Saison 22 - 2019-2020
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Atmosphere #851 12/07/2020 (S+T)

1 Kerri Chandler Atmosphere (Kerri's Foundation Dub) Atmosphere (The Lost Dubs) EP Ibadan 1998 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
2 Dj Boring Like Water Like Water EP Technicolour 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
3 Blood Orange Augustine Freetown Sound Domino 2016 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
4 Jacques Renault Donau Beach Rhythm Donau Beach Rhythm EP Let's Play House 2018 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
5 Konk Konk Party Yo! Les Disques du Crépuscule 1983 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
6 A.A.L. (Against All Logic) Fantasy 2017 - 2019 Other People 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
7 Photay The People Waking Hours Mexican Summer 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
8 Jex Opolis Dark power Net worth Good Timin' 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
9 Dombrance Fillon Fillon Dombrance self-released 2019 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
10 Synergic Silence feat Fred Ventura You're so fine (Adrian Marth remix) You re So Fine EP Blanco Y Negro 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
11 D.M.S. Let Me Tell You Somethinn (Tee's Illhouse Mix) Let Me Tell You Somethinn EP Freeze Dance 1996 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020 aka Todd Terry
12 Switch A Bit Patchy A Bit Patchy EP Data Records 2005 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
13 KK & MA Are In Rio Welcome To Pleasure EP Cold Tonic 2015 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
14 Butch Quiet Storm Justified EP AFU Limited 2009 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
15 Himan Midnight Express (Samuel L. Session Remix) Midnight Express EP Kant Recordings 2012 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
16 Das Spezial Romantic Schizophrenic Romantic Schizophrenic Spezial 2019 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
17 Paul Nazca Verdure Ranran EP F... U! FCOM 2006 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
18 Francois Valery Mon Pote Le DJ [extract] Mon Pote Le DJ Charles Talar 1984 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
19 Jensen Interceptor Promise Strings of fear EP Pinkman 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
20 Omar S The sound of neptune You Want FXHE 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
21 Lone and KETTAMA The way you feel The Way You Feel EP R & S 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
22 The O.T. Quartet Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper) Hold That Sucker Down EP Cheeky 1994 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
23 Nídia Capacidades Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes Príncipe 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
24 Charlotte de Witte Unthoughtful (Kangding Ray remix) Vision EP Figure 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
25 Corona The Rhythm Of The Night (Acappella) The Rhythm Of The Night ZYX 1993 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
26 Oall Hates 666 (bonus) Tranceporter EP Of Paradise 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
27 Lorenzo Senni THINK BIG Scacco Matto Warp 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
28 Vyen nO(s) HOryzOn EP Vyen self-released 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020 aka Matthieu Guérinaud
29 Prassai Krusin Krusin EP Faya Combo 2002 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
30 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini Remix) 120 Battements Par Minute (Soundtrack) Because Music 2017 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
31 Nail Cassiopeia (Luca Lozano Remix) Cassiopeia Klasse Wrecks 2019 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
32 Khruangbin Time (You And I) Mordechai Dead Oceans 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
33 Cléa Vincent Du sang sur les congas [extract] Tropi-Cléa 2 EP Midnight Special 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
34 SNØW Bleep test V A More Time Records Vol 1 R & S 2019 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
35 Loraine James LJP1 (w-patten) New Year's Substitution 2 Loraine James self-released 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
36 Pinch Accelerated Culture Reality tunnels Tectonic 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020
37 DJ Diaki But bomou 2 Balani Fou Nyege Nyege Tapes 2020 atmosphere le grand mix été 2020

Abfahrt Hinwil Sonic Surface Links Berge Rechts Seen Toytronic 2002 satellite+250+atmosphere 2020 reissue

Daniel Avery Into The Heart of Stillness Love and Light Phantasy Sound 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Leafar Legov In Your Mirror Mirror Giegling 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Tycho Outer Sunset Simulcast Ninja Tune 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Nthng Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Lobster Theremin 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Orb Slave Till U Die Abolition Of The Royal Familia Cooking Vynil 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

K-Lone Honey Cape cira Wisdom Teeth 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman YEK 128–10 Yek 2 EP Nonplace 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Aleksi Perälä NL-L56-18-07444 Sunshine 3 Djak-Up-Bitch 2019 satellite+250+atmosphere

Peder Mannerfelt A Queen Like We Never Existed EP Voam 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Nicolas Jaar Sunder Cenizas Other People 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Pelada Granadilla Movimiento Para Cambio PAN 2019 satellite+250+atmosphere

Lycox Babygirl Kizas do ly EP Príncipe 2020 satellite+250+atmosphere

Samo DJ Pär Och Annika (Ex-Terrestrial Remix) To Apeiron EP Bizarro 2019 satellite+250+atmosphere

Atmosphere #850 05/07/2020 (S+T)

1 60 Miles To The Core Kid Swamp 2 Sea EP Jheri Tracks 2020
2 Dj Haus Return 2 The Source Return 2 The Source EP Unknown To The Unknown 2020
3 The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller Microwave Photon Dimensional Shifting Solar One Music 2020
4 Distance Dancer Brain Dance Distance Dancer EP The Final Experiment 2020
5 Filmmaker Mental Implants Royal Dungeon EP Opal Tapes 2020
6 Luke Vibert Feel Two Modern Rave Hypercolour 2020
7 Blawan Rain Immulsion Ternesc 2020
8 Dominik Eulberg Dreizehnspecht (Nathan Fake Remix) Mannigfaltig Remixes Part I EP !K7 Records 2020
9 Nathan Fake Tbilisi (Karen Gwyer Remix) Tbilisi Cambria Instruments 2020
10 Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire War Games Four Quarters Of Love And Modern Lash Another Moon 2020
11 Cocktail Party Effect Cause for bad shelving Cocktail Party Effect Tectonic 2020
12 Lurka Point Noise Behaviours Rhythm hi-tek EP Timedance 2020
13 Gábor Lázár Excite Source Planet Mu 2020
14 Pinch Party (feat. Killa P) Reality tunnels Tectonic 2020
15 Squarepusher The Paris Track Lamental EP Warp 2020
16 Nick Araguay Gédéon EP Sahko 2020
17 Collin Gorman Weiland Cathodic heart V/A Rrose & Silent Servant "Air texture vii" Air Texture 2020
18 Daniel Avery One more morning Love and Light Phantasy Sound PIAS 2020
19 Kouslin 2020 vision 2020 Vision EP Livity Sound 2020
20 Fabrizio Rat Hera Hera EP 24/H 2020
21 Fabrizio Rat Ferrero Ice Shades of Blue La Machina 2020

Automatisme Alter-Rate 1 Alter- Mille Plateaux 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Rrrose and James Fei For bass clarinet 8.97 (Rrose version) V/A Rrose & Silent Servant "Air texture vii" Air Texture 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Ulla B Inside Means Inside Me-[cassette] Boomkat Editions 2020 satellite+249+samotham

nthng With You Hypnotherapy Lobster Theremin 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Thomas Köner SUBSTRATE (Binaural) Motus Mille Plateaux 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Exael + Special Guest DJ Circle Wub Life Circle EP Experiences Ltd. 2020 satellite+249+samotham

The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller Closing of the EPR Bridge Dimensional Shifting Solar One Music 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Pale Cocoon Laboratory Under the Blue Sky 繭 (Mayu) [1984] Incidental Music 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Nicolas Jaar Xerox Cenizas Other People 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Christine Ott Mariposas Chimères (pour ondes Martenot) NAHAL 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Nozomu Matsumoto Evening-Civil Twilight to Nautical Twilight Sustainable Hours The Death Of Rave 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Fabrizio Rat Ferrero Indigo Shades of Blue La Machina 2020 satellite+249+samotham

Atmosphere #849 28/06/2020 (S+T)

1 Koehler Light Magic Light Magic EP ESP Institute 2020

2 Naone & S.O.N.S Pacific Separate Ways EP S.O.N.S 2020

3 Datassette When I'm Gone Void Fill Product Self-released 2020

4 Konx-om-Pax Rez (Skee Mask Remix) Return to Cascada Planet Mu 2020

5 Krystal Klear Persuaded Me Greensilver / Rugged Angel ‎EP Dub Organizer 2010 focus+artist+krystal klear
6 Krystal Klear Tried for your Love Tried For Your Love EP All City 2010 focus+artist+krystal klear
7 Krystal Klear More attention More Attention EP MadTechn 2012 focus+artist+krystal klear
8 Krystal Klear Neutron Dance The Division Running Back 2018 focus+artist+krystal klear
9 Terr Neuromancer (Krystal Klear Remix) Neuromancer EP Correspondant 2018 focus+artist+krystal klear
10 Krystal Klear Krystal Klear - Dance 7FS (Original Mix) Dance 7FS Cold Tonic 2014 focus+artist+krystal klear
11 Krystal Klear Euphoric Dreams Euphoric Dreams / Miyoki EP Running Back 2019 focus+artist+krystal klear
12 Distance Dancer Brain Dance Distance Dancer EP The Final Experiment 2020

13 Nihiloxica Mukaagafeero Kaloli Crammed Discs 2020

14 Arca Watch Kick i XL 2020

15 Loraine James Chapter 0 (with Shapednoise) New Year's Substitution 2 Loraine James self-released 2020

16 An-I + Unhuman Five To Nine Lies141 EP L.I.E.S. 2019

17 Samuel Rohrer, Max Loderbauer & Stian Westerhus feat. Tobias Freund A walk in the woods Kave Arjunamusic 2020

18 Run The Jewels Never Look Back RTJ4 Run The Jewels Self-released 2020
aka El-P+Killer Mike
19 Moodymann Goodbye Everybody Taken Away KDJ 2020

20 Ben Bondy Eeon Sibling Experiences Ltd. 2020

21 Cryptobitch Zero-Day Demon Cryptobitch Not On Label 2020
aka Exael
22 Alva Noto Xerrox Plongée Xerrox Vol. 4 Noton 2020

23 Alva Noto A Forest A forest [single] Noton 2020

Dronelock & Ontal Basic Methodology The topics Shadow Story 2015 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Pariah Log Jam Here From Where We Are Houndstooth 2018 satellite+248+Bug Powder

2562 Cosmic Bounce The new today When In Doubt 2014 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Zeitgeber Closely Related Zeitgeber Stroboscopic Artefacts 2013 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Skander Running Into Danger V/A Eminent Domain L.I.E.S. 2019 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Ssaliva For All I Care Wyin Collapsing Market 2018 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Zeitgeber Before They Wake Zeitgeber Stroboscopic Artefacts 2013 satellite+248+Bug Powder

John T Gast Those Secluded Preferences Haunter INNA BABALON 2017 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Identified Patient Het Geweten Van Afdeling Twee Weeshuis Der Verloren Zielen Pinkman 2017 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Dj Richard Gate of Roses Dies Iræ Xerox Dial 2018 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Danny Paul Grody Komorebi V/A Don't Look Now: Aural Apparitions From The Geographic North Geographic North 2018 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet Utbrott Utbrott Opal Tapes 2020 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Basic House Sleeping Sicknness V/A Amateur Vampires Opal Tapes 2019 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Isorinne Ambivalens V/A Scandinavian Swords III Northern Electronics 2017 satellite+248+Bug Powder

Atmosphere #848 21/06/2020 (S+T)

1 Pye Corner Audio Jupiter Orbit Jupiter orbit [single] Pye Corner Audio self-released 2020
2 Joey Anderson Cindy Rainbow Doll Avenue 66 2020
3 Minae Minae Flügelhüllen Gestrupp Marionette 2020
4 MinaeMinae Anfuhrt Variante Human Pitch 2019
5 Gábor Lázár Source Source [single] Planet Mu 2020
6 Jensen Interceptor Promise Strings of fear EP Pinkman 2020
7 Ikonika Nobody Bodies EP Don't be afraid 2020
8 FIT Siegel Formula Formula EP Fit Sound 2020
9 Model Home Cheek to the matrix (feat. Jelani) One Year Disciples 2020
10 DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Technicians And Their Light Effects Saturate The Market, Now! Jahmoni Music 2020
11 Roly Porter Inflation Field Kistvaen Subtext 2020
12 Karenn On Request Music Sounds Better With Shoe EP Voam 2020
13 Charlotte De Witte Sgadi Li Mi Return To Nowhere EP KNTXT 2020
14 Mark Du Mosch Magneto Magneto EP Pinkman 2020
15 Metrist VV Squi Pollen Pt. II EP Timedance 2020
16 Plant43 Pale Stagshorn Mycology 2 EP AC records 2020
17 Rings Around Saturn Subterranean Electro PS003 EP Pure Space 2020
18 Nthng I Just Am Hypnotherapy Lobster Theremin 2020
19 Exos In Plagam Indigo Figure 2020
20 Fluxion Glimpses II Perspectives Vibrant 2020
21 Sonic Boom On a summer's day All Things Being Equal Carpark 2020

Sonic Boom mix for NTS Radio Lisbon, 29.05.20

satellite+247+sonic boom

Atmosphere #847 14/06/2020 (S+T)

1 Photay Fanfare For 7.83 Hz Waking Hours Mexican Summer 2020
2 Trickfinger Amb She Smiles Because She Presses the Button Avenue 66 2020
3 Chekov Swerl Aerated EP Peach discs 2020
4 Bas Mooy Heroine Killed Soil Sinking EP Mord 2020
5 Slikback AKI Slikback/Soda Plains "Split EP" PAN 2020
6 STL Magic Thing Take off music EP Echocord 2020
7 STL A2 Untitled EP Blundar 2020
8 Benjamin Brunn B3 Untitled Blundar 2019
9 Nídia Tarraxo Do Guetto Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes Príncipe 2020
10 Lycox Jam Kizas do ly EP Príncipe 2020
11 Clemency Mimic animals that are easy to love References EP 2 B Real 2020
12 The Black Dog Molto Vivace Allegory 1 [Red] EP Dust Science 2020
13 Shifted Moving Towards The Exits The Dirt on Our Hands Avian 2020
14 Yotam Avni It Was What It Was Was Here Kompakt 2020
15 Aril Brikha Arcane Prisma Mule Musiq 2020
16 Upsammy Reality paces the platform Zoom Dekmantel 2020
17 Police des Moeurs Choses Fragiles Peril Mannequin 2020
18 Gimbrere Breakbeat Passage Breakbeat Passage EP Sulta Selects 2020
19 ReQuest Reef Pilgrim Deeper Visions Wémè 2020
20 Mule Driver Flat Circle State of Decay Crème Organization 2020
21 Cio D'Or Climate Fluidum III Semantica 2020

Michel Banabila & Maryana Golovchenko A Quiet Mantra Of Hope (Тиха мантра надії) All Connected Tapu Records 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson Procession Emanate 130701 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Paolo Martellaci Desert Part I: The Wind Talks Paths Selfreleased 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Andrew Sherwell Balcony View 3AM Home Diaries 004 Whitelabrecs 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Madeleine Cocolas The Heart Doesn’t Lie (Except When It Does) Ithaca Someone Good/Room40 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Nicolás Jaar Vacíar Cenizas Other People 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Markus Mehr Our Heart Went Up In Flames Brief Conversations Hidden Shoal 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Phurpa 3 Hymns of Gyer Editions Mego 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Andrew Heath Weightless Again A Trace of Phosphor Disco Gecko 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Loscil Volcano Lifelike Frond 2019 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang Monochrome Snow Catches On Her Eyelashes Jazzland 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Joshua van Tassel Lost Without You Dance Music Volume II: More Songs For Slow Motion Backward 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Fabio Florido/Disenthrall Dissolve (Original Mix) Back To Earth Runa 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Jana Irmert Fog Cusp Fabrique 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Wanderwelle Reliquary A State of Decrepitude A Strangely Isolated Place 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Michel Banabila & Radboud Mens Lacandon All Connected Tapu Records 2020 satellite+246+DreamScenes May, 2020

Atmosphere #846 07/06/2020 (S+T)

1 Obergman Fibonacci horizon Pyroclastic Flow EP Stilleben 2020

2 Reptant Time Blind Reptilian Magnetism EP Salt Mines 2020

3 Late Night Approach The Naus Investigation The Naus Investigation EP Klakson 2020

4 Luke Vibert Ready Again Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews Hypercolour 2020

5 The Fear Ratio lm3 They Can't Be Saved Skam 2020
aka Mark Broom + James Ruskin
6 Boxcutter Peppermint Béaloideas Kinnego 2020

7 Asquith Rave Til Dawn Rave Til Dawn EP Asquith 2020

8 Baauer Yehoo Planet's Mad LuckyMe 2020

9 Alex Jann Cybernetik Memory Cybernetik Memory EP Unknown To The Unknown 2020

10 Grischa Lichtenberger re derec Kamilhan; Il y A Péril En la Demeure Raster 2020

11 Axel Boman Eyes Of My Mind Eyes Of My Mind EP Studio Barnhus 2020

12 Black Merlin Hole SFORMATOR 2 Pinkman 2020

13 Dijit Natfo Hyperattention - Selected Dijital Works Vol.1 Youth 2020

14 Tapes Salavere Summer Jam EP EM 2020

15 Ociya Solar Flare Ociya EP Acid Test 2020
aka Tin Man + Patricia
16 Ociya Ghost moons Powers Of Ten Acid Test / Avenue 66 2020
aka Tin Man + Patricia
17 Jex Opolis What am i gonna do (radio edit) Net worth Good Timin' 2020

18 JK Flesh vs Echologist Fleshology 2 Echology Vol 1 EP Avalanche 2020

19 Logic1000 Precision Logic1000 Sumac 2019

20 Fluxion Glimpses ii Perspectives Vibrant music 2020

December Intervention Tune! Night of Nights Pinkman 2019 satellite+245+jullaie

Molecule 8ZL 40 60° 43' Nord Mille Feuilles 2015 satellite+245+jullaie

Tryphème Acid Dream Online dating Central Processing Unit 2017 satellite+245+jullaie

Frieder Nagel Blossom Distract Robots Infiné 2019 satellite+245+jullaie

Fabrizio Rat Sapphire Shades of blue La Machina 2020 satellite+245+jullaie

Tortoise Along the bank of rivers Millions now living will never die Thrill Jockey 1996 satellite+245+jullaie

David Chalmin Les âmes perdues La terre invisible Ici D'Ailleurs 2019 satellite+245+jullaie

Bersarin Quartett Das ist alles was wir haben Methoden und maschinen Denovali 2019 satellite+245+jullaie

Arab Strap Cherubs Elephant shoe Go! Beat 1999 satellite+245+jullaie

Tindersticks My sister Tindersticks This way up 1995 satellite+245+jullaie

Ô Lake Conversation Refuge Patchrock, Night-Night 2019 satellite+245+jullaie

Atmosphere #845 31/05/2020 (S+T)

1 Andrew Weatherall March Violets Pamela #1 EP Pamela 2020
2 Krystal Klear Dutch Gold Cyclia Two EP Running Back 2020
3 Zenker Brothers Shaketown Mad System EP Ilian Tape 2020
4 The Advent Vast Life Cycles Cultivated Electronics 2020
5 Sleeparchive Glass Trust Tresor 2020
6 Pantha Du Prince The Splendour Black Noise Rough Trade 2010 flashback+2010
7 Acid Washed Concorde in the Sunrise Acid Washed Record Makers 2010 flashback+2010
8 Oni Ayhun OAR004-A OAR004 EP Oni Ayhun 2010 flashback+2010
9 Wax untitled a No. 30003 EP Wax 2010 flashback+2010
10 Microworld Daisies Happy Machines EP Millions Of Moments 2010 flashback+2010
11 EOD Utrecht Utrecht EP 030303 2010 flashback+2010
12 EQD untitled b Equalized #004 EP Equalized 2010 flashback+2010
13 Brawther Le Voyage Le Voyage EP Courtesy Of Balance 2010 flashback+2010
14 Marco Bailey & Tom Hades Lust & Romance Always Valid EP Excentric Muzik 2010 flashback+2010
15 Petar Dundov Distant Shores Distant Shores EP Music Man 2010 flashback+2010
16 Untold Stereo freeze Stereo Freeze EP R&S 2010 flashback+2010
17 Crystal Castles Baptism ii Fiction / Last gang 2010 flashback+2010
18 Lone Aquamarine Emerald Fantasy Tracks Magic Wire 2010 flashback+2010
19 Actress Casanova Splazsh Honest Jon's Records 2010 flashback+2010
20 Anodyne Alchemy Corrosion Psychonavigation 2010 flashback+2010
21 Conforce The land of the highway Machine conspiracy Delsin 2010 flashback+2010
22 Mark Fell Multistability 12 Multistability Raster-Noton 2010 flashback+2010
23 Demdike Stare Regolith Liberation Through Hearing Modern Love 2010 flashback+2010
24 ClaudiusMaximus After The Despoilment z z +c GOSUB10 2010 flashback+2010
25 Raime This Foundry Raime EP Blackest ever black 2010 flashback+2010
26 Ramadanman Work Them Fall Short Work Them EP Swamp 81 2010 flashback+2010
27 Dj Rashad Who Da Coldest Itz Not Rite EP Planet Mu 2010 flashback+2010
28 Blawan Fram Fram-Iddy Hessle Audio 2010 flashback+2010
29 Sandwell District Immolare (main) Feed-forward Sandwell District 2010 flashback+2010
30 EOD Utrecht Utrecht EP 030303 2010 flashback+2010
31 Pan Sonic Corona Gravitoni Blast First Petite 2010 flashback+2010

Shape2 Le Satellite #174


Atmosphere #844 24/05/2020 (T)

1 Crossing Avenue Monoica Carmaleonte EP Spazio Disponibile 2019 samotham+DJ set
2 Bee Mask Peter Van Hoesen Remix Bee Mask-Peter Van Hoesen 'Stealth 1-3' EP Time to Express 2015 samotham+DJ set
3 Amandra Veron Polana Shota Mariachi EP Semantica 2017 samotham+DJ set
4 Forest Drive West Scanners Jinx / Scanners EP Livity sound 2017 samotham+DJ set
5 Cassegrain Skin Coptic EP Prologue 2012 samotham+DJ set
6 Annanan Fear And Love (feat. Ennalow) Fear And Love EP LL.M. 2016 samotham+DJ set
7 Yan Cook Film Grain Gravity EP Delsin 2014 samotham+DJ set
8 TM404 & Echologist Playground Bass desires EP Kynant 2017 samotham+DJ set
9 Robert Hood Go Clocks-Low Life-Go EP M-Plant 2018 samotham+DJ set
10 Robert Hood Lockers (Extended Album Mix) Paradygm Shift Dekmantel 2017 samotham+DJ set
11 Head Front Panel A HFP#004 EP Head Front Panel 2014 samotham+DJ set
12 Fabrizio Lapiana Shoegazing II Shoegazing EP Arts collective 2018 samotham+DJ set
13 Distant Echoes Rail to rail Heritable Traits EP Substrato 2018 samotham+DJ set
14 A spiral ladder V/A Submerged Worlds Substrato 2018 samotham+DJ set
15 Reeko Jonas Kopp Confundindolos Synth Version Realidades hologrficas i torre de babel EP Semantica 2018 samotham+DJ set
16 Bas Mooy Rage Rage, Remedy & The Lash EP Mord 2014 samotham+DJ set
17 Aggborough Stone Circle Stone Circle EP OTB 2017 samotham+DJ set
18 Randomer Music for two kalimbas Running Dry EP Dekmantel UFO Series 2016 samotham+DJ set
19 Rhyw Capeskin Blood Emulsion Steps EP Fever AM 2018 samotham+DJ set
20 Paula Temple Post-scarcity anarchism Edge Of Everything Noise Manifesto 2019 samotham+DJ set
21 L F D M L17 Club Mix Associated Buildings Tripalium 2018 samotham+DJ set
22 Åmnfx Wayback Moscow Beat 100% Silk 2017 samotham+DJ set
23 Roza Roza -=-=-=- Embassy Patterns EP Lobster Theremin 2017 samotham+DJ set
24 Shlomi Aber XY Play XY Play EP Nonplus 2016 samotham+DJ set
25 K-Lone Sine Language Sine Language EP Wisdom Teeth 2019 samotham+DJ set
26 Rhythmic Theory & Pessimist Racheals Theme Outlawed From Reality EP Crème Organization 2017 samotham+DJ set

Ryuichi Sakamoto Tokyo, 22.09.17 - NTS Radio mix

satellite+244+from+Ryuichi Sakamoto

Jacaszek Elegia

Michał Jacaszek Green Hour

Greg Haines feat. The Theale Green Community Chamber Orchestra 183 Times

Radiohead Daydreaming

J Dilla feat. Common, D'Angelo So Far To Go

Ike Yard Oshima Cassette

Cengiz Özkan Bir Ay Doğar Ilk Akşamdan Geceden

Demdike Stare Animal Style

Andy Stott Tell Me Anything

Taylor Deupree, Christopher Willits Season Centers Studies

Salvatore Accardo, Orchestra da Camera Italiana, Astor Piazzolla Oblivion


Atmosphere #843 17/05/2020 (T+S)

1 Michael Mayer Higher Higher EP Kompakt 2020
2 Noun (Daniel Avery & Roman Flugel) Team Silent Meeting Of The Minds EP Live At Robert Johnson 2020
3 Donato Dozzy Aquatica Palinoia LTD 001 EP Palinoia 2020
4 Andy Garvey Process V/A heforshe x femme culture vol. 3 Femme Culture 2020
5 Andrea LS September Ritorno Ilian Tape 2020
6 Glos Psalm (The Sky As A Mirror) Psalms EP Escapism 2020
7 John Tejada Moving 909s (Plaid Remix) Moving 909s EP Palette 2020
8 Ital Tek Bladed Terrain OutLand Planet Mu 2020
9 Yagya Wandering In The Fog Old Dreams And Memories Small Plastic Animals 2020
10 Novo Line The EuroTunnel Escape Autobahn Zwei Ecstatic 2020
11 Roza Terenzi Elevate Modern Bliss Planet Euphorique 2020
12 Perko Stutter The City Rings EP Numbers. 2020
13 Bit Folder Youka Silicon Frontier EP Central Processing Unit 2020
14 Atom TM and Jacek Sienkiewicz Bergman Phase Stal More Music Agency 2020
15 Container Mottle Scramblers Alter 2020
16 Marco Faraone Iconic No Filter Rekids 2020
17 Demdike Stare Side A Embedded content DDS 2020

Merzbow Tokyo, 22.01.20 - NTS Radio mix


Atmosphere #842 10/05/2020 (T+S)

1 Trickfinger Meaning To Look Down, See Us EP Evar 2020
aka John Frusciante
2 Pavel Milyakov The Stepper Masse Métal The Trilogy Tapes 2020

3 K-Lone In the pines Cape cira Wisdom Teeth 2020

4 Atom Tm 0.9 Almost a Unit <3 Raster 2020

5 EOD Shy Zone EP bbbbbb 2020

6 Cj Bolland The Tower of Naphtali Electronic Highway R & S 1995 anagramme+djset
7 Shedbug Timeframe Timeframe EP Lobster Theremin 2019 anagramme+djset
8 Brame & Hamo Waves Reach (Voiski remix) Waves Reach EP Feel my Bicep 2019 anagramme+djset
9 Benjamin Damage Up Up / Acid Bath EP 50Weapons 2014 anagramme+djset
10 Edge of Motion Interlinked The Nest EP Edge of Motion 2018 anagramme+djset
11 Ntel Melt Dilution Effect EP Garmo 2020 anagramme+djset
12 Noah Gibson Edge Of Tomorrow Krasch 3 EP Krasch Records 2019 anagramme+djset
13 SHDW & Obscure Shape Die Prophezeiung Die Augen Des Teufels EP From Another Mind 2018 anagramme+djset
14 Tim Tama The Wars Of The Roses A Taste Of The Heart EP Arts 2018 anagramme+djset
15 BdB Niio Rhythm Boss Rhythm / Niio Rhythm EP Feel my Bicep 2019 anagramme+djset
16 Nathan Micay The Party We Could Have Blue Spring LuckyMe 2019 anagramme+djset
17 GusGus Purple (Sasha V The Light) Purple EP 4AD 1998 anagramme+djset
18 Holden A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix) A Break In The Clouds EP Border Community 2003 anagramme+djset
19 The Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea (ABH Shade's Bass Mix) self ABH self-released 2008 anagramme+djset
20 Marco Zenker Motion Phony Pictures EP Ilian Tape 2016 anagramme+djset
21 Voiski Reaffirming Eternity At The Speed Of Love EP ara 2019 anagramme+djset
22 Geinst Mantra Mantra EP Arts Gallery 2019 anagramme+djset
23 Joel Brittain After Words States of Mind EP Gated Recordings 2020 anagramme+djset
24 Luke Slater Love Freek Funk NovaMute 1997 anagramme+djset
25 Bicep Kites Bicep Ninja Tune 2017 anagramme+djset
26 Lobec 5am Nostalgia (Rico Casazza Mix) 5am Nostalgia EP Furthur Electronix 2020 anagramme+djset
27 Trance Wax Trance 25 Trance Wax Seven EP Trance Wax 2020 anagramme+djset

Aril Brikha Thrive on Chaos Dance Of A Trillion Stars Mule Musiq 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Daniel McCagh Collapse Altered States N5MD 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

BvDub Not Yours to See Ten Times The World Lied Glacial Movements Records 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Rafael Anton Irisarri & Leandro Fresco Mientras Más Me Alejo De Ti, Menos Me Importa Cuan Lejos Estoy Una Presencia En La Brisa A Strangely Isolated Place 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Craven Faults Hangingstones Erratics & Unconformities Leaf 2019 satellite+242+anagramme

Ital Tek Diamond Child Outland Planet Mu 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Hodge One Last Dance Shadows In Blue Houndstooth 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Noah Gibson There (I Wish I Could Be) Press On EP Northern Electronics 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Aril Brikha Dance Of A Trillion Stars Dance Of A Trillion Stars Mule Musiq 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Ocoeur Dawn Everything N5MD 2020 satellite+242+anagramme

Atmosphere #841 03/05/2020 (T+S)

1 Jamie XX Idontknow Idontknow EP Young Turks 2020
2 DgoHn AF0156984 Undesignated Proximate Love Love 2020
3 Adam Pits Motion Sensor International Wafter EP Coastal Haze 2020
4 Luke Slater o-ton reassembled 1 Berghain Funfzehn Ostgut Ton 2020
5 Atonal Cithare Cithare EP Cold Blow 2020
6 Tenderlonious After the Storm After the Storm EP 22a 2020
7 Mike Parker The Melting Mask The Devil's Curators Vol. 1 EP Spazio Disponibile 2020
8 Plone Day Trip Puzzlebox Ghost Box 2020
9 Lord of the isle Inheritance (x ellen renton) Whities 29 EP Whities 2020
10 Jay Daniel Dew SSD EP Watusi High 2020
11 Yak Dire Hit Dire hit EP 3024 2020
12 Arca Apuro @@@@@ XL 2020
13 Bogdan Raczynski Net Assets Debt EP Unknown To The Unknown 2020
14 Lorenzo Senni XBreakingEdgeX Scacco Matto Warp 2020
15 Peder Mannerfelt Psychopomp Work Cav Empt 2020
16 Pye Corner Audio Curves Etcetera Curves etcetera [single] Pye Corner Audio self-released 2020
17 Isolée You are Candy Apple Red EP Maeve 2020
18 Julion De'Angelo N'aie Pas Peur (Exchange Mix) Julion De'Angelo / Viola Klein 'We EP' Meakusma, Ominira, Viola Klein 2020
19 Robert Bergman All The Way LIES149 EP L.I.E.S. 2020
20 CS + Kreme Mount Warning Snoopy The Trilogy Tapes 2020

Metal Preyers Metal Preyers Reprise Metal Preyers Nyege Nyege Tapes 2020 satellite+241+samotham

Exael & Arad Acid My Love Is An Extension Of You Furi EP Motion Ward 2020 satellite+241+samotham

Vilod Schalen Geschmack The Clouds Know Mana 2019 satellite+241+samotham

Mike Slott Falling Through Vignettes LuckyMe 2020 satellite+241+samotham

Exael Acc Limerence EP Exael self-released 2019 satellite+241+samotham

Pulse Emitter Ripples Swirlings Hausu Mountain 2020 satellite+241+samotham

DJ Guy basf ferro extra 1994 side a trk 1 Unthank 012 Unthank 2019 satellite+241+samotham

Andrew Pekler Los Jardines Sounds From Phantom Islands Faitiche 2019 satellite+241+samotham

Multicast Dynamics Part Four Ancient Circuits Astral Industries 2020 satellite+241+samotham

Atmosphere #840 26/04/2020 (T+S)

1 Hodge Sense Inversion Shadows In Blue Houndstooth 2020

2 Architectural This is not purple Planet Is But A Dream R & S 2020

3 Aux88 My Electro Visions Counterparts Direct Beat Classics 2020

4 Carl A. Finlow Components Apparatus 20:20 Vision 2020

5 RX-101 Sys.rx.7.a009 Serenity Suction 2020

6 Pépé Bradock Life 6 Millions Pintades EP Atavisme 2000 flashback+2000
7 Convextion Venus in Spurs Venus in Spurs EP Tektite Recordings 2000 flashback+2000
8 Second-Hand Satellites Orbit 1.4 Multiple mirrors Hallucination 2000 flashback+2000
9 Pollon Lost Souls Electratech Scopex 2000 flashback+2000
10 Radiohead Idioteque Kid A Parlophone 2000 flashback+2000
11 The Advent Visualize Time Trap Technik International Deejay Gigolo 2000 flashback+2000
12 Dexter Zwam I Don't Care EP Klakson 2000 flashback+2000
13 Dave Clarke The Compass The Compass EP International Deejay Gigolo 2000 flashback+2000
14 Elektrochemie LK When i Rock (original Mix) When i Rock EP Confused Recordings 2000 flashback+2000
15 Jeff Mills Time After Space Lifelike Axis 2000 flashback+2000
16 H. Brunner Spring Awakening EP KMS 2000 flashback+2000
17 Technasia Resilience Force EP Technasia 2000 flashback+2000
18 Terence Dixon Running Time From The Far Future Tresor 2000 flashback+2000
19 Bigeneric Sylar Anema (V.P.) Sylar [V.P.] Moto Music 2000 flashback+2000
20 Electric Deluxe Electric deluxe Electric Deluxe Plus 8 2000 flashback+2000 aka Speedy J
21 Karl O'Connor & Peter Sutton Guitless Againstnature Tresor 2000 flashback+2000
22 Ectomorph The Haunting (Adult Remix V A Comin' from tha D vol. 3 Intuit-Solar 2000 flashback+2000
23 Electronome Een drumcomputer en een synthesizer 3 Een Drumcomputer En Een Synthesizer 3 Viewnlexx 2000 flashback+2000
24 Laurent Garnier Greed part 2 Unreasonable behaviour F Communications 2000 flashback+2000
25 Legowelt Sturmvogel Pimpshifter EP Bunker 2000 flashback+2000
26 o9 Seven milliseconds V/A Lily of the valley Schematic 2000 flashback+2000
27 DAT Politics Track 14 Sous hit Digital Narcis 2000 flashback+2000
28 Artificial Duck Flavour Bell Nmx Nedjev & Artificial Duck Flavour 'Heofonrice EP' Lux Nigra 2000 flashback+2000
29 Marumari Searching for the sasha wolf The Wolves Hollow Carpark 2000 flashback+2000
30 MD Fres Core V A Squadron Merck 2000 flashback+2000
31 Ceephax Parallax drome Acid quakers 1000 Lo recordings 2000 flashback+2000
32 Isolée Keep on dancin' Rest Playhouse 2000 flashback+2000
33 Marco Passarani Phonok 6 Katun Nature 2000 flashback+2000
34 Phoenecia Pounani V A Voices In My Lunchbox Plug Research 2000 flashback+2000

Vladislav Delay Raamat Mutila Chain Reaction 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Casino Vs Japan We Are You Go Hawaii Wobblyhead 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Heiko Laux Spaced SenseficTion Kanzleramt 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Bola Square Shapes 33 / Skam 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Cim Cloud cover Reference deFocus 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Pan Sonic Johdin Aaltopiiri Blast First 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Two Lone Swordsmen It's not the worst i've looked ... it's just the most i've ever cared Tiny Reminders Warp 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Pan American 03 Double Rail 360 Business / 360 Bypass Kranky 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Pole Silberfisch 3 Kiff SM 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Gas Pop 5 Pop Mille Plateaux 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Biosphere When I Leave Cirque Touch 2000 satellite+240+Anagramme+flashback+2000

Atmosphere #839 19/04/2020 (T+S)

1 Fjaak Breath Fjaak 006 EP Fjaak 2020
2 Fjaak Rough & Ready Spandau20 #003 EP Spandau20 2020
3 Cottam Distressed Muncipal Rhtyhm EP Fade to Zaire 2020
4 Minor Science Polyglottal Second Language Whities 2020
5 Eris Drew So much love to give Fluids of Emotion Interdimensional Transmissions 2020
6 Shxcxchcxsh OPPP VOOO EP Mord 2020
7 The Empire Line Daddy Issues The Nature Of Your Oppression Is The Aesthetic Of Our Anger EP Bassiani 2020
8 Stanislav Tolkachev Emptyness Be Careful And Nobody Dies EP Semantica 2020
9 Noah Gibson Innermost Press On EP Northern Electronics 2020
10 Tracey Microdancer Microdancer EP Aus music 2020
11 Aleksi Perälä NL-L56-19-08692 Oscillation part 1 Clone Basement Series 2020
12 Aleksi Perälä FI3AC2035080 Spectrum 7 AP Musik 2020
13 DJ Python ADMSDP (feat. LA Warman) [Edit] Mas amable Incienso 2020
14 Konduku Sonsuz rüzgar White heron Nous'klaer Audio 2019
15 Metal Preyers Snake Spit Defender Metal Preyers Nyege Nyege Tapes 2020
16 Nazar UN Sanctions Guerilla Hyperdub 2020
17 Borusiade The death of a desire (a ghost) Fortunate Isolation Dark Entries 2020
18 Ben Bondy & Exael Papillion Aphelion Lash West Mineral Ltd. 2020
19 Squarepusher Midi sans frontieres (avec batterie) Lamental EP Warp 2020
20 Aphex Twin Qu 1 soundcloud Self-released 2020
21 Laurel Halo Zeljava Possessed The Vynil Factory 2020

Yello Great Mission You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess Stiff 1983 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Richard Pinhas A Piece For Duncan Rhizosphere Cobra 1977 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Occult Orientated Crime Tausend Küsse The Occult Orientated Crime Album Nightwind 2014 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Rising Sun Systems Croissant With Stravinsky Oberheim Space Nightwind 2015 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Kurt Stenzel Finding The Others Jodorowsky's Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Cinewax 2015 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Ozric Tentacles Toltec Spring Erpland Dovetail 1990 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Joël Vandroogenbroeck Electronic Jungle Images Of Flute In Nature Cenacolo 1978 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Roland Bocquet Exotique Paradia Cobra 1977 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Rising Sun Systems Synthshoppe At A Domestic Airport Oberheim Space Nightwind 2015 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Amorphous Androgynous In Mind Tales Of Ephidrina Quigley 1993 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Richard H. Kirk Clandestine Transmission Virtual State Intone 1994 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

The Future Sound Of London Normality Returns Archived : Environmental : Views 2017 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Balil Island Parasight EP Rising High 1993 satellite+239+Friek Recorder

Atmosphere #838 12/04/2020 (T+S)

1 Exael + Arad Acid Upward Spiral Furi EP Motion Ward 2020
2 Cygnus Metroid C64 Connection Error EP Craigie Knows 2020
3 Otik Clairvoyant Wetlands Intergraded 2020
4 Nathan Fake Torch Song Blizzards Cambria Instruments 2020
5 Four Tet Something in the Sadness Sixteen Oceans Text 2020
6 Aleksi Perälä FI3AC2030060 Spectrum 2 AP Musik 2020
7 Aleksi Perälä FI3AC2031070 Spectrum 3 AP Musik 2020
8 WAV Pronom 9719 EP Delsin 2020
9 Ferdinger Lontano Sog EP ARTS 2020
10 Ntel Resin Dilution Effect EP Garmo 2020
11 Adiel & Anthony Linell Raso Raso EP Danza Tribale 2020
12 Millsart Ultimo Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5 Axis 2020
13 NYZ Live Wire Old Trx [87-93] The Death Of Rave 2020
14 Demonik Labyrinthe V/A Join The Future - UK Bleep & Bass 1988-91 Cease & Desist 2020
15 Fumiya Tanaka Breakthrough Right moment Perlon 2019
16 Mézigue Suce mon groove (Jmblc Mix) Le meilleur titre pour un album D.KO 2019
17 Monster X Rejekt Ultra Black Opal 2019
18 Yu Su Of Yesterday (Instrumental) Roll With The Punches Second Circle 2019

Aleksi Perälä NTS radio mix 25th October 2019

satellite+238+from+Aleksi Peräla

Atmosphere #837 05/04/2020 (T)

1 Acronym The Sixth Mass Extinction Melting sea EP Stilla Ton 2020
2 BPMF Jp'n the 8p Various Jawns EP is / was 2019
3 Aleksi Perälä FI3AC2028010 Spectrum 0 EP AP Musik 2020
4 Aleksi Perälä FI3AC2029060 Spectrum 1 AP Musik 2020
5 Aaron Spectre Computorr Computorr EP Jahmoni Music 2020
6 Benoit B Coconut groove Caution 9'6 High EP Unthank 2020
7 Batu and Lurka Curved Curved EP Fringe White 2020
8 Chris Moss Acid LFHT19 (out of UR mind) The best of lo-fi house (reconstruction) Furthur Electronix 2020
9 Chris Moss Acid Civic TV Acid Channel 303 cable 909 Chris Moss Acid Self-released 2019
10 Beatrice Dillon Workaround Eight Workaround PAN 2020
11 Electric Indigo Ferrum 4 Ferrum Editions Mego 2020
12 Donato Dozzy Aquatica Donato Dozzy & Eric Cloutier 'Palinoia LTD 001' Palinoia LTD 2020
13 Future Beat Alliance Never forever (Afriqua's neverclear mix) Never Forever R & S 2020
14 Nicolas Jaar Menysid Cenizas Other People 2020
15 A.A.L. (Against All Logic) Penny 2017 - 2019 Other People 2020
16 Oli XL Mimetic Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer Bloom 2019
17 Stevie Whisper Lost (feat. Andria) Stevie Whisper's donkey milk Yes Belgrade 2019
18 Fred Ventura Technologies (Alessandro Adriani extended version) Technologies EP Mannequin 2019
19 Jorg Kuning Algotherapy BH002 EP Bakk Heia 2019
20 Ol Shatter Dub Dismeteo Motion Ward 2019


Atmosphere #836 29/03/2020 (T+S)

1 The Exaltics & Paris The Black Fu We Don't Take Humans We Exist (Chapter one) EP Solar One Music 2020
2 Artefakt Vapour Icarus EP Delsin 2020
3 Bicep Atlas Atlas Ninja Tune 2020
4 Holden & Zimpel Tuesday The Long Weekend EP Border Community 2020
5 Cygnus My Secret Data Connection Error Craigie Knowes 2020
6 Dj Food Dark Wheel Jazz Brakes Volume 1 Ninja Tune 1990 focus+flashback+1990
7 Snap ! The Power World Power Logic 1990 focus+flashback+1990
8 Dee-Lite What is Love World Clique Elektra 1990 focus+flashback+1990
9 Autechre Saw you Autechre Self-released 1990 focus+flashback+1990
10 Digital Boy Feat. Cool De Suck Techno (dance to the house) Techno (dance to the house) EP Demo Mix 1990 focus+flashback+1990
11 Quazar The Seven Stars The Seven Stars EP Go Bang! 1990 focus+flashback+1990
12 Techno Bert Neue Dimensionen Neue Dimensionen EP Doremix 1990 focus+flashback+1990
13 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line) Enjoy The Silence EP Mute 1990 focus+flashback+1990
14 Underground Resistance Eye of the storm Sonic EP Underground Resistance 1990 focus+flashback+1990
15 Tech Nine Slam Jam (garage mix) Slam Jam EP Strictly Rhythm 1990 focus+flashback+1990
16 Psychotropic Hypnosis Hypnosis EP 02 Records 1990 focus+flashback+1990
17 Revelation First Power (original mix) Synth-It / First Power EP Atmosphere 1990 focus+flashback+1990
18 The Black Dog Techno Playtime Techno Playtime EP Black Dog Productions 1990 focus+flashback+1990
19 Sweet Exorcist Testsix (Toneappella) Testone remixes Warp 1990 focus+flashback+1990
20 Nightmares On Wax Aftermath (LFO Remix) Aftermath EP Warp 1990 focus+flashback+1990
21 Rhythmatic Take Me Back (Robert Gordon 0742 Edit 'With Extra Bass') Take me back EP Network 1990 focus+flashback+1990
22 Critical Rhythm Fall Into a Trance It could not happen EP Network 1990 focus+flashback+1990
23 Joey Beltram Energy Flash Energy flash EP Transmat 1990 focus+flashback+1990
24 Meat Beat Manifesto Radio Babylon (Space Children Intro Mix) Psyche-out EP PIAS 1990 focus+flashback+1990
25 Ron Trent Altered States (Original Full Length Mix) The Afterlife EP Warehouse 1990 focus+flashback+1990
26 Suburban Knight The art of stalking (stalker mix) The art of stalking Transmat 1990 focus+flashback+1990
27 Reel By Real Surkit V A Sampler EP Volume 1 Interface / Metroplex 1990 focus+flashback+1990
28 Aphex Twin Digeridoo (Live in Cornwall, 1990) Classics R&S 1995 focus+flashback+1990
29 D.H.S. The house of god (unholy version) House of god EP Hangman 1990 focus+flashback+1990
30 KLF, The 3AM Somewhere Out Of Beaumont Chill Out KLF Communications 1990 focus+flashback+1990
31 SFV_Acid Jasons_II ResedaVill EP Bakk 2020
32 Serwed Grip Serwed II West Mineral Ltd. 2020
33 Serwed Ceramic Serwed Asyncro 2019

Atmosphere #835 15/03/2020 S(+T)

1 Rico Casazza Purplewave (Silicon Scally remix) Purplewave EP Dionysian Mysteries 2020

2 Omar S This love is 4 real You Want FXHE 2020

3 June Vortex 21 Silver Demon Mannequin 2020

4 The Fear Ratio Exile They Can't Be Saved Skam 2020

5 Khan Fatty acid Lost Acid Tapes Vol. 2 Furthur Electronix 2020

6 Nautiluss Blue Monday Nautiluss and Lord Skywave 'Ultraviolet Blue Monday EP' Hemlock 2011 focus+artiste+nautiluss
7 Nautiluss Sabbath Alpha EP Turbo 2012 focus+artiste+nautiluss
8 ZZT Work (Nautiluss Remix) V/A Turbo century V Turbo 2013 focus+artiste+nautiluss
9 Nautiluss Corvus (Lost in Space Mix) Solstice EP Audio Culture 2013 focus+artiste+nautiluss
10 Nautiluss Inky Liquid Sky EP Seilscheibenpfeiler 2018 focus+artiste+nautiluss
11 Nautiluss Moment of Clarity Angels & Daemons EP Seilscheibenpfeiler 2019 focus+artiste+nautiluss
12 Pyramid Lake Ital Vital Palms on Fire EP Mythstery 2018 focus+artiste+nautiluss Nautiluss
13 Nautiluss Stygian Habitat EP Turbo 2012 focus+artiste+nautiluss
14 Minor Science Blue Deal Second Language EP Whities 2020

15 RTR Waika4 PlanetX Analogical Force 2020

16 Rico Casazza Brickbeat Psycho Harmonic Language Archipel 2008 focus+rico casazza
17 Rico Casazza Whisky Mess-Age From The Black Forest Archipel 2009 focus+rico casazza
18 Rico Casazza Leaving Las Vegas Leaving Las Vegas EP Cartulis Music 2013 focus+rico casazza
19 Rico Casazza Ambiency Transcendental Business EP Plastic City. Play 2014 focus+rico casazza
20 Rico Casazza Solipcyzm Solipcyzm EP Refine 2014 focus+rico casazza
21 Lobec 5am Nostalgia (Rico Casazza Mix) 5am Nostalgia EP Furthur Electronix 2019 focus+rico casazza
22 Rico Casazza Purplewave Purplewave EP Dionysian Mysteries 2020 focus+rico casazza
23 Rico Casazza Sequenza Yaman EP Archipel 2016 focus+rico casazza
24 Carl Abrahamsson & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge A Perfect Restraint Loyalty Does Not End With Death iDEAL Recordings 2019

25 Trance Wax Trance 25 Trance Wax Seven Trance Wax 2020

Rico Casazza The Italian Job for NTS show

satellite+237+from+rico casazza
Atmosphere #834 08/03/2020 S+T

1 Happa One Three Five Blue 07 EP Whities 2020

2 Noah Gibson Backstreet Krasch III EP Krasch 2019

3 Mattheis Blue robins A Falcon's Eyrie EP Nous'klaer Audio 2020

4 DJ Plead Mercy Massari for Relief EP Sumac 2020

5 Pavilion X 0314 Optimist EP Pavilion 2020
aka Flørist
6 SHDW & Obscure Shape Nachtblende Nachtblende EP From Another Mind 2015 focus+artiste+SHDW & Obscure Shape
7 SHDW & Obscure Shape Am Ende Der Welt Himmel Und Erde EP REKIDS 2017 focus+artiste+SHDW & Obscure Shape
8 SHDW & Obscure Shape Die Weiße Rose Die Weiße Rose From Another Mind 2016 focus+artiste+SHDW & Obscure Shape
9 Daniel Avery Projector (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix) Song For Alpha B​-​Sides & Remixes Phantasy Sound 2019 focus+artiste+SHDW & Obscure Shape
10 SHDW & Obscure Shape Die Prophezeiung Die Augen Des Teufels From Another Mind 2018 focus+artiste+SHDW & Obscure Shape
11 SHDW & Obscure Shape Leiser Zorn Die Illusion Artscore 2019 focus+artiste+SHDW & Obscure Shape
12 Chris Moss Acid K545 303 Express Vol 2 Wrong-Lab 2006 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
13 Chris Moss Acid B9 Butyric Acidosis Chris Moss Acid Self-released 2006 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
14 Chris Moss Acid Chris Waddles Space Volly Mully and Chris Moss Acid 'Italia 90 TRAX' Wrong-Lab 2008 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
15 Chris Moss Acid Acid buddy Londons Calling EP Mathematics 2007 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
16 Chris Moss Acid Tartaric acid [2009 RM] The hungover stuntman Boxfade 2012 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
17 Chris Moss Acid Bournemouth Acid Party Part 2 Bournemouth beach acid party EP Boxfade 2013 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
18 Chris Moss Acid Postvittana The hungover stuntman Boxfade 2012 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
19 Chris Moss Acid The shamen Righteous acid beats EP Computer Controlled 2015 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
20 Chris Moss Acid The Box Halosar EP Bug Klinik 2017 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
21 Chris Moss Acid lfht8 (damper nation) Lo-fi house vol.iii EP Boxfade 2017 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
22 Chris Moss Acid Space Disco Part II Space disco EP Boxfade 2011 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
23 Chris Moss Acid Super techno party [Brad Strikers 80's rave mix] Tregenwell Boxfade 2012 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
24 Chris Moss Acid Cannibal Holocaust (Lounge Act Mix) Halloween Cannibal holocaust (acid mixes) Boxfade 2015 focus+artiste+chris moss acid
25 James Holden & Wacław Zimpel Sunday Long Weekend EP Border Community / Ongehoord 2020

Atmosphere #833 23/02/20 S(+T)

1 Andrew Weatherall End Times Sound Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound EP ByrdOut 2020

2 Ricardo Tobar Regain Your Power After The Movie EP Musar 2020

3 A.A.L. [Against All Logic] If Loving You Is Wrong3 2017 - 2019 Other People 2020

4 Mantle of Gets Grosser Grocer3 Grosser Grocer Uchelfa 2020
aka Quinoline Yellow
5 Nathan Fake Tbilissi Blizzard Cambria Instruments 2020

6 Kano It's a war Kano Full Time 1980 focus+flashback+1980
7 Material Discourse Temporary Music Celluloid 1980 focus+flashback+1980
8 Ryuichi Sakamoto The end of europe B-2 Unit Alfa records 1980 focus+flashback+1980
9 Suicide Harlem Second album Ze 1980 focus+flashback+1980
10 Severed Heads Acid fur Ear bitten Terse tapes 1980 focus+flashback+1980
11 John Foxx Mr. No No one driving EP Metal Beat-Virgin 1980 focus+flashback+1980
12 Residents The The simple song The commercial album Celluloid 1980 focus+flashback+1980
13 James Ruskin Consumer Patterns Consumer Patterns EP Blueprint 2020

14 Surgeon Hostages Of The Deep The Golden Sea Ilian Tape 2020

15 Stanislav Tolkachev Influx3 Influx EP Dystant 2019

16 Harold Budd / Brian Eno Wind In Lonely Fences Ambient 2 (The Plateaux Of Mirror) Editions EG 1980 focus+flashback+1980
17 impLOG Holland Tunnel Dive Holland Tunnel Dive EP Infidelity 1980 focus+flashback+1980
18 Kai Martin & STICK! Jag Insar Inte Biomusik Silence 1980 focus+flashback+1980
19 Neu Electrikk Practically Isolate Cover Girl Synesthesia 1980 focus+flashback+1980
20 Silicon Teens Taste of Shock (pt2) Music for Parties Mute 1980 focus+flashback+1980
21 David Zed R.O.B.O.T. (Erreobioti) R.O.B.O.T. 7" EMI 1980 focus+flashback+1980
22 Roedelius Alle Jahre Wieder Selbstportrait - Vol. II (Teil 2: Freundliche Musik) Sky 1980 focus+flashback+1980
23 Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini Enter Exil Illusion of Time Phantasy 2020

Sigward Jettison

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

The Detox Twins In the Deep Water

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

Borusiade Lament (Fortunate Isolation)

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

Double Discone Retour De Chasse

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

Benoit B feat. Elen Huynh Vestigia Flammae

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

Jah Limonardi Und Die Kleine Gräfin Dubski Totti Und Pippo

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

P.M. Production Pele Mele

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

The Prophets & King Tubby A Living Version

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

Fly Pan Am One Hit Wonder

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall

Grauzone Raum (Ata's Extended Mix)

satellite+236+from+andrew weatherall
Atmosphere #832 16/02/2020 T(+S)

1 Andras River Red Joyful Beats In Space 2020

2 Yogtze Proxima Yogtze Running Back Incantations 2020

3 Steve Spacek Bright Eyes Rev Houses Black Focus 2020

4 Ans M Dust devils Petrichor EP TT (Tobago Tracks) 2020

5 Anunaku Atlas4088 Stargate EP 3024 2020

6 Torai Doppler Sensory Deprivation EP Lunar Orbiter Program 2020

7 Aquatronics Hydrosaurus V/a Don't You Wanna Know?/The Spacy Saga Vol 2 Jupiter4 2019

8 Yansima Tweede Cans Tweede Cans EP R & S 2020

9 Korrupt Data Drifting Vessels Korrupt Data Planet E 2014 random dig aka Kirk Degiorgio
10 Lime Extrasensory perception Sensual sensation Matra 1984 random dig
11 Klankman Love Hurts Klankman Bunker 2014 random dig
12 Hypnobeat Moon Jump (1984) Prototech Dark Entries 2017 random dig
13 Dream Frequency Live The Dream Live The Dream EP City Beat 1990 random dig
14 Curtis Roads Pictor Alpha (2003) Point Line Cloud Asphodel 2005 random dig
15 Coil Nasa-Arab 2 (1992) The gay man's guide to safer sex Musique pour la danse 2019 random dig
16 Hypnobeat Xmas in mongrovia Huggables (greatest hits of hypnobeat and hydrophobia) Monochrome Tapes 1985 random dig
17 The Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea (Evol Intent remix) Papua New Guinea (Evol Intent remix) Not on Label 2003 random dig
18 Chaos + Julia Set Learn To Fight Learn To Fight EP Evolution 1997 random dig
19 Grandbrothers Bloodflow (Brainwaltzera Catastrophic Blood Loss Edit) Bloodflow Remixes City Slang 2018 random dig
20 Cold Storage Canada wipEout 2097 Psygnosis 1997 random dig
21 Lone Abraxas Abraxas EP Ancient Astronauts 2019 random dig

Shasta Cults VGA Configurations Important 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

Multicast Dynamics Oceana Lost World Denovali 2019 le satellite+235+samotham aka Mohlao, VC-118A

Quirke Xultext cradle Steal a golden hail EP Whities 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

Brown Irvin Overcast Run Me That Soul EP Motion Ward 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

The Caretaker A Brutal Bliss Beyond This Empty Defeat Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 6 History Always Favours The Winners 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

African Ghost Valley Titans Titans EP Empty Head Rich Heart 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

Jan St. Werner 6 - b Glottal wolpertinger (fiepblatter catalogue #6) Thrill Jockey 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

Sk U Kno Cut and faze V A Thousands of Eyes in the Dark Ghostly International 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

Shasta Cults Prologue Shasta Cults Important-480di 2019 le satellite+235+samotham

Aardvarck IS Monkey Formula CROWD 2019 le satellite+235+samotham
Atmosphere #831 09/02/20 T(+S)

1 Pender Street Steppers Falling (vocal) Our Time EP Mood Hut 2019
2 Mangabey, Kosmo Kint Time no More Time No More / Get Lost EP Toy Tronics 2020
3 Men with secrets Ruins on Ruins Psycho romance and other spooky ballads The bunker New York 2020
4 illektrolab Robots needs love too Paranoid android EP Brokntoys 2019
5 Marco Shuttle Arpex Ritmo elegante EP Spazio Disponibile 2020
6 James Ruskin Kn AM3 Siklikal EP Tresor 2019 samotham+techno+mix
7 Bonka Dosheepdreamofandroidelectrics Cement Block EP Inta 2019 samotham+techno+mix
8 Duplex Molecular (ovatow reclock) VA FR-DPX Frustrated Funk 2019 samotham+techno+mix
9 Forest Drive West They Live They live Midgar 2019 samotham+techno+mix
10 Evigt Morker Strang tand Krona Northern Electronics 2019 samotham+techno+mix
11 Konduku Kas merkez Lila EP Idle Hands 2019 samotham+techno+mix
12 Ariel Zetina Valenzetina Shell EP Head Charge 2019 samotham+techno+mix
13 Human Resources Desilu (U Edit) BAM001 EP Body Action Music 2019 samotham+techno+mix
14 M.E.S.H. Rüstung Hart​.​.​. Aber Fair! Janus Berlin 2019 samotham+techno+mix
15 Anna & Miss Kittin Forever Ravers (ANNA´s Raving in Space Mix) Speicher 112 EP Kompakt Extra 2019 samotham+techno+mix
16 Cinthie The worm 803 crystal grooves 002 EP 803 crystal grooves 2019 samotham+techno+mix
17 E-Saggila Crimson liquescence My World My Way Northern Electronics 2019 samotham+techno+mix
18 Awdha One way to rave Disfunctional Issue EP Arts 2019 samotham+techno+mix
19 Buttechno WB movement Badtrip Trip 2019 samotham+techno+mix
20 Passarani Roche limit Ignition EP Unrelatable 2019 samotham+techno+mix
21 Im Kellar The scene The scene EP Moustache 2018 samotham+techno+mix
22 Acid Arab Was Was Jdid Crammed Discs 2019 samotham+techno+mix
23 Chase Smith Sending You Some Lungs (Instrumental) Sending You Some Lungs EP Apartment 2017 samotham+techno+mix
24 AQXDM Leisure Techno Infrared EP Houndstooth 2019 samotham+techno+mix
25 Markus Suckut 8 Voices In My Head EP Made Of Concrete 2019 samotham+techno+mix
26 Aurora Halal Eternal Blue (Wata Igarashi Crossing Remix) Liquiddity Mutual Dreaming 2019 samotham+techno+mix
27 Exos Wishof24 V A Magnetic field #1 Sungate 2018 samotham+techno+mix
28 Mark Broom Drift (2019 mix) Drift EP-[originally-1998] Frame of Mind 2019 samotham+techno+mix
29 Karenn Kind Of Green Kind Of Green EP Voam 2019 samotham+techno+mix
30 Anastasia Kristensen MAXIMA MAXIMA EP Houndstooth 2019 samotham+techno+mix
31 Midland Tortuga The alchemy of circumstance EP Graded 2019 samotham+techno+mix
32 AQXDM Aegis Aegis EP Bedouin 2018 samotham+techno+mix
33 Peder Mannerfelt Summercase 2006 Like We Never Existed EP Voam 2020 samotham+techno+mix
34 Exael Dolmen Bergamot / Dolmen EP Not On Label 2019
35 Stephen Mallinder Prefix Repeat Rewind Um Dada Dais 2019
36 Nicolas Godin Turn Right Turn Left Concrete & Glass Because Music 2020
37 Stenny Detraction Upsurge Ilian Tape 2019

Recondite Moon Pearl Dwell Ghostly International 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

Ulla Smile Tumbling Towards A Wall Experiences Ltd 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

Craven Faults Deipkier Erratics & Unconformities Leaf 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

Yamaneko Spirals Heaven Wide Spirals Heaven Wide Local Action 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

ASC Uracil Realm of the Void Auxiliary 2019 satellite+234+anagramme

Ex-Terrestrial Travel Safe Gamma Infolded Naff 2019 satellite+234+anagramme

Forest Drive West Drift Parallel Space EP Echocord 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

AIRCHINA Underground LP 2 Italic 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

Synkro Fields Images Apollo 2019 satellite+234+anagramme

Asa Tone River at Work Temporary Music Leaving Music 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

SQÜRL Robby's Theme Some Music For Robby Müller Sacred Bones 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

Nicolas Godin Cite Radieuse Concrete & Glass Because Music 2020 satellite+234+anagramme

Atmosphere #830 02/02/2020 S+T

1 Credit 00 Electromotive Force Beats For The Streets EP Mechatronica 2020

2 Delta Funktionen Moonstone Road North Point EP Cultivated Electronics 2020

3 Phase Fatale Mass Deception Scanning Backwards Ostgut Ton 2020

4 Ossia Crowd Psychology The Marzahn Versions EP Berceuse Heroique 2019

5 A Psychic Yes Maze Dream (Sapphire Slows Remix) Maze dream EP Kalahari Oyster Cult 2019

6 Le Car Audiofile10 Auto-Fuel E.P Monoplaza Records Co 1996 focus+artiste+le car
7 Le Car #16 (The Concept Car) Auto-Graph EP Monoplaza Records Co 1997 focus+artiste+le car
8 Le Car Flame Job Auto-Motif EP Monoplaza Records Co 1998 focus+artiste+le car
9 Le Car Warm Humans Automatic Craft 1997 focus+artiste+le car
10 Le Car Version 19 Auto-Reverse Clone Classic Cuts ‎ 2017 focus+artiste+le car
11 Le Car Erase That Thought Auto-Motif EP Monoplaza Records Co 1998 focus+artiste+le car
12 Perspects Desire & Efficiency Desire and efficiency EP Ersatz audio 1999 focus+artiste+le car+tapis
13 Adult. Silent property Dispassionate furniture EP Ersatz Audio 1998 focus+artiste+adult.
14 Plasma Co. Private conversations Modern romantics EP Electrecord 1998 focus+artiste+adult. aka Adult.
15 Artificial Material Logico-Mathematical Artificial Material EP Ersatz Audio 1995 focus+artiste+adult.
16 Adult. Nausea (mega-blend) Nausea EP Ersatz Audio 2000 focus+artiste+adult.
17 Adult. Blank eyed nose bleed Anxiety always Ersatz Audio 2003 focus+artiste+adult.
18 Adult. Sideways Let's Feel Bad Together EP Ersatz Audio 2008 focus+artiste+adult.
19 Adult. Women's work Decampment part 3 Ersatz Audio 2008 focus+artiste+adult.
20 Adult. Everything & Nothing This Behavior Dais 2018 focus+artiste+adult.
21 Adult. Coming Apart Subsurface / Coming Apart EP Dais 2019 focus+artiste+adult.
22 Adult. Work Work / Wreck EP Ersatz Audio 2013 focus+artiste+adult.
23 Joel Brittain After Words States of Mind Gated Recordings 2020

24 BDB Niio Rhythm Boss Rhythm / Niio Rhythm EP Feel My Bicep 2019

25 ISAN Hokusais wave Nine simple works ISAN Self-released 2019

26 EEDL Parabola Unstored Lapsus 2020

The Black Dog Conspiracy Tapes 08 Conspiracy Tapes 08 Sex Cult NXIVM Dust Science
satellite+233+from+black dog
Atmosphere #829 26/01/2020 (S+T)

1 Moreno Ácido & Diogo Roçadas Roçadas EP Holuzam 2019
2 Broken English Club Vermin White Rats II L.I.E.S. 2019
3 Boreal Massif Black rapids We all have an impact Pessimist productions 2019
4 Bergsonist La Rave Middle Ouest Optimo Music 2020
5 Squarepusher Terminal Slam Be Up A Hello Warp 2020
6 Dick Raaijmakers Piano-forte [1960] V/A Institute of sonology:Early electronic music 1959-69 Sub Rosa 2001 flashback+1960
7 Pierre Schaeffe Retour aux sources [1960] L'Œuvre Musicale INA-GRM 1990 flashback+1960
8 Tom Dissevelt Syncopation [1960] Electronic Movements Philips 1960 flashback+1960
9 Vladimir Ussachevsky Wireless Fantasy [1960] V/A Ohm The early gurus of electronic music Ellipsis Art 2000 flashback+1960
10 Bella Boo Hotel europa feat Gnucci Once upon a passion Studio Barnhus 2019
11 Levon Vincent World Order Music World Order Music Novel Sound 2019
12 Leif Ogam Igam-Ogam EP Livity sound 2019
13 Kraftwerk Ruckzuck Kraftwerk Philips 1970 flashback+1970
14 Steve Reich Phase Patterns Four organs Phase Patterns Shandar 1970 flashback+1970
15 Eliane Radigue Backward 38 Vice Versa Etc Self-released 1970 flashback+1970
16 Eliane Radigue Onward 76 Vice Versa Etc Self-released 1970 flashback+1970
17 Jean Jacques Perrey Gossipo Perpetuo Moog Indigo Vanguard 1970 flashback+1970
18 Wayne Slawson Wishful Thinking About Winter V/A Voice Of The Computer: New Musical Horizons Decca 1970 flashback+1970
19 Niagara Sangandongo [extrait] Niagara United Artists 1970 flashback+1970
20 Popol Vuh Ich Mache Einen Spiegel - dream part 4 Affenstunde Liberty 1970 flashback+1970
21 Claude Denjean United We Stand Electronic Experience Decca 1970 flashback+1970
22 EEDL Parabola Unstored Lapsus 2020
23 Yamaneko Fall Control Spirals Heaven Wide Local Action 2019
24 Oval Oxagon Scis Thrill Jockey 2020
25 Clara! y Maoupa Badman Luna Nueva Editions Gravats 2019
26 Emptyset Stem Blossoms Thrill Jockey 2019
27 Ulla I Think My Tears Have Become Good Tumbling Towards A Wall Experiences Ltd 2020

Jajard Le Satellite #65 / 23/11/14


Atmosphere #828 19/01/2020 T+S+Lauphi

1 DJ Haus Jak Beat (Nikk Remix) Modul8 EP Unknown To The Unknown 2020

2 Delta Funktionen Intrusion North Point EP Cultivated Electronics 2019

3 Villeneuve & Morando feat. Vacarme Abandoned Soundwaves Artifical Virgins EP Sounds Like Yeah ! 2018

4 Isan Perlon Lamenting Machine Morr Music 2019

5 Umwelt Faceless Power Ecopoiesis VOITAX 2019

6 Arabian Panther Desert's Anthem V/A Freedom Fighters Harara Palestine 2019

7 X-Dream Superintelligence V/A Locus error трип 2019

8 I Hate Models Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown EP Arts 2019

9 Forest Drive West Parallel Space Parallel Space EP Echocord 2020

10 Recondite Mirror Games Dwell Ghostly International 2020

11 Clark Branding Problem Branding Problem EP Throttle 2019

12 Ondo Fudd Earth Queen Voice Eyes glide through the oxide The Trilogy Tapes 2019
aka Call Super
13 Ulla Smile Tumbling Towards A Wall Experiences Ltd 2020

14 The Black Dog Blood Over Intent - Part 1 Conspiracy Tapes Live: Birmingham & Glasgow Dust Science 2020

ISAN Eastside (Simon Scott Mix)

William Basinski Variations For Tape And Piano Excerpt

Mount Kimbie William

ISAN Device

ISAN Remegio

Ezekiel Honig A Lake Of Suggestions Pt 1

Rachel Unthank And The Winterset* Sea Song

The Caretaker Persistent Repetition Of Phrases

Robert Lippok Close

ISAN Lop Helston Conceit

ISAN Eastside

Atmosphere #827 12/01/20 T(+S)

1 Deena Abdelwahed Lila fi Tounes ذكر (Dhakar) EP Infiné 2020
2 Quirke Spinhaunt coil Steal a golden hail Whities 2019
3 Aardvarck Monkey see... Monkey see... [single] Deep Medi Musik 2019
4 Bjarki Psychotic_Window K7! 2019
5 Iñigo Vontier Don't Go Back El Hijo Del Maiz Lumière Noire 2019
6 Ziúr Laniakea ATØ Planet Mu 2019
7 Function Kurzstrecke Existenz Tresor 2019
8 Shadowax Nikolai reptile Nikolai Reptile EP трип 2019
9 Ex-Terrestrial Trails Gamma Infolded Naff 2019
11 ASC Tryst Realm of the Void Auxiliary 2019
12 Afriqua Shout Colored R & S 2019
13 Samo DJ Folie To Apeiron EP Bizarro 2019
14 Lipelis Bordeaux lovin Bordeaux lovin EP Public possession 2019
15 James Shinra Gypgry Darkroom EP Craigie Knowes 2019
16 FFT Loss Regional / Loss EP The Trilogy Tapes 2019
17 Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy Hela هيلا Whities 023 (The act of falling from the 8th floor) EP Whities 2019
18 Kali Malone Spectacle Of Ritual The Sacrificial Code iDEAL 2019
Gordon Pigeon La Voix du Silence La voix du silence bandcamp 2009 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Rudy Adrian Subterranean River Desert Realms Lotuspike 2008 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Peter Kater Night's Cavern Resonance New Earth Records 2016 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Michael Stearns Monk with Bell Baraka (soundtrack) Milan 1993 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Erik Wollo Crystal Bells 1 Crystal Bells Projekt 2012 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

David Parsons Urartu to Ubud Ngaio Gamelan Celestial Harmonies 1999 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Arve Henriksen Float World of Glass All Ice 2014 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Jeff Oster Beautiful Silence Surrender Retso 2011 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

James Hood Timebomb(Any Minute Now) Pure Ceremony Edible Sounds 2017 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Forrest Fang Seven Coronas Letters To The Farthest Star Projekt 2015 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Jarguna Garden of the Mantras Prospettive Animiche Projekt: Archive 2019 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman

Gordon Pigeon Rêves de carillons éoliens La voix du silence bancamp 2009 le satellite+230+Paul Asbury Seaman
Atmosphere #826 22/12/2019 S+T

1 Anthony Naples I'll Follow You Fog Fm ANS 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
2 Lerosa Cluster Bucket of Eggs Acid Test 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
3 Quirke Spinhaunt Coil Steal a Golden Hail Whities 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
4 Aleksi Perälä NL-L56-18-07448 Sunshine 3 Djak-Up-Bitch 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
5 Barker Paradise engineering Utility Ostgut Ton 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
6 DJ Nigga Fox Sub Zero Cartas Na Manga Príncipe 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
7 The Exaltics Tunnel Chase 2 Worlds Clone West Coast Series 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
8 Special Request Double Rainbow Bedroom Tapes Houndstooth 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
9 Pye Corner Audio Mindshaft Hollow Earth Ghost Box 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
10 A Sagittariun Zeus I Prepare For Launch Return to Telepathic Heights Running Back Incantations 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
11 FKA Twigs Fallen alien Magdalene Young Turks 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
12 NKISI I 7 Directions UIQ 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
13 Peder Mannerfelt Lucid in the Sky Life Without Friction EP Seilscheibenpfeiler 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
14 Al Wootton Body Healthy Body Healthy EP Trule 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
15 ASOK Better Dead Than Alien Better Dead Than Alien EP M>O>S 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
16 Credit 00 Deep in the Jungle Deep in the Jungle EP Uncanny Valley 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
17 Geinst Mantra Mantra EP ARTS 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
18 Pelada Aquí Movimiento Para Cambio PAN 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
19 PTU Over Am I Who I Am трип 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
20 Slikback & Hyph11e Ishu Slip B EP SVBKVLT / Hakuna Kulala 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
21 John Shima Migrate The Lonely Machine Firescope 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
22 Ekman To See You This Way A Pastime for Semi Gods Bedouin 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
23 Nathan Micay Join Me Or Die. Can You Do Any Less Blue Spring LuckyMe 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
24 Wata Igarashi DNA Kioku EP The Bunker New-York 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
25 Anastasia Kristensen Ascetic Ascetic EP Arcola 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
26 Greg Beato Finger trance Loud NI UN PERO 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
27 Galaxian Golden Armageddon Golden Armageddon EP Natural Sciences 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019
28 Lost Souls Of Saturn The Awakening (James Holden's Past Life Rave Regression) The Awakening (James Holden remix) EP R & S 2019 atmosphere+bilan+2019

Jan Jelinek and Asuna Blinking of countless lines Signals Bulletin Faitiche 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Young Marco Temple On A Road Bahasa Island Of The Gods 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Abul Mogard The Goldfinch Rises Kimberlin (Original Soundtrack) Ecstatic 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Yves de Mey Sueda Sueda Line 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Comit Soft Focus Remote Viewing A Strangely Isolated Place 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening Emerging Sights Victory Over The Sun Semantica 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Sa Pa Gokotto In A Landscape Mana 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

John Beltran It's because of her Hallo Androiden Blue Arts Music 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Helm You are the database Chemical Flowers PAN 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Teebs Muted Anicca Brainfeeder 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Donato Dozzy 12h.5 12h Presto!? 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Caterina Barbieri Bow of Perception Ecstatic Computation Editions Mego 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

VC-118A Integrated circuits Inside Delsin 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019

Rrose Mine Hymn to Moisture EAUX 2019 le satellite+bilan+2019
Atmosphere #825 15/12/19 (S+T)

1 Maelstrom Heat Wave Heat Wave EP Mechatronica 2019
2 Relaxer Born from Beyond Coconut Grove Avenue 66 2019
3 Bot1500 Matrix 14.2 Matrix EP Analogical Force 2019
4 Pender Street Steppers Falling Our Time EP Mood Hut 2019
5 Ramzi Kombat Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé FATi 2019
6 Raime Num Planted EP RR 2019
7 Boy Harsher Come Closer Careful Nude Club 2019
8 Tom of England Neon green Sex monk blues EP L.I.E.S. 2019
9 Klein Never Will I Disobey Lifetime Ijn Inc. 2019
10 Slikback & Hyph11e Shimian Slip B EP SVBKVLT/Hakuna Kulala 2019
11 33EMYBW Seeds of the Future Arthropods SVBKVLT 2019
12 Gooooose Resort Rusted silicon SVBKVLT 2019
13 Chris Korda Ra Mi Akoko Ajeji Perlon 2019
14 DJ Nigga Fox Pão de Cada Dia Cartas Na Manga Príncipe 2019
15 Regular Citizen Thirteen Sleeping Unique Presto!? 2019
16 Giant Swan Pan Head Giant Swan Keck 2019
17 Umwelt The windfall Superior life forms Midnight Shift 2019
18 Skee Mask Slow music iss004 EP Ilian Tape 2019
19 Desroi As You Desire Me Floating in Empty Semantica 2019
20 Dark Sky Love Walk Cold Harbour Dark Sky 2019
21 RRoxymore Energy Points Face to Phase Don't Be Afraid 2019
22 Quirke Se Seven 7S Steal A Golden Hail Whities 2019
23 Teebs Atoms Song (capsule) Anicca Brainfeeder 2019

Georgia Hassan Side Tracks Métron 2019 satellite+samotham+229

Mister Water Wet Sarah sleeping Bought The Farm West Mineral Ltd. 2019 satellite+samotham+229

Zoë Mc Pherson & Rupert Clervaux Cercle Vicieux Plafond 5 BAKK 2019 satellite+samotham+229

Iueke Of The Dust VA Musique ambiente française volume 2 Tigersushi 2019 satellite+samotham+229

Evigt Morker Kvavd Krona Northern Electronics 2019 satellite+samotham+229

ojeRum ...of the horizon On the Swollen Lips of the Horizon Line 2019 satellite+samotham+229

Iona Fortune Da You 大有 Tao of I Volume 2 Ecstatic 2019 satellite+samotham+229

Aleksi Perälä NL-l56-18-07441 Sunshine 3 Djak-Up-Bitch 2019 satellite+samotham+229
Atmosphere #824 08/12/19 S(+T)

1 Martyn One Eye One Eye EP 3024 2019
2 Joy Overmono Bromley Bromley / Still Moving XL 2019
3 Fehler Kuti Mayday Mayday Schland Is The Place For Me Alien Transistor 2019
4 Madteo Evol On Dropped Out Sunshine DDS 2019
5 Datassette Holiday 88 Existenzmaximum EP Future Massive 2019
6 Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus 11 Items 11 Items West Mineral 2019
7 Galaxian External Observer Coming Up For Air Ilian Tape 2019
8 Atypic Henkhisesui DE-10.09 EP De:Tuned 2019
9 As One The Specialist Communion De:Tuned 2019
10 Shed Menschen und Mauern Oderbruch Ostgut Ton 2019
11 Daisy Moon Anemone Geometry Of Curves EP Idle Hands 2019
12 Nathan MIcay Feed The Planetary Sharks Original Schvitz 001 EP Original Schvitz 2019
13 Nathan MIcay Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain Blue Spring LuckyMe 2019
14 Giant Swan Pandaemonium Giant Swan Keck 2019
15 Ekman If Than Else A Pastime For Semi Gods Bedouin 2019
16 Xin Declared Denied Melts into love Subtext 2019
17 FKA Twigs Sad day Magdalene Young Turks 2019
18 Flame 2 Rain Dive, Rain EP Hyperdub 2019
19 Aleksi Perala UKMH51900043 Resonance трип 2019
20 AQXDM Tunnel Vision Infrared EP Houndstooth 2019
21 Evigt Morker Kloten Krona Northern Electronics 2019
22 C.S.P.N. Nerdlihc Define Reflection of an echo D.M.T. Records 2019
23 Gigi Masin Calypso Calypso Apollo 2020

Daisy Moon Halcyon Geometry Of Curves EP Idle Hands 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Olaf Blanch Birds Borealis EP Modern Obscure Music 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Brad Mehldau Striving after wind Finding Gabriel Nonesuch 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Lapalux ESC Amnioverse Brainfeeder 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening Before The Rain Victory Over The Sun Semantica 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Susumu Yokota Direct transmission VCloud Hidden Lo Recordings 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Donato Dozzy 12h10 12h Presto!? 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Jenna Sutela Nimiia Vibié ii Nimiia Vibié EP Pan 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Andy Stott Promises It Should Be Us Modern Love 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Alessandro Cortini Batticuore Volume Massimo Mute 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

As One Irimias Communion De:tuned 2019 satellite+228+anagramme

Hollie Kennif Nearly Every Day The Gathering Dawn n5MD 2019 satellite+228+anagramme
Atmosphere #823 01/12/19 (T+S)

1 Leon Vynehall I, Cavallo I, Cavallo Ninja Tune 2019
2 Andy Stott Versi It Should Be Us Modern Love 2019
3 Lapalux Earth Amnioverse Brainfeeder 2019
4 James Ruskin Kn Te3 Siklikal EP Tresor 2019
5 Blu Terra Western-Eastern Marymont EP Céad 2019
6 Overmono Le Tigre POLY011 EP Poly Kicks 2019
7 Buttechno J become Badtrip Trip 2019
8 Orlando Voorn Rejected City Rejected City EP E-Beamz 2019
9 Circadian Rhythms Optima dance Basic Moves 11 Basic Moves 2019
10 Leif Montpelier Montpelier / Rumex EP Tio series 2019
11 HTRK Pressed in Glass II Over The Rainbow Boomkat Editions 2019
12 Grischa Lichtenberger 0319 14 re 0718 EINS 7b (32 cents) Re: Phgrp (Reworking "Consequences" By Philipp Gropper's Philm) Raster 2019
13 Anunaku Bronze Age Whities 024 EP Whities 2019
14 DJ Lag and Okzharp Nyusa Steam rooms EP Hyperdub 2019
15 TSVI Inner worlds Inner worlds Nervous Horizon 2018
16 Call Super All We Have Is Speed All We Have Is Speed EP Peach discs 2019
17 Vertigo Inc. Mayura Adornments EP Unfulfillment 2019
18 Sound Stream Flash back Love remedy Sound Stream 2019
19 Photonz Ode to nuit Nuit Dark Entries 2019
20 Mono/Poly Hell is in Monotomic Blue & White Swirl Hit & Run 2019
21 Blanck Mass Hush Money Animated Violence Mild Sacred Bones 2019
22 Shit & Shine No No No No No No No No OOH-sounds 2019
23 Varg & Bladee Perfect Violation Evanescence (a Love Letter) Posh Isolation 2019

Leif Rosa Loom dream EP Whities 2019 satellite+samotham+227

5ive Entropy Planet Be EP Thinner Groove 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Rrose Hymn To Moisture Hymn to Moisture EAUX 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Tavishi Lobhe paap, paape mrityu মশ্তিষ্কের কণ্ঠশ্বর - Voices in my head Chinabot 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Oren Ambarchi Palm Sugar Candy Simian angel Editions Mego 2019 satellite+samotham+227

The Newcomer Is As Us Earth motivation EP Beatrice & Annie 2017 satellite+samotham+227

Orior To return Still Strange DDS-031 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Alva Noto+Anne-James Chaton Lune Alphabet Noton 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Ana Roxanne Slowness ~~~ Leaving 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Abul Mogard I Watched The Sea The Fields The Sky Kimberlin (Original Soundtrack) Ecstatic 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Moss Covered Technology DEParture Process Slow Walking Polar Seas 2019 satellite+samotham+227

Georgia Aoesdawas Immute Ekster 2019 satellite+samotham+227
Atmosphere #822 24/11/19 S+T

1 Krystal Klear Gambino Cyclia One EP Running Back 2019
2 TB Release A Call For Romance Permanent Vacation 2019
3 Squarepusher Vortrack Vortrack Warp 2019
4 Ryan James Ford Tunic 3NVY EP Djak-Up-Bitch Dub 2019
5 LFO Take Control [live 20/10/1990] Peel Session Warp 2019
6 Final Cut She Destroys Deep Into The Cut Full Effect 1989 classics
7 Ebi Hi Zen Space Teddy 1994 classics
8 Takkyu Ishino Polynasia Berlin Trax Tresor 1998 classics
9 Fumiya Tanaka Continuation Unknown Possibility Vol. 1 Torema 1997 classics
10 Takaaki Itoh Stella Box EP Majesty 1999 classics
11 Luke Slater Love (Silent Servant remix) Love Remixes EP Mote-Evolver 2019 classics
12 Phuture Acid Track (Acidulent remix) 35-003 (Acid Track Remixes) EP Afro Acid 2019 classics
13 Ken Ishii Extra Jelly Tones R & S 1995 classics
14 214 Voice check Everything changed EP Frustrated Funk 2019
15 Suzanne Kraft Slam Slam EP Animals Dancing 2019
16 Terrence Dixon Running time For the far future Tresor 2000 classics
17 TPM Beta bodega (tercer poder mundial) VA Frente 57 Beta Bodega 2000 classics
18 Random Noise Generation Instrument of change Instrument of change EP 430 West 1999 classics
19 Rue East (=Dave Hill, Mark Broom) Deadline After Hours EP Pure Plastic 2000 classics
20 James Ruskin Detached Point 2 Tresor 2000 classics
21 Dima Beaten 4 nothing Copy Kills Music Choice 2000 classics
22 Closer Musik One two three (no gravity) One Two Three (No Gravity) Kompakt 2000 classics
23 Squarepusher Port rhombus Port rhombus Warp 1996 classics
24 Donato Dozzy 12H.4 12h Presto!? 2019

Dj Food Blech 20.1

2009 satellite+from+dj food

Atmosphere #821 17/11/2019 (S)

1 Celestial Rituals Invoke The Healer Informa 2019 anagramme+dj set
2 Upwellings Bam Door Slam Illusory Fog spclnch 2019 anagramme+dj set
3 C.S.P.N. Fo dnik A Define Reflection of an echo D.M.T. Records 2019 anagramme+dj set
4 Deepbass Lucid Immersive EP Planet Rhythm 2019 anagramme+dj set
5 Cassegrain Clear Sights ARCS-08 Arcing Seas 2019 anagramme+dj set
6 Celestial Rituals Aluna The Healer Informa 2019 anagramme+dj set
7 Chris Liebing, Charlotte de Witte In Memory Liquid Slow EP KNTXT 2019 anagramme+dj set
8 Denise Rabe Don't Leave Manifesto Stroboscopic Artefacts 2019 anagramme+dj set
9 Merino Daga Intuicion Semantica 2019 anagramme+dj set
10 Altstadt Echo Two Hunted Animals 1933 EP Modern Cathedrals 2019 anagramme+dj set
11 Love Letters Servito 95 Cast Off EP The Bunker New York 2019 anagramme+dj set
12 Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening Red Skies Victory Over The Sun Semantica 2019 anagramme+dj set
13 Sa Pa Rose Bay In a Landscape Mana 2019 anagramme+dj set
14 Shifted Mixen The Light Touch Stroboscopic Artefacts 2019 anagramme+dj set
15 Tensal Civil Defense Real Ammunition EP Warm Up 2019 anagramme+dj set
16 Voiski Reaffirming Eternity At The Speed Of Love EP ara 2019 anagramme+dj set
17 Voiski Your Heart Starts to Race Our Brilliant Failure Bassiani 2019 anagramme+dj set
18 Sedvs Anticipation (Regis Remix) Ego Is ID Bare Hands 2019 anagramme+dj set
19 Dawn Razor No One (Unbalance Remix) No One EP Arts 2019 anagramme+dj set
20 Héctor Oaks We Met Under The Strobe Light We Met Under The Strobe Light EP OAKS 2019 anagramme+dj set
21 D_roots Wide Open ?Stream Of Data EP Dolly 2019 anagramme+dj set
22 Olaf Blanch Borealis Borealis Modern Obscure Music 2019 anagramme+dj set
23 JESUSLOVESACID Swimming Corpus Hypercubus Vitalik 2019 anagramme+dj set

Gigi Masin Talk To The Sea Talk To The Sea Music From Memory 2014 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Earthen Sea Our Bloods A Relentless Gaze Silent Season 2017 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Susumu Yokota Secret Garden The Boy And The Tree Skintone 2002 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Varg Öhn Ursviken Northern Electronics 2015 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Mkwaju Ensemble Hot Air Ki-Motion Better Days 1981 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Fjäder Shades Of Light Shades Of Light Shaded Explorations 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Milena Kriegs Svadisthana Human Experience Annulled 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Varg & Abdulla Rashim Metro Entrance II V/A Scandinavian Swords II Northern Electronics 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Wanderwelle Untitled V/A Isolatedmix 72 A Strangely Isolated Place 2017 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Function Ember (Field) Ember EP Sandwell District 2011 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Sky H1 Huit V/A Mono No Aware PAN 2017 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Huerco S. A Sea Of Love For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Isorinne Composite City Echoic Memoir Northern Electronics 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Periskop Immerse (Component IX) Immerse Kabaliion 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Isorinne Los Angeles 2017 2061 Mixed Up 2015 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Yko Shiro (Max Loderbauer Remix) Taō Remixes EP Akō 2015 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri Un Horizonte En Llamas La Equidistancia A Strangely Isolated Place 2017 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Woodkid & Nils Frahm Winter Morning I Ellis Erased Tapes 2016 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix

Anthony Linell Royal Island Consolidate Northern Electronics 2017 satellite+wanderwelle+Isolatedmix
Atmosphere #820 10/11/2019 S+T+Alice Drums

1 Badass Township Grooves Two on the hip Themba Lekaba Afro Dizzy 2019
2 Karenn Raz Grapefruit Regret Voam 2019
3 Fret Helicopter Rig Va Let Love Decide Pt 1 Downwards 2019
4 Alice Drums Jenny - live Pulsar studio 10/11/2019

guest+alice drums
5 Alice Drums Taxi - live Pulsar studio 10/11/2019

guest+alice drums
6 Alice Drums Myako - live Pulsar studio 10/11/2019

guest+alice drums
7 Moderne Vers L'Est Moderne Arabella 1980 guest+alice drums
8 Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchidananda Journey In Satchidananda Impulse! 1971 guest+alice drums
9 Marc Codsi Invocation A New World Marc Codsi Self-released 2019 guest+alice drums
10 Psychic Turtle Elixir Psychic Turtle Psychic Turtle self-released 2019 guest+alice drums
11 Siriusmo Wixn Comic Monkeytown 2017 guest+alice drums
12 Cubenx & Boogzbrown La Possession Antipode EP Infiné 2019
13 EDM Jodyssey ar1 EDM M Electric Dance Music 2019
14 808 State Carbonade Transmission Suite 808 State Self-released 2019
15 Joy O While She’s Away (ft Mansur Brown) Slipping EP Hinge Finger 2019
16 Rrose Open Cell Hymn to Moisture EAUX 2019

Alphonse Tram Le Satellite #24
2013 satellite+rediffusion+100
Atmosphere #819 03/11/19 S+T

1 Acid Arab Club DZ Jdid Crammed Discs 2019
2 EOD Warmwoods mesh Warmwoods EP bbbbb 2019
3 EOD 92929 Mix Treatment EOD Self-released 2019
4 Fret Helicopter Rig V/A Let Love Decide Pt 1 Downwards 2019
5 Tibia Celes Polypola EP Man Band 2019
6 Pugilist Undulate Blue 06 EP Whities 2019
7 Toma Kami Aces Negative Extasy EP Livity Sound 2019
8 Datach'i Saugerties Road Bones Timesig 2019
9 Susumu Yokota Implications of Karma Cloud Hidden Lo 2019
10 Altstadt Echo Slept But A Sea Apart 1933 EP Modern Cathedrals 2019
11 Georgia Suali Time Firecracker 2019
12 Peder Mannerfelt Life Without Friction Life Without Friction EP Seilscheibenpfeiler 2019
13 Floating Points For you For you Eglo 2009 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
14 Mizz Beats Dirty Dishes Are We The Dictators? EP Eglo 2011 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
15 Funkineven Must Move She's Acid / Must Move EP Eglo 2010 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
16 Byron the Aquarius Mind, Body & Soul Leaving This Planet Eglo 2017 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
17 Hejira Pinter Name Surname EP Eglo 2015 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
18 Fatima Waltz And Yet It's All Love Eglo 2018 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
19 Shafiq Husayn Walking round town (feat. silka) The Loop Eglo 2019 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
20 Floating Points Vacuum boogie Vacuum EP Eglo 2009 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
21 ARP.101 Flush Flush EP Eglo 2010 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
22 Dego & Kaidi Dont Remain The Same Dego & Kaidi EP Eglo 2014 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
23 Strange U Vapourous EP #2040 Eglo 2014 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
24 Abstract eye, The Reflexes The Abstract Eye/Funkineven 'Reflexes/Egypt EP' Eglo 2013 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
25 Floating Points Lucerne Valley Reflections - mojave desert Pluto 2017 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points
26 Floating Points Coorabell Lesalpx / Coorabell EP Ninja Tune 2019 focus+label+eglo+artist+floating points

Floating Points LateNightTales - MIX V/A LateNightTales LateNightTales 2019 satellite+from+floating points
Atmosphere #818 27/10/19 S+T

1 Scuba Burn Out Expectations EP Hotflush 2019
2 Hieroglyphic Being The Spiritual or electromganteci worlds Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubism EP On The Corner 2019
3 Pelada Habla Tu Verdad Movimiento Para Cambio PAN 2019
4 Jacques Greene Stars Dawn Chorus Lucky Me 2019
5 Floating Points Apoptose Pt1 Crush Ninja Tune 2019
6 Aldrich Telecom Shift Ravaged Minds EP Super Hexagon 2019
7 Emma DJ It Is Saliva Dreamer Global Pharmaceutical Lavibe 2019
8 Caustic Window Astroblaster Joyrex J5 Rephlex 1992 classics
9 Pita Untitled 5 Get down Mego 2002 classics
10 Le Car Cinematic Automatic (Heinrich Muller Remix) VA Comin' from tha D vol.3 Intuit-Solar 2000 classics
11 Foremost Poets Pressin On Pressin On EP International Deejay Gigolo 2000 classics
12 Sutekh Ad nauseum Influenza EP Drop Beat 1997 classics
13 Errorsmith Stiff neck Errorsmith 2 Errorsmith 2002 classics
14 Fennesz Happy audio Endless summer Mego 2001 classics
15 Shades Of Rhythm ‎ Just Feel It Just Feel It EP Beatbox International Recordings 1988 classics
16 The Bloodsuckas Radio Athletico Radio Athletico EP Acid Jazz 1996 classics
17 Technical Itch Darkhalf Diagnostics Moving Shadow 1999 classics
18 Photek Smoke Rings Modus Operandi Science 1997 classics
19 Amon Tobin Back From Space Out From Out Where Ninja Tune 2002 classics
20 Illuminati Of Hedfuk The Worm Turns The Worm Turns EP Ninja Tune 1995 classics

Biosphere @ Oscillate Birmingham '94

Atmosphere #817 20/10/2019 (S+T)

1 Laurent Garnier & Chambray Feelin' Good Feelin' Good EP REKIDS 2019
2 Chris Liebing & Charlotte De Witte Liquid Slow Liquid Slow EP KNTXT 2019
3 Donato Dozzy 12H.5 (Remix) Variations EP Spazio Disponibile 2019
4 Telefon Tel Aviv A Younger Version of Myself Dreams Are Not Enough Ghostly International 2019
5 ISAN From A Hundred Lamenting Machine Morr Music 2019
6 Linus And Amy Our Secret Tunnel (Joseph S Joyce Remix) The Black Below Remixed Default Position 2016 focus+label+default position
7 Heavenchord Aqua Laboratorium Dub On A Beach Of Infinite Worlds Default Position 2017 focus+label+default position
8 Charlie Thorstenson Vinden Luften Default Position 2018 focus+label+default position
9 Sebastian Mullaert Samunnati (original) Samunnati EP Default Position 2017 focus+label+default position
10 Terry Francis Gasworks (Darren Roach remix) Gasworks EP Default Position 2015 focus+label+default position
11 Joseph S Joyce & Atmo Paritosh The Warrior (Arrow Dub Mix) The Warrior Default Position 2015 focus+label+default position
12 Toh Imago Vaine Bataille Nord Noir Infiné 2019
13 Loraine James Vowel // Consonant For You And I Hyperdub 2019
14 Stanislav Tolkachev Fadeout Fadeout EP Funque Droppings 2005 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
15 Stanislav Tolkachev Future Raw EP Labrynth 2009 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
16 Stanislav Tolkachev Proof Creation From Nothing EP Energun 2012 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
17 Stanislav Tolkachev Building Peaks V/A Eight Modularz 2012 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
18 Станислав Толкачёв Оптические Иллюзии О Чём Ты Думаешь, Маленькая Уточка EP ИНСТРУМЕНТ 2015 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
19 Stanislav Tolkachev Like No One Is Watching Right angle EP Semantica 2014 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
20 Stanislav Tolkachev Apexcordis When You Are Not At Home Mord 2016 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
21 Stanislav Tolkachev The Main Thing Is To Survive Champions Breakfast EP Raw Waxes 2018 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
22 Stanislav Tolkachev Landowner There is almost no god EP Mord 2017 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
23 Stanislav Tolkachev Double Damage It Will Be Too Late Then Krill Music 2018 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
24 Stanislav Tolkachev The Fridge 2 The Fridge EP Rösten 2018 focus+artist+stanislav tolkachev
25 Vanessa Wagner Hudson Cycle (Marc Melia Version) [Nico Muhly] Inland Remixes EP Infiné 2019
26 James McVinnie, Tom Jenkinson Mixtures All Night Chroma Warp 2019

Ekman The 'Wednesday Alternative' Mix

Atmosphere #816 13/10/19 S+T

1 Afrodeutsche ‎ Make The Call Rr 001 EP River Rapid 2019

2 Jesuslovesacid Ideology Corpus Hypercubus Vitalik 2019

3 Datassette Kestrel Manoeuvres in the Dark Kestrel manoeuvres in the dark EP Central Processing Unit 2019

4 Silicon Scally Asynchronous Cobalt blue EP Central Processing Unit 2019

5 Privacy Filestream Autonegotiation EP Klakson 2019

6 SDEM BX16 Index Hole EP Central Processing Unit 2019

7 Scan 7 Black Moon Rising Black Moon Rising EP Underground Resistance 1993 focus+scan 7
8 Scan 7 Undetectable Undetectable EP Underground Resistance 1995 focus+scan 7
9 Scan 7 Twisted Groove Resurfaced Tresor 1999 focus+scan 7
10 Scan 7 You Have the Right I'm From Detroit EP Elypsia 2000 focus+scan 7
11 Scan 7 Final Destiny Vs Scan X : Final Destiny / Transit ‎ EP F Communications 2003 focus+scan 7
12 Scan 7 Music Within The Return of the Beginning Cratesavers Muzik 2002 focus+scan 7
13 Scan 7 Vicious Cycle The Aura EP Cratesavers Muzik 2007 focus+scan 7
14 Scan 7 Shadow Chaser (Scan 7 remix) Beyond Sound Tresor 1998 focus+scan 7
15 Scan 7 Stringin me alone Between Worlds Deeptrax 2019 focus+scan 7
16 NASA Time To Party (Sherraro's Mix) Time to party EP Express 1987 focus+scan 7 aka Lou Robinson & Sherard Ingram
17 Separate Minds 1st Bass We Need Somebody EP Express 1988 focus+scan 7 aka Lou Robinson, Marc Kinchen, Terrence Parker, Vernell Shelton
18 Separate Minds Scattered thoughts Troubled world EP Direct hit 1993 focus+scan 7 aka Lou Robinson, Marc Kinchen, Terrence Parker, Vernell Shelton
19 The Shadow The other side The lurking shadow EP Makin' Madd / Intangible 1995 focus+scan 7 aka Lou Robinson
20 Allergy Intuition Intuition EP Soma 1997 focus+scan 7 aka Lou Robinson, Reggie Curry
21 Unknown Force Circuit maximus Circuit maximus Internal drive EP 430 West 1995 focus+scan 7 aka Lou Robinson
22 Scan 7 Unusual channel Dark Territory Tresor 1996 focus+scan 7
23 Scan 7 Here to there Believe EP Transmat 2019 focus+scan 7
24 Alessandro Cortini Batticuore Volume Massimo Mute 2019

25 Merino Cuervo Intuición Semantica 2019

26 Sote Pseudo Scholastic Parallel Persia Diagonal 2019

Stephen Vitiello Secret Thirteen 071 [MIX]

satellite+from+Stephen Vitiello

Atmosphere #815 06/10/2019 S+T

1 Floating Points Last Bloom (Radio Edit) Crush Ninja Tune 2019

2 Mono Junk Minute in the midnight Vanished Forbidden Planet 2019

3 NotNotice трюфели Конструктор ФАКТУРА 2019

4 Rey Sapienz Ngando Mushoro EP Hakuna Kulala 2019

5 Ada Kaleh Valea Ancestrala Chemare cosmică EP R & S 2019

6 Allen Wootton Body Healthy Body Healthy EP Trule 2019

7 B12 In Pieces BrokenUnbroken EP Firescope 2016 focus+label+firescope
8 Steven Rutter Takedown Brainfog Firescope 2018 focus+label+firescope
9 Darren Nye Things she Said Emotional Intelligence Firescope 2017 focus+label+firescope
10 Bauri Warm Fuzzy Feeling Vinkelvolten Firescope 2017 focus+label+firescope
11 Miles Atmospheric Exoplanetology Skyhealer Firescope 2019 focus+label+firescope
12 Morphology Second Light Traveller Firescope 2018 focus+label+firescope
13 Domenico Torti Radar Radar EP Ed Banger 2019

14 Joep Beving Nebula Henosis Deutsche Grammophon 2019

15 Forest Drive West Jungle Crack Jungle Crack EP Rupture London 2016 focus+artist+forest drive west
16 Forest Drive West Show Them System EP Dnuos Ytivil 2016 focus+artist+forest drive west
17 Forest Drive West Persistence Of Memory 2 Persistence Of Memory EP Hidden Hawaii 2017 focus+artist+forest drive west
18 Forest Drive West Traveller Apparitions Livity Sound 2018 focus+artist+forest drive west
19 Artefakt The Fifth Planet (Forest Drive West Remix) Remixed EP Delsin 2019 focus+artist+forest drive west
20 Forest Drive West Block Nine They Live EP Midgar 2019 focus+artist+forest drive west
21 LEVL Arcola #3 LEVL1 Arcola 2019 focus+artist+forest drive west aka DB1 + Felix K + Forest Drive West
22 Bjarki Hrai hotturinn VA HELLCAT VOL. 1 bbbbbb 2019

Alejandro Dojorewski Eye Of The Beholder The Holy Mountain Finders Keepers 2015 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar" Originally 1973

Hilmar Öm Hilmarsson, Sigur Ros Black Dog And The Scottish Play Angels Of The Universe FatCat Records 2001 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Dean Hurley Low Sustained Mystery Anthology Resource Vol. 1 Sacred Bones Records 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Bass Communion Sisters Oregon B Sisters Oregon Substantia Innominata 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

H_C/Ben Frost Artist Reflection Artist Reflections unreleased 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Hlynur A. Vilmarsson BD (excerpt) Iceland Symphony Orchestra – Recurrance Sono Luminus 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra Audio Track 5 (Narrowest Sustain Version) Audio Track 5 Ninja Tune 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Roly Porter 4101 Third Law Triangle 2016 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Paul Jebanasam sigma*(y waiting -x) Continuum Subtext 2016 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Annelies Monseré I Will Lock You (UK Mix) Verjaardag Bluesanct 2006 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Sarah Davachi For Voice (edit) All My Circles Run Students Of Decay 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Los Angeles Percussion Quartet Memory Palace V. Claremont (edit) Beyond Sono Luminous 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Ryuichi Sakamoto Walker (edit) Async Milan 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Hans Zimmer/Benjamin Wallfisch Furnace Blade Runner 2049 Epic Records 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Kreng Tourniquet (Part One) (excerpt) Works For Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011 Miasmah 2012 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord A Point of No Return (sample) Stalker Fathom 1995 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Marcus Fjellström Arboretum (ending) Skelektikon Miasmah 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Robert Henke Studies For Thunder Signal To Noise Imbalance Computer Music 2004 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Michael Begg An Act Of Balance, Titan A Crane Is A Bridge Omnempathy 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

The Beacon Sound Choir Sea Of Voices (Machinefabriek Rework) (edit) Sunday Songs First Terrace Records 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Jon Hopkins Hunted How I Live OST Just Music 2013 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord A Point of No Return (sample) Stalker Fathom 1995 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Rødhåd Withheld Walk Anxious Dystopian 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Barbarix & Volatile Cycle Rundled (sample) Monoleth 001 MethLab 2016 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Jason van Wyk For Now Opacity Home Normal 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Büdie Siebert Wal-Hall-A, Vor Der Flut Hommage An Einen Wasserspeicher Eigelstein Musikproduktion 1985 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Heiner Goebbels Ye Who Read (edit) Shadow/Landscape With Argonauts ECM Records 1993 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Kenji Kawai Making Of Cyborg (edit) Ghost In The Shell OST RCA 1995 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Lydia Kavina; Barbara Buchholz Vakuum-Halluzinationen (for Two Theremins, Violin, And Violoncello) (edit) Touch! Don’t Touch! (Music For Theremin) Wergo 2006 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Karlheinz Stockhausen Stimmung Model 6, Theatre Of Voices Stimmung Harmonia Mundi 2007 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Aphex Twin XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix] Syro Warp 2014 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Hecq Untitled (BK Remix) Steeltongued Hymen 2009 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Jóhann Jóhannsson Part 2 / IBM 1403 Printer (excerpt) IBM 1401, A User’s Manual 4AD 2006 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Jóhann Jóhannsson Sun’s Gone Dim And The Sky’s Turned Black (fragment; edit) IBM 1401, A User’s Manual 4AD 2006 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

[The User] – }.}@}.@.}@}.@.}…… (edit) Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printer Staalplaat 2002 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Ryoji Ikeda Transmission (edit) Dataphonics Div Voir 2010 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Neil Pomerleau Dial-Up Sound unreleased; (

satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Looped Exodus Psalm 88 In Morsecode (edit) Souls Have Machines self-released 2016 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Atom Heart My Bird Can Sing Semiacoustic Nature Rather Interesting 1995 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Chris Watson El Divisadero El Tren Fantasma Touch 2011 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

The KLF Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold Chill Out KLF / Wax Trax / TVT 1990 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

The Future Sound Of London Bird Wings Lifeforms Virgin / Astralwerks 1994 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Chris Watson El Divisadero (continued…) El Tren Fantasma Touch 2011 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

The Future Sound Of London Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me Dead Cities Virgin / Astralwerks 1996 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Delia Derbyshire Dreaming, Out Of This World Atmospheric Sounds and Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop BBC Records And Tapes 1976 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Edward Artemyev Solaris, Station Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker Torso Kino 1990 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Jonathan Coleclough, Colin Potter, Bass Communion Yossaria Jonathan Coleclough & Bass Communion & Colin Potter ICR 2003 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Penjaga Insaf Djalan Sama Sadja Power & Steel 2010 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Alva Noto Xerrox Mesosphere Xerrox Vol.3 Raster-Noton 2015 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Sana Obruent The Preparation Dyatlov Blackjack Illuminist 2017 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Max Richter Whose Name Is Written On Water Sleep Deutsche Grammophon 2015 satellite+from+Peter Van Cooten "Bipolar"

Atmosphere #814 29/09/19 S+T

1 Biochip M.O. Synthase Central Processing Unit ‎ 2019

2 Lerosa Self inflicted Bucket Of Eggs Acid Test 2019

3 Bochum Welt THR (Dance Mix) Seafire Central Processing Unit 2019

4 UVB 76 Nox SĀN Teenage Menopause 2019

5 Lil Data Hickory Folder Dot Zip Pc Music 2019

6 Karenn Amsterdam (Live Cut 1) Voam Club Archive Volume 1 EP Voam Club Archive 2019

7 Sedvs Nightporter Ego Is ID EP Bare Hands 2019

8 George Kranz Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz) Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz Dub Version) EP Pool, Virgin 1983 classics
9 A.E.S. Music In My Head A.E.S. Eddie Flashin Fowlkes 'Music In My Head Macro EP' Pow Wow Trance 1993 classics
10 µ-ziq Gob Bots Bluff Limbo Rephlex 1994 classics
11 Chemical Brothers The Chemical Beats Exit Planet Dust Junior Boy's Own 1995 classics
12 Steve Poindexter Work that mutha fucker Lil Louis / Steve Poindexter 'Video Crash Computer Madness EP' Two 04 Street 1989 classics
13 Underground Resistance Greater Than Yourself World 2 World EP Underground Resistance 1992 classics
14 Audio Tech I'm Your Audio Tech (Tech Mix) I'm your Audio Tech EP Express Records 1987 classics
15 Frequency Where Is Your Evidence (Hard ! Harder !!) Where Is Your Evidence EP Invasion 1991 classics aka Orlando Voorn
16 A Holy Noise Father Forgive them (the trends mix) Father Forgive Them EP Hithouse 1990 classics
17 Max 404 Fractal View Recycler Eevo Lute Muzique 1992 classics
18 Voodoo Child Voodoo Child (Expanded) Voodoo Child EP Instinct 1991 classics aka Moby
19 Robert Calvin Azid Life Methods Of Dance EP Turbo 2004 classics
20 Pile Perlipop Perlipop EP Perlon 1999 classics
21 Forest Drive West Other Blue 05 EP Whities 2019

22 Young Marco Kalapa Garden Bahasa Island Of The Gods 2019

The Irresistible Force Space Is The Place (Intergalactic Ambient Mix) Space Is The Place EP Rising High 1991 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Cluster and Eno Schöne Hände Cluster and Eno Sky 1977 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Atom Heart One atomsecond Orange [Monochrome stills] Fax +49-69450464 1994 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Global Communication Delta phase Pentamerous Metamorphosis Dedicated 1993 satellite+atmosphere+classics

The Sabres Of Paradise Planet D (Portishead Remix) Haunted Dancehall Warp 1994 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Wagon Christ Sleeper Sunset boulevard ep Rising High 1994 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Luc Ferrari Presque Rien n° 1 (extract) Presque Rien INA-GRM 1980 satellite+atmosphere+classics

F.U.S.E. Another Time (Re-visited) Dimension intrusion Warp 1993 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Kenny Larkin Tedra Azimuth Warp 1994 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Phenomyna Passion Unexplained Applied Rhythmic Technology 1994 satellite+atmosphere+classics

Joey Beltram Across The Hemisphere Aonox Visible 1994 satellite+atmosphere+classics
Atmosphere #813 22/09/19 S(+T)

1 Oliver Deutschmann Prnceptual Special Interests EP made of CONCRETE 2019
2 Scan 7 I'm Covered Between Worlds Deeptrax 2019
3 Bitstream Union Union EP Vinyl Underground 2019
4 Luke Vibert Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas Valvable I Love Acid 2019
5 DJ Haram Body count Grace Hyperdub 2019
6 Dj Loser Misery Loops 5 Urban Survival Anthems VEYL 2019
7 Loft And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself and departt from mono games EP Tri Angle 2019
8 Breaker 1 2 2 Breakin EP Forbidden Planet 2013 focus+greg beato
9 Greg Beato Satan's Daughter Is Back Who's the Licho in charge ovaa here EP Apron 2013 focus+greg beato
10 Greg Beato JOJ Untitled EP L.I.E.S. 2016 focus+greg beato
11 Greg Beato El fin Dade EP Ni Un Pero 2018 focus+greg beato
12 Greg Beato 2k17 El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generacion De Los Feos Ni Un Pero 2017 focus+greg beato
13 Greg Beato Finger trance Loud Ni Un Pero 2019 focus+greg beato
14 Leskin Monkey Track 2 (El Pingon RRR Remix) Rawer south side EP Unrelated Records 2014 focus+greg beato
15 North Manc Beds Jussbassoneandone GazOhmEater EP Skam 2019
16 CoMIT Flutter Remote Viewing A Strangely Isolated Place 2019
17 El Choop Origin Origin EP ODrex Music 2019 focus+el choop
18 El Choop render_006_jade render_series Greyscale 2019 focus+el choop
19 Nae:Tek Wave 3 (El Choop remix) Wave 3 EP Superordinate Dub Waves 2016 focus+el choop
20 El Choop Krank Shaft Dub A Jaded City EP Default Position 2016 focus+el choop
21 El Choop A Drift in the Opal Fields Beauty Warp EP Etui Records 2018 focus+el choop
22 JVXTA Dusk (El Choop Reduction) Swamp Tapes 006 Bokhari Records 2017 focus+el choop
23 Deadbeat & Camara
Trinity Thirty Constellation 2019

Music For Sleep Spirits Drifting (Tape Extended Version) Infinite Tape Loops: Vol. 1 Music For Sleep 2018 satellite+music for sleep

Music For Sleep Rivers Of Memory Infinite Tape Loops: Vol. 1 Music For Sleep 2018 satellite+music for sleep
Atmosphere #812 15/09/19 S+T

1 Nuw Idol Union of Ilk V/a Dream Injection Vol.3 Sub Terranean 1996
2 Plaid Maru (Skee Mask remix) Maru Warp 2019
3 Lone How Can You Tell Abraxas EP Lone self-released 2019
4 Mount Kimbie Vertical (SCB Edit) Va Hotflush on the floor 2.2 Hotflush 2019
5 Move D Dusted Links Building bridges Aus Music 2019
6 Redshape A New Home Android Malfunction EP Delsin 2019
7 Break Boys My House Is Your House (Miami Beach Break Mix) Underground breakdown EP Fourth Floor 1990
8 Eon Spice Spice Vinyl Solution 1990
9 D-Shake Techno trance (paradise is now) Yaaah Techno Trance EP Cooltempo / Go Bang! 1990
10 Ministers Of Dance Tiny's First Journey Dance To The Melody EP Boogie Beat 1991
11 El Choop render_008_valve render_series Greyscale 2019
12 Kevin Morby Harlem River After Hours Dub (Peaking Lights Remix) Harlem River Dub (Peaking Lights Remix) Woodsist 2018
13 Special Request Thermatropic Bedroom Tapes Houndstooth 2019
14 Barker Models of wellbeing Utility Ostgut Ton 2019
15 Morph Aphalon Stormwatch New Electronica 1994
19 Fille à papa La Californie La Californie Cookie records 2019
20 Paranoid London Angel of hell (feat Arthur Baker and Alan Vega) PL Paranoid London 2019
21 6SISS Delta Prisma EP R & S 2019
22 John Beltran The Coming Home Hallo Androiden Blue Arts Music 2019

Ana Roxanne Nocturne ~​~​~ Leaving Records 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Benoît Pioulard* & Sean Curtis Patrick Zenava Avocationals Beacon Sound 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Lusine Icl Jetstream Language Barrier Hymen 2017 satellite+hotel neon

Earthen Sea Existing Closer Or Deeper In Space Grass & Trees Kranky 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Kate Carr Contact Contact Flaming Pines 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Celer (06.23.17) From The Doorway Of The Beef Noodle Shop, Shoes On The Street In The Rain, Outside The Karate School Xièxie Two Acorns 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Celer Rains Lit By Neon Xièxie Two Acorns 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Anthéne Cyprus Lost Channel Archives 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Brian McBride At A Loss Air Texture Volume II Air texture 2012 satellite+hotel neon

Sofie Birch Begin Sync End Planetes Seil 2019 satellite+hotel neon

Jana Winderen Drift Surface Runoff Autofact 2008 satellite+hotel neon

Mount Shrine Forbidden Air, Pt. 2 Forbidden Air, Pt. 2 Mount Shrine self-released 2017 satellite+hotel neon

Rafael Anton Irisarri Falling Curtain Midnight colours Geographic North 2018 satellite+hotel neon
Atmosphere #811 08/09/19 T(+S)

1 Kevin Saunderson The groove that won't stop The groove that won't stop EP KMS 1988

2 JTC FlightSTRENS2Rd FlightSTRENS2Rd / The Assembly EP Bopside 2019

3 David Caretta Le Prince de la cuite Nuit Panic Blackstrobe 2019

4 Sophie Faceshopping (Liptsick Gel remix) Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides Remix Album Transgressive / Future Classic 2019

5 Jimi Tenor, Freestyle Man Are We It? (Alone In The Universe) Are We It? EP Studio Barnhus 2019

6 Sam Barker Neuron collider Barker 001 EP Ostgut Ton 2019

7 !!! US Paranoid Wallop Warp 2019

8 DJ Python Be si to Derretirse EP Dekmantel 2019

9 Afrodeutsche Make The Call Make The Call EP River Rapid 2019

10 Jeff Mills Decoding The Lunar Sunrise Moon: The Area Of Influence Axis 2019

11 Mort Garson Ode To An African Violet Mother Earth's Plantasia Homewood 1976

12 Son.Sine Upekah (Original Mix) Upekah EP Nurture 2000

13 Cosmic Baby The New Zone V A E Big sex 1989

14 HVL Dabalsikhshiruli rkheva Rhythmic sonatas Bassiani 2019

15 ENØS Neptune V/a Realm Of Consciousness Pt. IV Afterlife 2019

16 Ekolali Genom Grundet Genom Grundet Patience 2019

17 Ross from Friends Phantom Ratio Epiphany EP Brainfeeder 2019

18 Move D In Out (Fifth Freedom Basic Mix) Kunststoff (Bonus) AVA 2019
originally 1995

Panchasila Canción De La Emperatriz Canción De La Emperatriz Discrepant 2018 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Strategy Public Voyeurs Information Pollution Further 2016 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

WWC Understory Rain Alienself Obsolete Future 2014 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold aka Bill Converse

MHYSA Siren Song Fantasii Halcyon Veil 2017 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Eliane Radigue Stress-Osaka (June 1969) Feedback Works 1969-1970 Alga Marghen 2015 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Realistic Monk Realm 2nd Realm Meakusma 2018 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Jana Rush Lonely

satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Gayphextwin Platonic Nudes stone butch anthems Perfect Location 2018 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Madrugapha Leukelunia Nights (Versión Aerolíneas Qatar) V/A OST Kalinga Utkal - Dos Estatuas Se Abrazn y Lloran Power Moves Library 2017 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Terre Thaemlitz Subjective Loss, Day 83 Soil Instinct Ambient 1995 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

AGF Louhi (Finnish) IX-ccc-hel EP AGF self-released 2019 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Aleksi Perälä UK74R1407020 The Colundi Sequence Level 5 AP Musik 2014 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Cruel Diagonals Itinerant Solitude Pulse Of Indignation Drawing Room 2019 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Oval Schöner Wissen Systemisch Mille Plateaux 1994 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Lauren Tosswill My Home In The Year my home in the year enmossed 2018 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Angel Bawit Dawid Impepho

satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Carly Barton James Interludes Carly Barton self-released 2019 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold

Valise Edge Condition A Point In Space Containing Other Points Of Spaces A Realm Of Spirit Containing Other Realms Of Spirit A Sound That Cannot Be Heard Agai Angosse 2017 satellite+from+Glenna Fitch AKA sold
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