful Guest Open_sea Voyage to Blacklantis EP Arcola 2019 satellite+anagramme

Substance Distance Rise & Shine EP Ostgut Ton 2019 satellite+anagramme

Simon Scott Apricity Soundings Touch 2019 satellite+anagramme

Murlo Ferment Dolos Coil Rercords 2019 satellite+anagramme

Decha La nena Hielo Boca Malka Tuti 2019 satellite+anagramme

Atmosphere #792 24/02/2019 S+T

1 Alan Fitzpatrick All Hope Fades 11:11 The Awakening We Are The Brave 2019
2 Evan Michael Granite Cradle I C U / Granite Cradle EP Cin Cin 2019
3 Passarani Innowave W.o.w. Offen Music 2019
4 Maghreban, The Effendi Islands EP Zoot 2019
5 Omar-S One of a Kind One of a Kind EP FXHE 2018
6 Ultradyne Suicide relay Ocular animus EP Pi Gao Movement 2018
7 Gary Numan Random The Pleasure Principle Beggars Banquet 1979 flashback+1979
8 Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight Rapper's Delight Sugarhill Gang 1979 flashback+1979
9 Cabaret Voltaire Nag nag nag Nag nag nag EP Rough Trade 1979 flashback+1979
10 Player Space Invaders Space Invaders WEA 1979 flashback+1979
11 The Androids Connection Disconnection Disco Dream And The Androids Wake Up 1979 flashback+1979
12 Rockets Electric Delight Plasteroid Rockland 1979 flashback+1979
13 Gino Soccio The Visitors Outline Celebration 1979 flashback+1979
14 John Foxx Metal beat A new kind of man EP Virgin 1979 flashback+1979
15 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Untitled 12 Produkt der Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Warning 1979 flashback+1979
16 Polyphonic Size Plage privée Algorhythmic EP Sandwich 1979 flashback+1979
17 Tod Dockstader Signal powerdown Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television Electronic Boosey and Hawkes 1979 flashback+1979
18 Roedelius Girlande Selbstportrait Sky 1979 flashback+1979
19 Plaza Too Hot For Dancing Plaza EMI / Sidewalk 1979 flashback+1979
20 Azoto Exalt-Exalt Disco Fizz Vedette 1979 flashback+1979
21 Easy Going Fear Fear Banana 1979 flashback+1979
22 Throbbing Gristle Hot on the heels of love 20 jazz funk greats Industrial 1979 flashback+1979
23 Human League Empire State Human Reproduction Virgin 1979 flashback+1979
24 Bernard Parmegiani Dedans-Dehors Inside-Outside [1979] Dedans-Dehors INA-GRM 1979 flashback+1979
25 Jodey Kendrick Sister Ruth Iii Electric Dance Music 1 Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) 2019
26 Code Walk Red Distance EP Peder Mannerfelt 2019
27 Anastasia Kristensen Ascetic Ascetic EP Arcola 2019

DeepChord Presents Echospace Spatialdimension (Intrusion narcotic intake) Spatialdimension echospace [detroit] 2009 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Driftmachine Réveil des oiseaux Nocturnes Umor Rex 2014 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Lars Leonhard Deep layer Deep Venture Lars Leonhard Self-released 2015 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Ethernet Before a storm remix Into The Woods - The Remixes Tamarack 2012 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Krill.Minima The escargots dream Nautica Native State 2007 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Desolate Astral ambient Lunar Glyphs Fauxpas Musik 2017 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Marco Shuttle Eris Systhema Spazio Disponibile 2017 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Coppice halifax Sunken tape Pawleys Island Milieu 2011 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

DeepChord Presents Echospace Spatialdimension (vibrational pulsation) Spatialdimension echospace [detroit] 2009 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Die nachtstunde Different heights Dreifarbenwelt Entropy 2013 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Segue Pushing forward Pacifica Silent Season 2013 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

JPLD & O-Ma Duhkha ŌTM3 - Esana Ōtium 2017 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Zander one Cosmic chasm Inner Horizon Recycled Plastics 2014 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld Ryuhyo Himuro Glacial Movements 2017 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Adverb Sea breath Echolocations Dewtone 2013 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

DJ Metatron As I get insane 2 The Sky Giegling 2016 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Pjusk Kram Tele Glacial Movements 2012 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Dublicator Perpendicular networks Chord Center 2008 satellite+Arnaud Stradamus+102

Atmosphere #791 17/02/19 (S+)T

1 Edit Select Vault 2016 Vault Series Planet Rhythm Records 2019

2 TML Tensor Tensor EP Hotflush 2019

3 Hieroglyphic Being and the Truth Theory Trio AUM 6 Journey Through The Outer Darkness From The Inner Light HVNX 2018

4 Antoni Maiovvi One Million Dollars The Ken Russell EP OMNIDISC 2018

5 Pye Corner Audio Buried Memories Hollow Earth Ghost Box 2019

6 Lowtec Interna Light Surfing Avenue 66 2019

7 cv313 Belle Isle Symphonics Glass City Sessions minimood 2019

8 Edo 8 Micropacer 1 Untitled EP Marguerita 2002 focus+label+marguerita-030303
9 Proskool Last 10-4 Hit & run Marguerita 2001 focus+label+marguerita-030303
10 Cosmic Force Bass drum kix Live in Detroit Marguerita 2006 focus+label+marguerita-030303
11 Doubledutch Plan of action Untitled EP Marguerita 2002 focus+label+marguerita-030303
12 Manasyt Astroplain V/A Telex Magick Marguerita 2013 focus+label+marguerita-030303
13 Mike Dred Phelix V/A 030303 part 1 Marguerita 2006 focus+label+marguerita-030303
14 Ill fre2k on you Vizionz V/A 030303 #5 Marguerita 2008 focus+label+marguerita-030303
15 Cane Eaz 030303 part 4 EP Marguerita 2007 focus+label+marguerita-030303 aka Funckarma
16 Mully Old skool walter V/A 030303 part 3 Marguerita 2007 focus+label+marguerita-030303
17 Red Axes The Tower Bela EP Klasse Recordings 2011 focus+artists+red axes
18 Red Axes Tour de chile Tour De Chile - EP I'm a Cliché 2012 focus+artists+red axes
19 Red Axes Avalon Caminho De Dreyfus EP Correspondant 2016 focus+artists+red axes
20 Red Axes Waiting for a surprise (feat abrao) Waiting For A Surprise EP Multi Culti 2015 focus+artists+red axes
21 Red Axes Sun My Sweet Sun Sun My Sweet Sun EP Permanent Vacation 2016 focus+artists+red axes
22 Red Axes Kalacol Kalacol Life & Death 2017 focus+artists+red axes
23 Red Axes 5 min (feat car) Nyx Tape EP Dark Entries 2017 focus+artists+red axes
24 Red Axes Piper Work feat. Abrão The Beach Goths Garzen 2017 focus+artists+red axes
25 Ardisson 5 minutes to get straight V/A 030303 Various I 030303 2009 focus+label+marguerita-030303
26 Rolando Simmons Marriage acid Rolando Simmons EP 030303 2014 focus+label+marguerita-030303
27 Ceephax Acid Crew Nigel ringtone The Unstoppable Phax Machine EP 030303 2011 focus+label+marguerita-030303
28 Jared Wilson Morning Acid V/A 030303 Various II 030303 2013 focus+label+marguerita-030303
29 Vedelius Musiphon Vedelius EP 030303 2018 focus+label+marguerita-030303
30 Roger van Lunteren Hills, I Want You The Hills EP 030303 2015 focus+label+marguerita-030303
31 Retape Signals On The Double Signals On The Double EP 030303 2014 focus+label+marguerita-030303
32 Retape HRMD4 Modular 5 EP Retape self-released 2018

33 Retape Mysteron 2 Modular 4 EP Retape self-released 2018

34 Jigga Huemu iliiiilii Bedouin 2019

35 James Holden The Villagers A Cambodian Spring OST Border Community 2019

36 Penelope Trappes Carry me Penelope Two Houndstooth 2018


Atmosphere #790 10/02/19 S+T

1 Juan Atkins Flash Flood Dimensions EP Life's Good ‎ 2018
2 Tracey Metamomorphosis Metamomorphosis Aus Music 2019
3 Acronym and Kali Malone A sunspot The Torrid Eye EP Stilla Ton 2019
4 Molly Where It Never Ends Waves EP Giegling 2018
5 µ-Ziq BLT V/A Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 1 Furthur Electronix 2018
6 Acronym Burgundy soul Burgundy EP Stilla Ton 2018 tapis
7 Lee Gamble Gluss Rapp 80mm O!I!O (Part 1) Entr'acte 2006 focus+artist+lee gamble
8 Lee Gamble M 25 echo Diversions 1994-1996 Pan 2012 focus+artist+lee gamble
9 Lee Gamble Plos 97s Dutch Tvashar Plumes Pan 2012 focus+artist+lee gamble
10 Lee Gamble UE8 Mnestic Pressure Hyperdub 2017 focus+artist+lee gamble
11 Lee Gamble Chant In A Paraventral Scale EP Hyperdub 2019 focus+artist+lee gamble
12 Lee Gamble Frame Drag KOCH Pan 2014 focus+artist+lee gamble
13 Lee Gamble Motor System (Extension) B23 Steelhouse Motor System (Extension) PAN 2015 focus+artist+lee gamble
14 Lee Gamble cdga001.1 to 5.1 Lee Gamble Yutaka Makino 'EP' Entr'acte 2010 focus+artist+lee gamble
15 Chevel Watery Drumming (Lee Gamble Remix) Blurse Remixed EP Stroboscopic Artefacts 2015 focus+artist+lee gamble+tapis
16 Nkisi V 7 Directions UIQ 2019 focus+artist+uiq
17 Sim Hutchins Nescience Is Not Ignorance Vantablank Stare EP UIQ 2017 focus+artist+uiq
18 N1L Wrong Headspace Wrong Headspace EP UIQ 2015 focus+artist+uiq
19 Rkss construction kits . We assure you that this pack will be one of the most usefull if you work in such styles as bigroom house, mainroom DJ Tools UIQ 2018 focus+artist+uiq
20 Lanark Artefax Phasze Glasz EP UIQ 2016 focus+artist+uiq
21 Zuli Akhtuboot (feat. Abyusif) Terminal UIQ 2018 focus+artist+uiq
22 Renick Bell Surface Waters Flow Together Empty Lake EP UIQ 2016
23 Optik Illusion V/A Welcome To Paradise Vol. III: Italian Dream House 90-94 Safe Trip 2018
24 Red Axes Kookoo Papa Sound Test EP Phantasy Sound 2019
25 Betonkust & Palmbomen II Working in the Attic Parallel B EP Dekmantel 2019
26 Pavel Milyakov Moscow Ambience La Maison De La Mort Berceuse Heroique 2019

François-Bernard Mâche Kassandra (Excerpt)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Jean-Claude Risset Mutations (Excerpt)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Patricia (50) Untitled (Dub)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

MCMXC (2) Untitled (Dub)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

STL Loop (Locked Groove) (Edit)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Population One Return Of The Speaker People

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Rawmance Nlpforeva

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Process Shape Mod

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Zennor Untitled

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Beau Wanza* 23132 (Edit)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

No Artist Jet Taking Off

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

No Artist Collapsing Mine Shaft

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Lee Gamble Head Model

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Juno Soul Thunder (Drillers Mix)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Code 6 Quad 1

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Bochum Welt Radiopropulsive

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Florian Hecker* 2/8 Bregman 4/8 Deutsch 7/8 Hecker 1/8 Höller

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Beneath (3) Fuck Ya'll (Dub)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Batu (4) Reez (Dub)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

SD Laika Peaked

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

ENA (2) Behind The Loops

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Autechre Liccflii

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Russell Haswell Blast Beats (Edit)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Mark Pritchard Manabadman (Instrumental)

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

No Artist Firecrackers

satellite+200+from+lee gamble

Atmosphere #789 03/02/19 S(+T)

1 Rolando Simmons Haze on the lake Summer Diary One EP Analogical Force 2019

2 Low Tape Technovia Road Valley EP X-Kalay 2019

3 Shxcxchcxsh Drow Word EP Mord 2019

4 Mira Calix Bite me Utopia Warp 2019

5 Vatican Shadow Hellfire hidden tribes Opium Crop Airstrikes EP Hospital 2019

6 Emmanuel Radice Radice / Logic Instance EP Arts 2013 focus+label+Arts
7 Parallx Caged birds Lost in Time EP Arts 2017 focus+label+Arts
8 Cleric Equinox Equinox EP Arts 2014 focus+label+Arts
9 Thomas Schumacher When i Rock (Emmanuel remix) When i Rock EP Arts 2018 focus+label+Arts
10 Kitkatone Liimo Saaret EP Arts 2015 focus+label+Arts
11 Asmar Sigil Gallery EP Arts 2018 focus+label+Arts
12 Denise Rabe Sunday Blues (Rrose Remix) Penumbra EP Arts collective 2015 focus+label+Arts also V/a Best Of Arts Vol 1 / Arts / 2017
13 Tension Out Untitled EP Arts 2018 focus+label+Arts
14 Sabiwa Xin de shijian Sabiwa [=Reincarnation] Chinabot 2018

15 NKISI III 7 Directions UIQ 2019

16 Zuli SW Keys V/A Mumdance - Shared Meanings-[DJ Mix] Shared Meanings 2018

17 Zoltan Solomon Jerky V A Dub masters series EP Arts Transparent 2016 focus+label+Arts
18 Emmanuel Lvanda (Terrence Dixon & Population One Remix) E1000 EP Arts Digital Series 2017 focus+label+Arts
19 Fabrizio Lapiana Shoegazing II Shoegazing EP Arts Collective 2018 focus+label+Arts
20 Hironori Takahashi Gaizar Silent dimension EP Arts Transparent 2016 focus+label+Arts
21 Emmanuel Simmetria Rave Culture Artscore 2017 focus+label+Arts
22 Judas III Revulsion EP Arts LTD 2017 focus+label+Arts
23 Rommek View 100 Versions 1 view, 100 versions EP Arts digital series 2014 focus+label+Arts
24 Osse Experiment III Experiments EP Arts digital series 2016 focus+label+Arts
25 Traumer Cold Water Cold Water EP Arts Transparent 2015 focus+label+Arts
26 Afrikan Sciences Photon Wiz Photon wizard Afrikan Sciences self-released 2018

27 The Mover Track 1 (388-(3)) V/A TRIP ADE 2018 PT3 трип 2018

28 Maayan Nidam News From East Sea Of Thee Perlon 2018

Motoko & Myers Glochid Tuft Basis Key Open Hand Real Flames 2018 satellite+199+samotham

NHK yx Koyxen, Masayuki Imanishi Texture Foggy #02 Self Split EP Diagonal 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus Chat Two Chat EP West Mineral 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Acre External Hollow Body Opal Tapes 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Rrose Pecking Order Beware of shells EP Eaux 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Varg xxxxx (ft Jesse Osborne-Lanthier) xxxx xxx xxxxx Varg Self-released 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Killawatt Glacia Systemic 47016 EP 47-016 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Best Available Technology Tranquatic Slakes Enginetics & Plasmalterations 12th Isle 2018 satellite+199+samotham

North Sea Dialect Gloup Local Guide Numbers. 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, James Rushford Face Face Time Black Truffle 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Abul Mogard Over My Head Above All Dreams Ecstatic 2018 satellite+199+samotham

North Sea Dialect Sloven Voe Local Guide Numbers. 2018 satellite+199+samotham

Atmosphere #788 27/01/19 S(+T)

1 Layton Giordani Enter The Stratosphere Phase II EP Drumcode 2018
2 Julian Jeweil Astral Transmission Drumcode 2019
3 Silent Servant Damage Shadows Of Death And Desire Hospital productions 2019
4 Substance Countdown Rise & Shine EP Ostgut Ton 2019
5 Hodhe Exomorph Exogenesis EP Berceuse Heroique 2018
6 David Talcott Loop Number 3 V/A Highlights of vortex Folkways 1959 flashback+1959
7 Raymond Scott Cindy Electronium [1959] Manhattan Research Inc. Basta 2000 flashback+1959
8 Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan Vibration The Fascinating World of Electronic Music Philips 1959 flashback+1959
9 Jay Glass Dubs Evil Empire Epitaph Bokeh Versions 2019
10 Eartheater Trespasses IRISIRI Pan 2018
11 Erothyme Skye priestes Along The Arc Bandcamp 2019
12 Mort Garson Three-Five-Zero-Zero Electronic Hair Pieces A&M Records 1969 flashback+1969
13 Dick Hyman Give It Up Or Turn It Loose The Age Of Electronicus Command 1969 flashback+1969
14 George Harrison No Time or Space Electronic Sound Apple 1969 flashback+1969
15 Erkki Kurenniemi Improvisaatio [1969] Äänityksiä recordings 1963-1973 Love 2002 flashback+1969
16 Eliane Radigue Stress-Osaka [june 1969] Feedback works Alga Marghen 2012 flashback+1969
17 Cecil Leuter Pop Electronique No. 10 Pop Electronique Neuilly 1969 flashback+1969
18 Charles Wuorinen Electronic work for processed synthesized sounds - Part I Time's encomium Nonesuch 1969 flashback+1969
19 Philip Glass Music In Similar Motion [1969] Music In Similar Motion Chatham Square Productions 1973 flashback+1969
20 Jean-Claude Risset Mutations [1969] Sud-dialogues-inharmonique-mutations INA-GRM 1987 flashback+1969
21 The Spoils Of War E-Thing The Spoils Of War Not On Label 1969 flashback+1969
22 Technical Space Composer's Crew Ho-Mai-Nhi (The Boat Woman Song) Canaxis 5 Music Factory 1969 flashback+1969
23 Gerd Easin' In The S-System (Unreleased Demo Mix) Easin' In The S-System EP Frame of Mind 2019
24 Cv313 Belle Isle Symphonics Glass City Sessions Minimood 2019
25 Golden Bug & In Fields Cracks Bones EP Les Disques de la Mort 2019

Blackfilm Vegas Zero One Seven Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

Prairie Raindeaf After The Flash Flood Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

Sankt Otten Das endgültige scheitern der melancholie Zwischen Demut Und Disco Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

The Dale Cooper Quartet Ignescence black-bass recule Quatorze Pièces De Menace Denovali 2013 satellite+jullaie

Waelder Loss Non Places Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

The eye of time Foldings MYTH II: A Need To Survive Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

Terminal sound system Verses The Endless Sea Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

Bersarin Quartett Sanft Verblassen die geschichten III Denovali 2015 satellite+jullaie

Nanook of the north Arfernat Nanook of the north Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie

Subheim Away Approach Tympanik Audio 2008 satellite+jullaie

Ensemble économique I see you (Three Crosses), Pt.2 Radiate Through You Denovali 2018 satellite+jullaie
Atmosphere #787 20/01/2019 T+Bernard Mouchon/TAP+Lauphi/Confort Moderne

1 Attraktta Distance in Ultrablue Echo Principle Film 2018
2 Attraktta Find replace again Massive irretrievable data loss Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 2018
3 Torn Hawk Crows Everywhere Time Is A Scam L.I.E.S. 2018 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne (tapis)
4 Marc Melià Arpeggios #5 Music For Prophet Les Disques du Festival Permanent 2017 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne
5 Pearson Sound Freeze Freeze / Thaw cycle EP Pearson Sound 2015 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne extrait de Josey Rebelle Boiler Room New Delhi DJ Set 2017
6 Detroit's Filthiest I’m a pro Ghetto Style DJ EP Moveltraxx 2018 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne extrait de Fatal Walima LOW HEAT PARIS DJ Set 2018
7 Shlømo Minotia Mercurial skin Taapion-tpnlp001 2018 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne
8 Simo Cell Uranium 5 Party Mix Brothers From Different Mothers 2018 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne
9 Low Jack Imaginary Boogie Imaginary Boogie The Trilogy Tapes 2015 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne
10 Itrema La Meute La nuit était tombée Itrema Self-released 2019 interview+WEE+2019+TAP+Confort Moderne
11 Kokoko! Azo Toke Azo Toke EP Kokoko! self-released 2018 interview+Confort Moderne
12 In Aeternam Vale Circles 2,3,7,8 Khemia 2018 interview+Confort Moderne
13 Fjaak Take your life (feat. Koogan) Havel Fjaak 2018 interview+Confort Moderne
14 O V R (=James Ruskin & Karl O'Connor) The World Remade The World Remade EP Downwards 2018
15 Ruskin and Broom Domwen Domwen EP Blue Print 2018
16 RS Produções Hino RS Bagdad Style EP Príncipe 2018
17 Carl Finlow Chronos Boolean EP Craigie Knowes 2018
18 Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code Kinematics Kinematics EP Central Processing Unit 2018
19 Hermetics Axis Mundi Techgnosis EP R & S 2018

Atmosphere #786 13/01/2019 S+T

1 Marla Singer Chronics Chronics EP Micro.fon 2018
2 Antigone It Follows Rising Token 2018
3 Nina Kraviz, Snazzy U Ludei Est Pravo! V/A Happy new year! we wish you happiness! трип 2018
4 Repro Det Går Dårligt V/A Kulør 001 Kulør 2018
5 ERP Overcast Afterimage Forgotten Future 2018
6 Ploy Move Yourself Sala One Five EP Hessle Audio 2016 focus+label+hessle audio
7 Pangaea Bone Sucka Bone Sucka / Proxy EP Hessle Audio 2018 focus+label+hessle audio
8 Blawan Fram Fram / Iddy EP Hessle Audio 2010 focus+label+hessle audio
9 Batu Nosema Marius EP Hessle Audio 2017 focus+label+hessle audio
10 Untold I Can't Stop This Feeling I Can't Stop This Feeling EP Hessle Audio 2009 focus+label+hessle audio
11 TRG Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix) TRG Remixes Hessle Audio 2008 focus+label+hessle audio
12 Bruce Steals Steals EP Hessle Audio 2016 focus+label+hessle audio
13 Joe Slope Slope EP Hessle Audio 2013 focus+label+hessle audio
14 Beatrice Dillon & Call Super Inkjet Inkjet / Fluo EP Hessle Audio 2017 focus+label+hessle audio
15 Pearson Sound Starburst Starburst EP Hessle Audio 2013 focus+label+hessle audio
16 Ramadanman Dont change for me-cmc VA Hessle Audio - 116 And Rising Hessle Audio 2011 focus+label+hessle audio
17 Objekt Porcupine Cactus EP Hessle Audio 2012 focus+label+hessle audio
18 Pangaea More is more to burn In Drum Play Hessle Audio 2016 focus+label+hessle audio
19 Bandshell Dust March Dust March EP Hessle Audio 2012 focus+label+hessle audio
20 Deepbass The Invisible Landscape Contact With The Machine Informa 2018
21 Convextion Venus In Spurs R-CNVX1 a.r.t.less 2018
22 Raime In Medias Res We Can't Be That Far from the Beginning EP RR 2018
23 Shadowax A & B (Pyanstvu Boys Cover) A & B EP RASSVET 2018
LOFT Filton (Disocciative edit) ell oh eff tea too oh won ate LOFT self-released 2019 satellite+objekt+from
SW. Untitled B1 The album Apollo 2017 satellite+objekt+from
Shinichi Atobe World 5 World DDS 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Der Zyklus Eigenface (Facial Asymetry) Biometry Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) 2004 satellite+objekt+from
Population One Lost In Space (Remixed) Hippnotic Culture Utensil 1995 satellite+objekt+from
Don't DJ Gammellan Gammellan Berceuse Heroique 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Thomas Brinkmann LAS A 1000 Keys Editions Mego 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Simon Haydo Out The Illusion of an Alternative Choice Peder Mannerfelt 2018 satellite+objekt+from
Thomas Brinkmann NRT A 1000 Keys Editions Mego 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Crossing Avenue Lyra Avantieri EP Spazio Disponibile 2018 satellite+objekt+from
QGB You Can Steer Yourself Any Direction You Choose Hornets Present Tense 2018 satellite+objekt+from
PG Sounds Track Three Sued 20 EP Sued 2018 satellite+objekt+from
Refracted Depth Charge Social Sculpture BleeD 2018 satellite+objekt+from
ø [Phase] Spacialize Alone In Time? Token 2015 satellite+objekt+from
Andres Zacco Drum In Unseen Ilian Tape 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Sunareht Super Suna Odyssey Sagas EP Paradoxe Club 2018 satellite+objekt+from
Peder Mannerfelt Breaking Pattern Equality Now Numbers. 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Terrence Dixon Self Portrait Giant Robot EP Monique Musique 2013 satellite+objekt+from
Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound B2 Sessions 03 EP Sessions 2017 satellite+objekt+from
Jeff Mills No Trace Untitled Something In The Sky 2010 satellite+objekt+from
Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Yek 128-12 Yek Nonplace 2017 satellite+objekt+from
K. Leimer Ikumi Installation View Palace Of Lights 1983 satellite+objekt+from
Jules Venturini Trace of Smoke Whities 014 Whities 2017 satellite+objekt+from
ø [Phase] Mo-del Alone In Time? Token 2015 satellite+objekt+from
Jung An Tagen 23:08 THIS WAS THE LAST MESSAGE Agent Im Objekt Editions Mego 2018 satellite+objekt+from
Quirke Scratched Glue ??? ??? ??? satellite+objekt+from
Stanislav Tolkachev Scar When You Are Not At Home Mord 2016 satellite+objekt+from
Surgeon Radiance Breaking The Frame Dynamic Tension 2011 satellite+objekt+from
Umfang Symbolic Use of Light Symbolic Use Of Light Technicolour 2017 satellite+objekt+from
Karen Gwyer Why Is There a Long Line in Front of the Factory 03/04/18 Not On Label 2018 satellite+objekt+from
Barker Cascade Effect Debiasing Ostgut Ton 2018 satellite+objekt+from
Ekoplekz Quakers Road Skank Reflekzionz Planet Mu 2015 satellite+objekt+from

Atmosphere #785 23/12/2018 S+T Bilan 2018

1 Altstadt Echo Across The Field 1954 EP Modern Cathedrals 2018 bilan+2018
2 Tim Tama The Wars Of The Roses A Taste Of The Heart EP Arts Collective 2018 bilan+2018
3 Voiski Megatrance 2 Sick Parrots Super 95 2018 bilan+2018
4 Globex Untitled Inversia 2 EP Acting Press ‎ 2018 bilan+2018
5 Madben Mouvement Circulaire Fréquence(s) Astropolis 2018 bilan+2018
6 A i w A Wing Daps Proofless Arithmetic Farbwechsel 2018 bilan+2018
7 Bruce Meek Sonder somatic Hessle Audio 2018 bilan+2018
8 Afriqua Noumenon Vice-Principle R&S 2018 bilan+2018
9 Yves de Mey Vecto Bleak Comfort Latency 2018 bilan+2018
10 Daniel Avery Projector Song For Alpha Phantasy Sound 2018 bilan+2018
11 MA Silent Perfume Silent Perfume Semantica 2018 bilan+2018
12 Ekman E to the Pi Primus Motor Shipwrec 2018 bilan+2018
13 EOD Exham Priory Named bbbbbb 2018 bilan+2018
14 Sstrom Svävaren Otider Rösten 2018 bilan+2018
15 Betonkust, Palmbomen II Smerig Eiland Center parcs Dekmantel 2018 bilan+2018
16 Answer Code Request Tu Gens Ostgut Ton 2018 bilan+2018
17 Skee Mask 50 euro to break boost Compro Ilian Tape 2018 bilan+2018
18 Edit Select Towards the E Cyclical Undulations Soma 2018 bilan+2018
19 Rrose & Lucy Inner Membrane The Lotus Eaters II EP Eaux 2018 bilan+2018
20 Peder Mannerfelt Patient Boy The 3D Printed Songbook EP Peder Mannerfelt Produktion 2018 bilan+2018
21 Ground Tactics Cybernetic Alteration Immaterial Breath EP Midgar 2018 bilan+2018
22 Laksa Delicates Delicates EP Ilian Tape 2018 bilan+2018
23 Ben Vince & Joy O Transition 2 Transition 2 - Systems Align EP Hessle Audio 2018 bilan+2018
24 Overmono iii's Front Whities 019 EP Whities 2018 bilan+2018
25 Stanislav Tolkachev The Fridge 1 The Fridge EP Rösten 2018 bilan+2018
26 Claudio PRC Awakening 012 lp TGP 2018 bilan+2018
27 Chris Liebing Novembergrey Burn Slow Mute 2018 bilan+2018
28 Geinst Moonwind Asmar & Gëinst ‎– Gallery Arts 2018 bilan+2018

Surgeon Eight Wrathful Deities Luminosity device Dynamic Tension 2018 bilan+2018


Varg Rush-Tinder Nordic flora series pt. 5 crush Posh Isolation 2018 bilan+2018

Forma Rebreather Semblance Kranky 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Mayerling Tiger Balm Roch Hands In The Dark ‎ 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Oscar Mulero Embraced To The Last Breath Perfect Peace Semantica 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Shao Reflection Part 2 Doppler Shift Tresor 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Severnaya Vivid Ascension Polsar Skies Fauxpas Musik 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Robert Lippok Varieties of Impact Applied Autonomy Raster 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Barker Filter Bubbles Debiasing EP Ostgut-Ton 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Loidis In the place i sit A parade, in the place i sit, the floating world (& all its pleasures) anno 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018 aka Huerco S.

Meyers Ambient Role Play (End) Struggle Artist Shelter Press 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Metasplice Teleric Mirvariates The Trilogy Tapes 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Exael Spilt Collex West Mineral 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

BJNilsen The Sound Of Two Hands Focus Intensity Power Moving Furniture 2018 satellite+atmosphere+bilan+2018

Atmosphere #784 16/12/2018 S(+T)

1 Brainwaltzera Dropp On Gminor Epi-Log EP Film 2018
2 Farrago Eos Hard Light EP Arts 2018
3 Overmono iii's Front Whities 019 EP Whities 2018
4 Jensen Interceptor Time Echo (feat. The Hacker Mother Lone Romantic 2018
5 Jamal Moss Salvation is The Cure R-spirits will not be broken EP Tuskegee Music 2018
6 Rrose Incisors Beware of shells EP Eaux 2018
7 Sstrom Baslinjen Otider Rösten 2018
8 Throwing Snow Minotaurs Loma Houndstooth 2018
9 Terence Fixmer Shout In A Black Hole Through The Cortex Ostgut Ton ‎ 2018
10 Stanislav Tolkachev The Fridge 4 The Fridge EP Rösten 2018
11 Radial Analog Supplies Tympana Mord 2018
12 Andrea Future Atmo Forse EP Ilian Tape 2018
13 Shelley Parker Red cotton Red cotton EP Hessle Audio 2018
14 Vester Koza Taped over the courtyard mix Loader mither Houndstooth 2018
15 Zuli Continue Terminal UIQ 2018
16 Fah Hacking Into The Fluorite Warehouse Future RX Mental Fun 2018
17 Motoko & Myers Living Motif Basis Key Open Hand Real Flames 2018
18 Puce Mary Slouching Uphill The Drought PAN 2018
19 Bitstream Screens Switch Holo EP Frustrated Funk 2018
20 RP Boo Work the flow! I'll tell you what! Planet Mu 2018
21 Lotic Resilience Power Tri Angle 2018
22 BNJMN Hypnagogia Pt. 2 Hypnagogia Delsin 2018
23 Exael Cart Collex West Mineral 2018
24 Worldwide Zen Retrograve Swimmers In Circle Worldwide Zen 2018
25 Lia Mice We Are the Beat The Sampler as Time Machine Optimo Music 2018
26 Oneohtrix Point Never Babylon Love In The Time Of Lexapro EP Warp 2018
27 Teresa Winter Canticles Of Ecstasy What The Night is For The Death Of Rave 2018

Mueller & Roedelius Himmlischer Friede Imagori II Grönland Records 2018 satellite+anagramme

Shao Bubble (version) Doppler Shift Tresor 2018 satellite+anagramme

Space Afrika Sd tl Somewhere Decent To Live Sferic 2018 satellite+anagramme

Penelope Trappes Nite Hive Penelope Two Houndstooth 2018 satellite+anagramme

Mads Kjeldgaard DAF342wregsf States of emergency Conditional 2018 satellite+anagramme

Bvdub You and Me, Forever Reaching Drowning in Daylight Apollo 2018 satellite+anagramme

Alain Bashung Immortels En Amont Barclay 2018 satellite+anagramme

Helios Even Today Veriditas Ghostly International 2018 satellite+anagramme

Giulio Aldinucci Parole Borders And Ruins Karlrecords 2018 satellite+anagramme

Globex Untitled Inversia 2 Acting Press 2018 satellite+anagramme

Shaded Explorer Continuation of Light Continuation of Light EP Anekoic 2018 satellite+anagramme

Atmosphere #783 09/12/2018 S(+T)

1 Maarten van der Vleuten Presents Integrity Living In A Fantasy Outrage R & S 2018

2 Afriqua Sway Vice/Principle EP R & S 2018

3 Ground Tactics Eternal Now Immaterial Breath EP Midgar 2018


5 I-LP-ON Seattle 1 ÄÄnet Editions Mego 2018
aka Ilpo Väisänen
6 Marco Shuttle Cyberia The Moon Chant EP The Bunker New York 2018

7 Tim Tama The Wars Of The Roses² A Taste Of The Heart Arts Collective ‎ 2018

8 MA Fu Silent Perfume Semantica 2018

9 Lurka Heat Mover Heat Mover Battery EP Timedance 2018

10 Chekov Stasis 113 V/A Patina Echoes Timedance 2018

11 Laksa In The Middle The Amala Trick In The Middle Timedance 2018

12 E-Talking Telephone Rose E-Talking, Laksa 'Blue 04 EP' Whities 2018

13 Bruce Baychimo Sonder Somatic Hessle Audio 2018

14 Dj Krush et low jack aussi Cosmic Yard Es.U.Es Corporation 2018

15 The Higher Stick 3 The Core XL 2018

16 Lawrence Montreux Illusion Dial 2018

17 Thomas Fehlmann Triggerism Los Lagos Kompakt 2018

19 The Micronauts Acid Party (Red Axes Remix) Acid Party EP Micronautics 2018

Miles Davis & Bill Laswell In a silent way

satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Coppe Zojoji 8 Mango & Sweet Rice 2004 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Boards of Canada Happy Cycling A Few Old Tunes Music70 1996 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

A Tribe Called Quest Start it up The Love Movement Jive 1998 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Talib Kweli & Madlib Funny Money Liberation Blacksmith Music 2006 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Gescom Push Button Objects (remix) Unauthorized EP Chocolate Industries 1998 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Future Sound of London Yage Dead Cities Virgin 1996 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Dead Can Dance The Carnival is Over Into The Labyrinth 4AD 1993 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Mouse on Mars Chagrin Vulvaland Too Pure 1994 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Ennio Morricone Il Ritorno di Ringo Il Ritorno Di Ringo Victor 1966 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Future Sound of London Coastline From The Archives Vol 6 2010 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

E.O.G Shoot Out Shoot Out EP Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) 2003 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Phoenecia Somory Randa Roomet EP Warp 1997 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

AFX Unreleased

satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Fennesz Badminton Girl V/A Fennesz / Main EP FatCat 2000 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Meat Beat Manifesto Radio Babylon (The Orb mix) Original Fire Nothing / Interscope 1997 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Autechre Goz Quarter Envane EP Warp 1997 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Bibio Saint Christopher Mind Bokeh Warp 2010 satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Kettel Tomorrow Jail (Unreleased)

satellite+194+kettel+a strangely isolated place

Atmosphere #782 02/12/2018 S(+T)

1 Falty Dl Hype Acid A Taste of Acid EP Hypercolour 2018

2 Dold Horizons Express Route EP Blue Hour 2018

3 Kolorit D2 Workshop XXI EP Workshop 2018
aka Kassem Mosse+Lowtec
4 Martsman Maxicle Kerner Hidden Hawaii 2018

5 Ploy Ramos Ramos EP Timedance 2018

6 Matthew Dear Laguna Madre EP 1 Spectral sound 2003 focus+artist+matthew dear
7 Matthew Dear Lakonic SPC-7 EP 2 Spectral sound 2003 focus+artist+matthew dear
8 Matthew Dear Grut wall Backstroke Spectral sound 2004 focus+artist+matthew dear
9 Matthew Dear Neighborhoods Asa Breed Ghostly International 2007 focus+artist+matthew dear
10 Matthew Dear You Put A Smell On Me. Black City Ghostly International 2010 focus+artist+matthew dear
11 Matthew Dear Temptation Beams Ghostly International 2012 focus+artist+matthew dear
12 Matthew Dear Duke of Dens Bunny Ghostly International 2018 focus+artist+matthew dear
13 M.A.N.D.E.A.R. Buddies Buddies EP Get Physical Music 2011 focus+artist+matthew dear
14 Mike parker Metamora V/A Metamora EP Float 2018

15 Globex Untitled Inversia 2 EP Acting Press 2018

16 Tiga VS Audion Stabbed in the back Nightclub EP Turbo 2017 focus+artist+matthew dear
17 False .wav Pool .wav pool EP Plus 8 2002 focus+artist+matthew dear
18 Jabberjaw She's got legs Girlfriend EP Perlon 2003 focus+artist+matthew dear
19 Audion The Dog The Pong EP Spectral Sound 2004 focus+artist+matthew dear
20 Audion Napkin Alpha !K7 2016 focus+artist+matthew dear
21 Audion It's full of blinding light Its full of blinding light EP Spectral Sound 2009 focus+artist+matthew dear
22 False Fed On Youth Fed on youth EP M_nus 2007 focus+artist+matthew dear
22 False Act like children_excalibur 2007 M_nus 2007 focus+artist+matthew dear
22 Audion There was a button Alpha !K7 Records 2016 focus+artist+matthew dear
22 Audion Motormouth Audion X Spectral Sound 2013 focus+artist+matthew dear
22 Proem Soft is the edge of the blade Modern Rope Proem self-released 2018

22 Peder Mannerfelt This machine shares memes Daily Routine Peder Mannerfelt 2018

22 Korridor Integration End of Cycle Northern Electronics 2018

Rauelsson Sierra Mirral Sonic Pieces 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Motional Karlsruhe Ater Mt Gargan Rec. 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Moon Ate The Dark Ventricles II Sonic Pieces 2015 satellite+193+grand ciel

Deru Refuge Torn In Two Friends Of Friends , 79Ancestors 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Grand Ciel Lucia Iterare Mt Gargan Rec. 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Holy Fawn Two Waves Death Spells Whelmed 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

System Plus Plus Morr Music 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Erik K Skodvin & Rauelsson & Otto A Totland Breathe A Score For Darling Sonic Pieces 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Genoasejlet Længes I Døden Og Drømmen Den Kløvede Enge, De Bombarderede Marker Janushoved 2016 satellite+193+grand ciel

R Beny In The Violet And Lingering Winter Dusk Eistla Not On Label 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Grand Ciel & Pierre-Charles Jacquemin I Want To Believe Music For An Exhibition Grand Ciel Self-released 2018 satellite+193+grand ciel

Atmosphere #781 25/11/2018 T+S

1 Pearson Sound Rubble Rubble EP Pearson Sound 2018

2 Norman Nodge Embodiment Embodiment EP Ostgut Ton 2018

3 Ancient Methods Crack And Collapse In The Storm Of Lights The Jericho Records Ancient Methods 2018

4 Oscar Mulero Chasing Shadows Electric shades EP Token 2018

5 Headless Horseman Concussion 47014 EP 47 2018

6 Sciahri Metamorphosis Metamorphosis EP Sublunar 2018

7 Hexagone Burning Trash Floor Burning Trash Floor EP Djax-Up-Beats 1994 classics
8 Morph Planet Sweeper Stormwatch New Electronica 1994 classics
9 Ø Muuntaja Metri Sähkö 2005 classics
10 MMM aka Errorsmith & Fiedel Donna Donna EP MMM 1997 classics
11 Leftfield Phat Planet (Dave Clarke remix) Stealth Remixes Hard Hands 2000 classics
12 Funk D'Void Diabla (Heavenly Mix) Diabla EP Soma 2001 classics
13 Kid 606 Temptation V/a The Wedding LP 555 2001 classics
14 Galactic supermarket Galactic supermarket Galactic supermarket Kosmische Musik 1974 classics aka The Cosmic Jokers
15 Hypnobeat Moon Jump Huggables Monochrome Tapes 1984 classics Compillation Prototech on Dark Entries 2017
16 Underground Resistance Amazon World 2 World EP Underground Resistance 1992 classics
17 Porter Ricks Port of call Port Of Transition / Port Of Call EP Chain Reaction 1996 classics
18 Drexciya Polymono plexusgel Neptunes lair Tresor 1999 classics
19 Aphex Twin Nannou Windowlicker EP Warp 1999 classics
20 Objekt Secret Snake Cocoon Crush Pan 2018

21 Deena Abdelwahed Tawa Khonnar Infiné 2018

The Gasman Retention Controlled Hallucination Onomatopoeia 2018 tapis

Kate Bush This Woman's Work

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Iannis Xenakis Polytope De Cluny

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Maja Ratkje Octo

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Pierre Bastien Le Décalajdésson

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Ken Thomson w/ JACK Quartet Thaw

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Tom Bruynei Reflexes

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Rajmil Fischman Alma Latina

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Paul Lansky Idle Chatter

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Unknown Artist Alchemy

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Lhasa El Desierto

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Bernard Parmegiani Dynamique De La Résonance

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Lukas Ligeti Chimæric Procession

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Oliver Coates Another Fantasy

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Nomadic Trek 19

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Kaija Saariaho Sept Papillons - For Solo Cello

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Chris Clark Caveman Lament

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Horacio Vaggione Agon

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Curtis Roads Tenth Vortex

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Handel / Taverner Choir, Taverner Players, Andrew Parrott Chorus: He Sent A Thick Darkness Over The Land

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Carl Michael Von Hausswolff As Far As It Goes Without

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Original Swimming Party Weeping Song II

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Iancu Dumitrescu Multiples (I)

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Efterklang Cutting Ice To Snow

satellite+from+mira calix+Secret Thirteen Mix 126

Atmosphere #780 18/11/18 T(+S)

1 Forest Drive West Cut and Run Apparitions Livity Sound 2018
2 Bakground Lemon Clubjammerz EP Lobster Theremin 2018
3 Okzharp & Manthe Ribane Kubona Closer apart Hyperdub 2018
4 Patricia Placeholder Free lunch EP Nona 2018
5 Bronze Teeth T-RN-V Artex Opal tapes 2017 mix+DJ+samotham
6 JK Flesh Super Human New Horizon Electric Deluxe 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
7 Bookworms & Steve Summers STE-101 BNK007-2 EP BANK Records NYC 2017 mix+DJ+samotham
8 Black Merlin DEF Oba enka EP Mannequin 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
9 The Head Technician (=Pye Corner Audio) Second Pour Profane Architecture Ecstatic 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
10 De Leon B1 De Leon EP Mana 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
11 Daniel Avery Diminuendo (Edit) Diminuendo EP Phantasy Sound 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
12 Fallbeil Iron Lungs Drvg Cvltvre, Fallbeil 'Acid Avengers 007 EP' Acid Avengers 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
13 Phase Fatale Empty Whip Reverse Fall EP Ostgut Ton 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
14 EQD EQD#008B Equalized #008 Equalized 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
15 Persuasion Xaviera Quatermass EP Black Opal 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
16 Peter Van Hoesen Theoretical terminal Oscar's blood EP Time to express 2017 mix+DJ+samotham
17 Serena Butler And with fire came disparity We want neither clean hands nor beautiful souls Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
18 Ersatz Olfolks Volatil (Yoikol Remix) From matter to light Diffuse reality 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
19 AWB Kinetic lullaby (Pris remix) Kinetic lullaby EP Taapion 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
20 Desroi Lines of Sight Dwell In Motion EP Avian 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
21 Desroi Eutheria Eutheria EP Desroi 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
22 Carrier Counter Illumination 47017 EP 47 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
23 Overmono Daisy Chain Raft Living EP Poly Kicks 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
24 Sciahri Reliance Demur EP Manghigh 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
25 Sciahri Demur (Henning Baer Remix) Demur EP Manghigh 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
26 Empire Line Ø (for Vainio) Rave LP Northern Electronics 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
27 Rush Plus Megabust The Sweat EP E-MISSIONS 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
28 PTU Castor and Pollux VA Don't Mess with Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain't Stupid трип 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
29 Stanislav Tolkachev Perforated spoon There is almost no god EP Mord 2017 mix+DJ+samotham
30 0100110110 0001 3636 LP Detroit Underground 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
31 Second Storey Ajunlei 8 (The Exaltics Remix) Lucid Reworks EP Houndstooth 2017 mix+DJ+samotham
32 Rush Plus Rebirth The Sweat EP E-MISSIONS 2018 mix+DJ+samotham
33 Kelly Moran Helix Ultraviolet Warp 2018


Atmosphere #779 11/11/2018 S+T

1 Rydm Sectors The Sun (Adriatic Mix) Summertime EP 4 Lux 2018
2 Bambooman Ricochet (Matthew Herbert's Milky Dub) Ricochet EP Accidental Jnr 2018
3 Iueke B1 Champion EP Les Disques De La Bretagne 2018
4 Ross From Friends Project Cybersyn Family Portrait Brainfeeder 2018
5 Ross From Friends High Energy VA Panorama Bar 07 Part 2 Ostgut Ton 2018
6 Alexander Kowalski Cycles (the 13th chapter) Cycles Mord-lp03 2018
7 Richard Devine Kepter Lipswitch Schematic 2000
8 Richard Devine Vapor Wave Acid Risp Detroit Underground 2012
9 Richard Devine Halicrafter Asect:Dsect Schematic 2003
10 Richard Devine Timach Cautella Sublight 2005
11 Richard Devine Anemap Sort\Lave Timesig 2018
12 Tony Allen & Jeff Mills On The Run (Edit) Tomorrow Comes The Harvest Blue Note France 2018
13 Roel Funcken Sapper Morton Sapper Morton EP Analogical Force 2018
14 Aleksi Perälä UK74R1822080 Sunshine 2 AP Musik-22 2018
15 WWC (=Bill Converse) Sea bering Meditations industry Obsolete Future 2013
16 Bill Converse Ahead 7 of 9, ahead EP Texas Recordings Underground 2016
17 Bill Converse Currents The shape of things to come Dark Entries 2017
18 WWC (=Bill Converse) Understory rain Alienself Obsolete Future 2014
19 Tide Eman (=Bill Converse) Measurement Animate Objects EP Active Cultures 2017
20 Bill Converse Permission Salt Of Mars Tabernacle 2017
21 Bill Converse Beneath the ice Hulled EP Dark Entries-222 2018
22 Steven Rutter & John Shima Beneath the ice Sywards Step Into The Light EP FireScope 2018

Lithops track 4 Uni Umit Moikai 1998 satellite+lou transat

Shy Boys Bell House Bell House Polyvinyl 2018 satellite+lou transat

Archie Shepp Steam (Part 1) Attica Blues Impulse! 1972 satellite+lou transat

Cornershop (featuring Bubbley Kaur) United provinces of India And The Double-O Groove Of Ample Play 2011 satellite+lou transat

Brian Eno By This River Before And After Science Polydor 1977 satellite+lou transat

Magic Ray Ce n'est pas toi Ce n'est pas toi EP No School Today 2018 satellite+lou transat

Boyd Rice And Friends Disneyland Can Wait Music, Martinis, And Misanthropy New European Recordings 1990 satellite+lou transat

The Sea and Cake These Falling Arms Any Day Thril Jockey 2018 satellite+lou transat

The Isley Brothers Fire and Rain Givin' It Back T-Neck 1971 satellite+lou transat

Moose This River Will Never Run Dry This River Will Never Run Dry 7" Hut 1991 satellite+lou transat

Steely Dan Any Major Dude Will Tell You Pretzel Logic ABC Records 1974 satellite+lou transat

King Krule Border Line 6 Feet Beneath The Moon XL 2013 satellite+lou transat

Alton Ellis Remember That Sunday Remember That Sunday 7" Treasure Isle 1970 satellite+lou transat

John Cale Paris 1919 Fragments Of A Rainy Season Hannibal 1992 satellite+lou transat

Atmosphere #778 04/11/2018 S+T

1 Daniel Avery Hyper Detail Diminuendo EP Phantasy Sound 2018

2 Dopplereffekt Hayflick Limit Athanatos Leisure System 2018
written by Carsten Nicolai, To-Nhan, Olaf Bender, Rudolf Klorzeiger
3 Cassegrain w/ DJ Nobu CN01 Collabs 01 EP Arcing Seas 2018

4 L.B. Dub Corp Roar Roar EP Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018

5 The Advent High Horse High Horse EP Klockworks ‎ 2018

6 Orphx Layers of dura Fragmentation Malignant 1996

7 Orphx Prototype (hard rock) Vita mediativa Hands Productions 1999

8 Svreca Vilna (Orphx remix) Vilna / Hagagatan EP Semantica 2012

9 Orphx Sever the signal (feat. Marie Davidson) Pitch black mirror Hands productions 2016

10 Demdike Stare At It Again Passion Modern Love 2018

11 Capsule (Colundi) 416Mhz (2) Colundi Interception EP Wémé 2018

12 Orphx Pox Americana Insurgent Flows Hands Productions 2005

13 Orphx Cracktest edit Division EP Sonic Groove 2009

14 Orphx Outcast Boundary Conditions EP Sonic Groove 2013

15 Orphx Dispossession Black Light EP Sonic Groove 2010

16 Orphx Noontide Other Voices Hands Productions 2002

17 Talaboman Brutal chugga chugga (L.B. Dub Corp remix) The night land remixed EP R & S 2018

18 The Field Infinite Moment Infinite Moment Kompakt 2018

Mark Spybey, Christina Sealey & Richard Oddie Untitled 09 SOS Hushush 2003 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Insurgent Flows Insurgent Flows Hands Productions 2005 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Oriphix Monophilia 01-[cassette] Xcreteria 1993 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Signal To Noise (Tropism remix) Teletai - Rarities And Remixes Hands Productions 2008 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Circuit v (contamination) Circuitbreaking Hymen 2004 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Mother tongue The living tissue Hands Productions 2001 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Variable Geometry Teletai - Rarities And Remixes Hands Productions 2008 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Chalice (Luminescent version) Teletai - Rarities And Remixes Hands Productions 2008 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Radiotherapy i Radiotherapy Hands Productions 2011 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Aurora Summer Solstice Edition Khemia Records 2016 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Orphx Walk into the Broken Night Pitch black mirror Hands productions 2016 satellite+190+atmosphere+orphx

Atmosphere #777 28/10/2018 S+T

1 Ouri Hypersensis We Share Our Blood Ghostly International 2018

2 Shao Flash Back Doppler Shift Tresor 2018

3 Bruce Serotonin levels low Sonder somatic Hessle Audio 2018

4 Mariska Neerman Juno Mariska Neerman & Newa 'Split One EP' Semantica 2018

5 Orbe Hohenheim Hohenheim EP Lone Romantic 2018

6 Speedy J Symmetry G-Spot Warp 1995

7 LFO Brainstorm (part 1) Brainstorm EP Fast Forward 1990 classics
8 Gemini The Beginning The Beginning EP Relief 1994 classics
9 Cj Bolland Con Spirito Electronic Highway R & S 1995 classics
10 Joris Voorn Believer Future History Sino 2004 classics
11 Kiko Monique Monique EP Goodlife 2001 classics
12 CTI Dancing ghosts Elemental 7 Doublevision 1984 classics aka Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti
13 JB3 Forklift (Classic '93 Mix) Close Grind NovaMute 1996 classics aka Joey Beltram
14 Jeff Mills Reverting The purpose maker EP Axis 1995 classics aka Luke Slater
15 Planetary Assault Systems The menace The electric funk machine Peacefrog 1997 classics
16 Sutekh Miasma Miasma EP Force Inc. Music Works 2000 classics
17 Aux 88 Time space Bass Magnetic EP 430 West 1994 classics
18 Electric Soul Come on baby Come on baby EP Direct Beat 1996 classics aka Mike Banks
19 Lotus Eaters, The Under The Benches Desatura Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018

20 Simo Cell La Pulga 5 Party Mix EP Brothers From Different Mothers ‎ 2018

21 Felix K Ran out of food Momentum EP Nullpunkt-1 2018

22 Drew McDowall Impulse The Third Helix Dais Records 2018

Lea Bertucci Patterns For Alto Metal Aether NNA Tapes 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Kate Carr 1001 (missed connections) The Story Surrounds Us Helen Scarsdale Agency 2017 satellite+drew mcdowall

Cienfugos Desire Disgust Autogolpe L.I.E.S. 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Whistleblower White Phosphorus Upsetting Geopolitical Agenda Summer Isle 2017 satellite+drew mcdowall

King Vision Ultra Pain Of Mind Pain Of Mind Ascetic House 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Kali Malone Bondage To Formula Cast Of Mind Hallow Ground 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Free The Land Movement 4 Global Ecophony: Audio Transmissions From The Exhibition Ascetic House 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Marie Davidson & Invisible Church Collage Whatever Makes You Feel Safe Yerevan Tapes 2017 satellite+drew mcdowall

Eartheater MMXXX ft. Moor Mother IRISIRI PAN 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

E-Saggila Your Hole Dedicated To Sublimity BANK 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

TLC Fam Baleka Isbethelo seGqom Gqom Oh! 2017 satellite+drew mcdowall

Somali Extract Mettle Pareidolia Ascetic House 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Rabit Supreme Supreme Not on label 2016 satellite+drew mcdowall reed. Ascetic House 2018

Caterina Barbieri Information Needed to Create an Entire Body Patterns Of Consciousness Important 2017 satellite+drew mcdowall

CTM The Falcon Preset ft. Frederikke Hoffmeier Red Dragon Posh Isolation 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

C.Lavender Manifestation of the Diamond Vanishing light Hot Releases 2017 satellite+drew mcdowall

Croatian Amor & Varg Shadows Show Violet Body of Water Posh Isolation 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Szare Translocated Kodiak / Translocated EP Different Circles 2018 satellite+drew mcdowall

Atmosphere #776 21/10/2018 S+T

1 Joy Orbison Seed 81b EP Hinge Finger 2018

2 EOD R'lyeh Named bbbbbb 2018

3 Afriqua Vermiform Vice-Principle R & S 2018

4 Young Paint Neutral Paint Young Paint EP The Vinyl factory / Werk Ltd 2018
aka Actress
5 RAMZi Tourtou Phobiza: Amor Fati Vol. 3 FATi 2018

6 Suite K D'z Broken Homes EP Context 2001 focus+sutekh-rrose
7 Sutekh Coma Waiting Fell Orthlorng Musork 2002 focus+sutekh-rrose
8 Sutekh Human Deposited Trails Klitekture 2002 focus+sutekh-rrose
9 Sutekh Dirty Needles Influenza EP Drop Beat 1997 focus+sutekh-rrose
10 Theorem Vs Sutekh Canis Untitled EP M_nus 2001 focus+sutekh-rrose
11 Sutekh Untitled 07 Incest Live Force Inc. Music Works 2002 focus+sutekh-rrose
12 Sutekh Delay-03 (Sutekh remix) Sutekh & Twerk "Delay 3 EP" Delay 1999 focus+sutekh-rrose
13 Sutekh Unstern (reprise) Elephant and obelisk EP Orac 2007 focus+sutekh-rrose
14 PSI Performer 1968 przecladaniec (Sutekh mix) Art is a division of pain remixed 1 K2 O 2001 focus+sutekh-rrose
15 Sutekh Bitter tails On bach Creaked 2010 focus+sutekh-rrose
16 Seth Horvitz Study No. 2 Study No. 2: An Approximate Series Of Approximate Harmonic Series Eight studies for automatic piano Line 2011 focus+sutekh-rrose
17 Rrose x Bob Ostertag Pointilism [Variation One] Motormouth Variations Sandwell District 2011 focus+sutekh-rrose
18 Rrose Cavity Wedge Of Chastity EP Eaux 2012 focus+sutekh-rrose
19 Rrose Pentagons Eating The Other EP Eaux 2014 focus+sutekh-rrose
20 Rrose Purge Vanishing Pools EP Eaux 2015 focus+sutekh-rrose
21 Rrose Waterfall Merchant Of Salt EP Sandwell District 2011 focus+sutekh-rrose
22 Rrose Omertà (Version) Rrose & Tujurikkuja "Omertà EP" Eaux 2016 focus+sutekh-rrose
23 Rrose A With All Faces Bleached Out Artificial light (1969-1909) EP Sandwell District 2012 focus+sutekh-rrose
24 Lair Meld (Rrose Distillation) LAIR EP Eotrax 2017 focus+sutekh-rrose
25 Lotus Eaters, The Decanter Desatura Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018 focus+sutekh-rrose aka rrose+lucy
26 Giulio Aldinucci Venus Of The Bees Borders And Ruins Karlrecords 2018

Desroi Birth Dwell In Motion EP Avian 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Kevin Drumm Reverse Osmosis Inexplicable Hours Sonoris 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Sarah Davachi Gilded Gave In Rest Ba Da Bing! 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Varg & AnnaMelina Longing hearts (i am the devil) Welcoming elegance Northern Electronics 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Caterina Barbieri Rendering Intuition Born Again In The Voltage Important 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Metasplice Aridtaq Mirvariates The Trilogy Tapes 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Thomas Ankersmit Homage to dick raaijmakers Homage To Dick Raaijmakers Shleter Press 2018 satellite+188+samotham

BJNilsen Beam Finder Focus Intensity Power Moving Furniture 2018 satellite+188+samotham

Atmosphere #775 14/10/2018 T(+S)

1 Watching Airplanes Contrails In The Skies Psyop Banlieue 2018
2 Benoit B Vague a lame Vague à l'Âme EP Wisdom Teeth 2018
3 Domenique Dumont Le Debut De La Fin Miniatures de Auto Rhythm EP Antinote 2018
4 Xor Gate Hyperbola Conic Sections Tresor 2018
5 Orphx Solipsist Learn to Suffer EP Sonic Groove 2018
6 CUB Primitive Sleep Seeing From Above EP Downwards 2018
7 Samuel Kerridge Silent Notes The I is Nothing EP Downwards 2018
8 Mondkopf Day Of Anger EP Day Of Anger In Paradisum ‎ 2011 focus+label+in paradisum
9 Somaticae Abrupt III Catharsis In Paradisum ‎ 2013 focus+label+in paradisum
10 Mondkopf Eternal Dust Hadès In Paradisum ‎ 2014 focus+label+in paradisum
11 Run Dust Doctor John Dee Serf Rash In Paradisum ‎ 2015 focus+label+in paradisum
12 Low Jack Body Control Sewing Machine In Paradisum ‎ 2015 focus+label+in paradisum
13 Saåad Incarnat I (Subern) Verdaillon In Paradisum ‎ 2016 focus+label+in paradisum
14 Qoso Oh Boy Printemps-Eté In Paradisum ‎ 2016 focus+label+in paradisum
15 Shigeto Fight club Weighted Ghostly International 2018
16 Lone Pulsar Ambivert Tools Volume Four EP R & S 2018
17 Buttechno Experimentator 1984 EP Buttechno Self-released 2015 focus+buttechno
18 Buttechno Rassvet Sport Buttechno Self-released 2015 focus+buttechno
19 Pavel Milyakov Audiopfad Neumond Muscut 2016 focus+buttechno
20 Buttechno Augustus Tepliy stan (Тёплый Стан) EP Public System 2016 focus+buttechno
21 Buttechno 861 x 3 City-2 EP City-2 St. Giga 2017 focus+buttechno
22 Pavel Milyakov Styx vol 3 Yalta ГОСТ ЗВУК 2016 focus+buttechno
23 Pavel Milyakov Chording Eastern Strike EP RASSVET 2018 focus+buttechno
24 Buttechno Ambience Day of My Death Buttechno Self-released 2016 focus+buttechno
25 Buttechno Super Siziy King Super Siziy King EP The Trilogy Tapes 2017 focus+buttechno
26 Gayphextwin Stable Spiro Jacktone 2018
27 Khotin Planet B Beautiful You Khotin Industries 2018

satellite+141+Alex Winberg+rediffusion

Atmosphere #774 07/10/2018 S+T

1 P.Leone My Lita The My Lita Project EP Rekids 2018

2 Krystal Klear Neutron Dance The Division EP Running Back 2018

3 HVL When rivers flow Ostati Organic Analogue 2018

4 Buttechno Elektroshirka Cherskogo Drive Cititrax 2018

5 Ethiopian Records Makeda ማክዳ Ye Feqer Edaye የፍቅር እዳዬ EP Arcola 2018

6 Les Momies de Palerme Brûlez ce coeur Brulez ce coeur Constellation 2012 focus+marie davidson
7 Essaie Pas Carcajou Tout est jeune Téméraire 2012 focus+marie davidson
8 Marie Davidson Perte D'identité Perte d'Identité Weyrd Son 2014 focus+marie davidson
9 Invisible Church & Marie Davidson Collage Whatever makes you feel safe EP Yerevan tapes 2017 focus+marie davidson
10 DKMD I'm Watching You Sacrificio EP Giallo Disco 2015 focus+marie davidson aka David Kristian, Marie Davidson
11 Marie Davidson Planète Ego Adieux au dancefloor Cititrax 2016 focus+marie davidson
12 SLEAZY Rave Mélancolie From Québec- With Love Tag out 2017 focus+marie davidson aka Ginger Breaker, Marie Davidson
13 Marie Davidson The Tunnel Working Class Woman Ninja Tune 2018 focus+marie davidson
14 Essaie Pas Futur Parlé Futur parlé (single) DFA 2017 focus+marie davidson
15 Ital Tek Become Real Bodied Planet Mu 2018

16 Altstadt Echo Across The Field 1954 Modern Cathedrals 2018

17 Jon Hopkins A drifting Down Seven Gulps Of Air Double Six 2009

18 Jon Hopkins Colour Eye Insides Double Six 2008

19 Jon Hopkins Breathe This Air Immunity Domino 2013

20 Jon Hopkins Cold Out There Opalescent Just Music 2001

21 David Lynch I Know (Jon Hopkins remix) Good Day Today / I Know Sunday Best 2011

22 Jon Hopkins Echo Dissolve Singularity Domino 2018

23 Forma Crossings Semblance Kranky 2018

Rezz Relax Mass Manipulation Mau5trap 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Owl Vision Zyborg Downlord Comorbid Records 2016 satellite+187+rodrigo

Vatican Shadow More Of The Same Media In The Service Of Terror Hospital Productions 2016 satellite+187+rodrigo

Sabrina & Samantha KhÉOPS KhÉOPS EP Ed Banger 2018 satellite+187+rodrigo

Renart Terreur sur la Ville Fragments Séquencés Cracki 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Bajram Bili Δ Falls Apart Remembered Waves Le Turc Mecanique 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Chloé The Down Endless Revisions Lumière Noire 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Fujiya & Miyagi To The Last Beat Of My Heart Fujiya & Miyagi Impossible Objects of Desire 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Dollkraut Bonnie Said Holy Ghost People Dischi Autunno 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Grandbrothers Bloodflow Open City Slang 2017 satellite+187+rodrigo

Winter Family Y Red Sugar Sub Rosa 2011 satellite+187+rodrigo

Atmosphere #773 30/09/2018 S(+T)

1 Nullptr Skyline Aftrmth Central Processing Unit 2018

2 Fleck E.S.C. Discrete Opinion Discrete Opinion EP Central Processing Unit 2018

3 Voiski Rollerblade On The Grass (Radio Edit) Sick Parrots Super 95 2018

4 Lucy Tarkomania Tarkomania EP Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018

5 Marcel Dettmann Ascending Test-file Ostgut Ton 2018

6 Joey Beltram Proto Four Aonox Visible 1994 classics
7 Ross154 Fragments Fragments EP Eevo Lute Muzique 1993 classics
8 Bola W.i.k. Soup Skam 1998 classics
9 Surgeon (Send The Dogs) Screw The Roses Counterbalance 2001 classics
10 Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor Drive Shift (The Hacker Remix) Vapour Waves EP Mechatronica 2018

11 Dez Williams Failnot Against Your Will EP Bedouin 2018

12 The Exaltics 002540037-b73884d3 Das Heise Experiment 2 Solar One Music 2018

13 Gherkin Jerks Dìn Sync (Get Up And Do Your Thang) Stomp The Beat EP Gherkin 1988 classics
14 Fingers Inc Bring Down the Walls Another Side Jack Trax 1988 classics
15 Phuture Slam We are phuture EP Trax 1988 classics
16 Yennek Without (acappella) V/A Art of Dance-Exhibits Art Of Dance 1995 classics
17 Rue East Deadline After Hours EP Pure Plastic 2000 classics aka Dave Hill, Mark Broom
18 iO Eternal Sun Sustain & Release Cheap 1994 classics aka Erdem Tunakan, Gerhard Potuznik, Herbert Gollini, Patrick Pulsinger
19 Transcendence Magique Noire Concepts Of Higher Dimension EP Strobe 1991 classics
20 I:Cube Etire en avant XXXX (Abel's Edit) / Etire En Avant EP Versatile 2018

21 Daniel Avery Glitter (Jon Hopkins Remix) Daniel Avery/Jon Hopkins - Glitter/Cosm remix EP Phantasy 2018

22 Mayerling Bright Days Roche Hands In The Dark 2018

Steve Roach Eclipse mix Eclipse mix Timeroom Editions 2017 satellite+from+steve roach

Atmosphere #772 23/09/18 T+S

1 Bill Converse Beneath The Ice Converse EP Fit Sound ‎ 2018
2 Marquis Hawkes Tough Love The Marquis Of Hawkes Houndstooth 2018
1 Varg (46) Placing My IPhone X Facing Up To See When U Answer My Texts Nordic flora series pt. 5 crush Posh Isolation 2018
2 Laksa Delicates Delicates EP Ilian Tape 2018
3 LA-4A Creased Slackline EP Central Processing Unit 2018
4 808 State In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) EP Feel My Bicep 2016 focus+label+feel my bicep
5 Bicep The Final Trip Satisfy EP Feel My Bicep 2013 focus+label+feel my bicep
6 Hammer C-Space C-Space EP Feel My Bicep 2018 focus+label+feel my bicep
7 Bicep & Hammer I Believe I Believe Feel My Bicep 2014 focus+label+feel my bicep
8 Sandboards Pinkk Slippz Visa EP Feel My Bicep 2016 focus+label+feel my bicep
9 Brassica Time Tunnel (The Sphinx Edit) Time Tunnel EP Feel My Bicep 2016 focus+label+feel my bicep
10 A i w A Harmony At The Window EP Farbwechsel 2013 focus+artist+a i w a
11 A i w A Luvseek Fukpak Headshotboyz Self-released 2015 focus+artist+a i w a
12 A i w A Unexpected Crystals I'd Rather Take You Out Farbwechsel 2015 focus+artist+a i w a
13 A i w A Some Time Maybe In The Dim Distance Videogamemusic 2015 focus+artist+a i w a
14 A i w A Soultab Prepper mindset Always Human Tapes 2016 focus+artist+a i w a
15 A i w A CREST 13 Telepathic Peace Agreement Seagrave 2016 focus+artist+a i w a
16 A i w A M Carlo S Time-based Architecture EP Banlieue 2017 focus+artist+a i w a
17 A i w A Dam Walls Proofless Arithmetic Farbwechsel 2018 focus+artist+a i w a
18 Chris Liebing Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt.1) Burn Slow Mute 2018
19 Robert Lippok Varieties Of Impact Applied Autonomy Raster 2018
20 Vril Riese Haus EP Giegling 2018

satellite+rediffusion+121+stéphane duval

Atmosphere #771 16/09/18 (T+S)

1 Proc Fiskal Hoax Nos Trinit Insula Hyperdub 2018
2 Miss Red Memorial Day K.O Pressure 2018
3 Appleblim Vurstep Vurstep EP Boogie Box 2018
4 Hieroglyphic Being Play And Reality The Language Of Strings Vol 4 Mathematics 2018
5 Qoso Hard on the boulevard Monica EP In Paradisum 2018
6 Transllusion Moment 2 A Moment Of Insanity Clone Aqualung Series 2018
7 Tusken Raiders Foifol Inchstar Static EP Furthur Electronix 2018
8 Brainwaltzera τrip Bunker EP Analogical Force 2018
9 Don't DJ Repurcussion All love affairs fail but they never end EP Berceuse heroique 2018
10 Rhyw Unpunishable ARCS-06 Arcing Seas 2018
11 Itrema Blow Up This Wall (10 Years After Edit) La nuit était tombée Itrema Self-released 2018
12 96 Back 85 Provisional Electronics EP Central Processing Unit 2018
13 Hacker, The Still Propagande EP Stilleben 2017
14 Bjarki Oli Gumm Oli Gumm EP трип 2018
15 Galcher Lustwerk Rules Meant To Be Broken 200% Galcher Lustwerk 2018
16 Iñigo Vontier Wirikuta Wirikuta EP Calypso 2018
17 X-Altera Entry X-Altera Ghostly International 2018
18 Rival Consoles Phantom Grip Persona Erased Tapes 2018
20 Raime The Nourishment Cycle Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me EP Different Circles 2018
21 Hmot Collapse Permanent imbalance EP oqko 2018
22 N1L ANI-MA ANI-MUS ANI-MAL Water Memory EP Opal Tapes 2018
23 Celer Uselessness Of the Caused Malaria Celer Self-released 2018

Celer Klankblurb VI – Celer’s Mixtape


Atmosphere #770 09/09/18 S+T

1 Bass Clef Acid Hearse Charnel House EP Happy Skull 2018
2 Inigo Kennedy Moond Shift Strata Token 2018
3 Madben Reminiscence Fréquence(s) Astropolis 2018
4 EOD Marsh Refinery Named bbbbbb 2018
5 Dunal Skitter Under The Floor Above Dunal Chronicles II Dunal Self-released 2018
6 Tommy Glory to the Light of the Nation Freedom to Obey M-Tronic 2018
7 Aphex Twin mt1 t29r2 Collapse EP Warp 2018
8 Skee Mask 50 Euro To Break Boost Compro Ilian Tape 2018
9 Orphx Contamination Radiotherapy Hands Productions 2011
10 DJ Richard Ex Aere Dies Iræ Xerox Dial 2018
11 Barker Look How Hard I've Tried Debiasing EP Ostgut-Ton 2018
12 Helena Hauff No Qualms Qualm No Qualms EP Ninja Tune 2018
13 Galaxian Life Force Paradise Engineering EP Return To Disorder 2018
14 Donato Dozzy Duetto Filo Loves The Acid Tresor 2018
15 Dax J Sin And Salvation No Redemption EP Monnom Black 2018
16 Killawatt The Roamer 47 016 EP 47 2018
17 Sophie Faceshopping Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides Transgressive 2018
18 easyFun Be Your USA Be Your USA PC Music 2018
19 Palmbomen Wolves Night Flight Europa Non records 2013
20 Bernard Estardy Asiatic Dream Space Oddities (1970-1982) Born Bad 2018

Pariah Linnaea Here From Where We Are Houndstooth 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Eleventeen Eston 2 d'or (cab chassis) At the water Growing Bin 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Kate NV зря SEE для FOR Rvng Intl. 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Jon Hassell Al Kongo Udu Listening to Pictures (Pentimento Volume One) Ndeya 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Meyers Expectations 1 Struggle Artist Shelter Press 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Laurel Halo Raw Silk Uncut Wood Raw Silk Uncut Wood EP Latency 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

BD1982 Last Rites Decades tempest Diskotopia 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Scorn Exodus Evanescence Earache 1994 satellite+atmosphere+184

Radius Soul Rotation (Variant Dub) Obsolete Machines (Variant Reworks) echospace [detroit] 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Carl Stone Banteay Srey Electronic Music From The Eighties And Nineties Unseen Worlds 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184

Skee Mask Calimance (Delay Mix) Compro Ilian Tape 2018 satellite+atmosphere+184
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